How to style men’s hair: short, medium, long or curly styling

how to style mens hair

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We outline how to style men’s hair with styling instructions and product options for short, medium, long or curly hair on men and boys. Styling hair as a man can be quite a challenge due to the large number of products available.

We will show you how to style hair men and boy choices and which products serve which purpose, which hairstyles are trendy and what you should consider when styling! How to get a hair transplant to ensure success: expert guide


At the beginning of the styling there is the right preparation. You shouldn’t just work hair gel or hair wax into your hair if you’ve just got up and it’s sticking out in all directions. We always recommend washing your hair thoroughly before styling. Then it is properly dried and steered in the right direction in advance with a hair dryer and a comb. In this way, the styling of the hair is much easier later.

Overview of products

Short hair is usually styled with either hair gel or hair wax. Mousse, hairspray and hair lacquer are more suitable for long hair. Personally, we always recommend hair wax because we don’t like it that much when hair gel sets after a short time. Hair wax, on the other hand, remains malleable throughout the day and does not stick the hair together so much. But in the end, personal taste decides here.

Applying the product

Regardless of whether you choose hair gel or hair wax – you take a very small amount of the styling product out of the packaging with your fingertip and spread it on the palms of your hands. Then use the palms of your hands to brush your hair in the right direction. In this way, the hair wax is applied evenly piece by piece. The emphasis is on even. Once you have applied all the hair wax, you can do the fine work with your fingers and direct individual strands in the right direction. If the hair wax or hair gel was not enough, you can of course work in a second fingertip. However, one should keep in mind that sometimes less is more. How to create a healthy hair routine

How to style men’s hair: The most common mistakes

The gel flap

The worst mistake you can make when styling short hair is the famous flapping gel. This happens when you take too much gel or hair wax and apply it in concentrated form to one area of ​​the hair. Once the gel flap comes, there really is only one thing left to do: wash your hair again and start over.

Use too much hair wax

Many men simply use too much hair wax. You have to keep in mind that you really only need a very small amount of hair wax to get proper styling. You should therefore always start with a very small amount and then you can always increase the amount.

The 7 top tips

Tip 1: the right shampoo

The perfect hair styling starts with the hair wash. It is important to use a shampoo that does not weigh down the hair, cleans it thoroughly but gently and, best of all, gives the hair volume. Shampoos with added oil should be avoided so that the hair does not look greasy quickly, but airy and fresh.

Tip 2: use hair gel correctly

As a rule of thumb for hair gel: For the natural, non-sticky look, only light and no «strong» gels are used. Do not apply the hair gel to damp or wet hair, as this will directly stick the hair together. A small amount in dry hair is sufficient for the necessary hold.

Tip 3: use hair wax, paste or pomade correctly

A light paste or wax is perfect for fine hair or short hair. The hair can be shaped wonderfully, the styling remains flexible and does not stick. With the wax or paste, the hair can be given even more volume and does not look flat.

Tip 4: use hairspray correctly

A light hairspray is ideal for the man who just wants to fix his hairstyle and does not want to model it large. Again, apply to dry and not damp hair. The hairspray should be sprayed onto the hair from a distance of about 20-25 cm.

Tip 5: high quality hair styling tools

With a high-quality hair dryer and a round brush, looks like the hairdresser’s can be conjured up. It is best to use a hair dryer with ion technology, because this will give you a frizz-free result and the hair will be beautifully shiny.

Tip 6: less is more

Whether hair gel, paste, wax or hairspray, it is important for the natural and airy look to never use too much product. Often you use more than necessary and the hair sticks together faster and looks “lousy”. To prevent this, only ever use a small amount of product, more can still be worked into the hair if necessary.

Tip 7: Special styling for the curly heads

Curl-defining styling creams or hair mousse are best for curly heads. These are used in towel-dried hair and kneaded well into the lengths. This is how the curls are ideally defined. You can then blow dry the hair with a diffuser to give the curls even more longevity and bounce.

How to style men’s hair: How to style short hair men and boys

We explain how to style mens hair short — and which products are perfect for it.

Classic short cut 2.1

Short-cropped sides are trendy again, but trendsetters who like it classic are going for a Short Cut 2.1 with soft transitions and fringed tips in 2021. The hair length on the top of the head is at least 6 cm, on the sides approx. 1 to 2 cm. Compared to last year, the styling is now a little less accurate. The upper part with the longer hair can be styled a little wilder, as if a strong wind had blown through your hair.

You can style the hair casually off your face (preferably blow your hair back while blow-drying). When everything is completely dry, style the hair backwards with a little mattifying pomade and spread fingers or upwards in the case of thinner hair. The short trendy hairstyle also goes perfectly with beards.

Classic short cut 2.1

The Short Cut 2.1 with a side parting looks classically elegant. The hairstyle should also look effortless here, because naturalness will be in demand in terms of hair in 2021. This look is particularly cool with strands that fall slightly into the face. The styling is very simple: Simply blow-dry your hair with a flat brush, then part a side part and, if necessary, pluck individual hairs into your forehead and fix with a little gel.

French crop

how to style mens hair

The French Crop has made it onto the list of men’s trend hairstyles in 2021. This look, which Julius Cesar once made famous, is characterized by a short cut on the sides and neck, slightly longer top hair and an exact pony section. Since the hairdresser can adapt the French crop to any head shape with different fringe lengths, the look suits every man (even with a beard). Pony Hairstyles way, are ideal for a receding hairline to hide. The styling of this new trend hairstyle is very simple and varied: With a paste you can accurately style the hair forward in a few seconds. If you prefer it a little wilder, go ahead.

Old school wet look

You will also demonstrate a sense of trends with a classic old-school men’s cut in a wet look with longer top hair and shortened sides. For styling, you’ll need a straightening iron, which is used to flatten the top hair, and an oil-free hair gel, which can be used to smooth the hair close to the head. You should avoid using wax products with oil when styling. These quickly make the look look greasy.

Loose quiff

how to style mens hair

The quiff remains in trend as a popular classic, but will be styled a little less accurately in 2021 than in previous seasons. For this hairstyle, which Elvis and James Dean once made a cult style, you need long bangs, layered top hair and shorter sides (cut with scissors, not shaved).

And this is how the styling works: Blow dry the damp top hair with a small round brush and work your way from back to front to the pony. Then use a small straightening iron to style the tips backwards at a 45 degree angle. Then fix the great with a styling paste that you rub in your hands. For the finish, run your spread fingers through the top hair and stroke the sides. Do you like it a little wilder? No problem: greats in messy style are now very popular.

Buzz cut

Do you prefer to keep it short as a rasp? Then we can recommend the trendy buzz cut. The cool thing about it: Anyone can wear this hairstyle – no matter what head of hair you have. With thinner hair, it is even beneficial because it makes thinning hair appear more compact. A buzz cut also looks very casual with a beard.

Courageous and trend-conscious men cut a buzz cut with geometric lines in the front and / or on the sides. Here, however, you should seek advice from the hairdresser so that the cut fits your face and head shape.

How to style men’s hair: How to style medium length hair men and boys

There are many options for how to style medium length hair men — and boys — and we have explained some of the hottest styles below. How to make hair grow faster

Bro Flow

The casual and wild Bro Flow celebrated a big comeback last year after years of abstinence. And it will also be one of the hottest hairstyle trends for medium-length hair. This is stepped down by the hairdresser and cut shorter. The Bro Flow is suitable for thick hair. If you have hair loss with a receding hairline or very fine hair, it is better to avoid this hairstyle.

To give the trend cut a casual look, you need gel or styling cream. When combing, make sure that you get a subtle hair roller at the front hairline. The best way to do this is to use the hair dryer. With straight hair, you can also style the main hair backwards with a lot of gel (spread matting styling cream with spread fingers in the outer hair).

Medium quiff

how to style mens hair

David Beckham made it famous: the quiff hairstyle, which has the potential to become a hairstyle hit this year. For this hair look it is essential that you have good, long hair and a perfect hairline. A receding hairline does not forgive this hairstyle. The hair is shaved on the side and back, with the fade starting at a length of one millimeter and ending at two millimeters. The transition to the main hair is hard and has a slight curve. With longer hair, the front fringes should be the longest part of the front. The great one must be cut straight.

Styling is not difficult. Put some hairspray into towel-dried hair and work out the awesome with the blow dryer and a wide brush. Finally, shape the hairstyle with a styling paste. The hair should not be weighed down.

How to style men’s hair: How to style long hair men and boys

We explain how to style mens long hair and best types of products to use in styling.

Surfer look

how to style mens hair

Long hair in men made it from the beach to the red carpet and the runways of well-known designers. The surfer hairstyle, in which medium-length to long hair is (slightly) graded, will also remain popular in 2021. The styling is very straightforward: Simply spray salt spray into the lengths and let the hair air dry. Those who tie their longer hair into a bun are also way ahead in terms of trend.

The casual, wild surfer look is not just something for board acrobats and beach boys, but also for start-up CEOs, creatives and bohemians. Bankers and men with small faces, fine hair and over 60 years of age should opt for a different hair look.

Long & natural

Sometimes it can be very easy. Basically, this hairstyle is a longer version of the The 90s Are Back . The hair basically shows more natural curls and is worn with more length and several layers. In terms of length, you should ideally orientate yourself on the front cheekbones. A little tip: make sure that the ends of the curls are cut at the top to make them look softer.

If your own hair is very thick, it is advisable to remove a little weight in order to get a better shape of the hairstyle. With regard to the styling, the still damp hair should be brought into shape again. Oily products are recommended, but please do not use too much.

If you like it even more simple, you can wear your hair Au Natural. Because if nothing works anymore, then naturalness is definitely possible. The Au Natural Style describes nothing else when it comes to hairstyles for men with long hair. Just wear your hair the way it grew, without great styling or too much effort in terms of styling products and Co. Can also look good, right?

How to style men’s hair: How to style curly hair men and boys

how to style mens hair

Curly and wavy hair in men is no longer the exception in everyday life. On the contrary, a large number of men naturally wear their hair wavy. But this also requires significantly more care than is the case with a short hairstyle like the buzz cut. Just getting into shape a little is not. Assuming you want to completely destroy the volume of your own hairstyle. Because of this, we’re going to look in a little more detail at how to wear and groom wavy hair as a man.

Wavy hair is generally considered to be thicker, denser, and therefore more robust and strong and generally more resistant than thin, short hair. This is exactly what makes wavy hairstyles so interesting. In connection with a stylish beard, one thing is certain. You become an eye-catcher. Intentionally or unintentionally.

Furthermore, you have to deal a little more with the care of your own hair. A reasonable coconut oil is part of the basic equipment. It’s natural and helps keep everything nicely hydrated, especially on the ends of your hair. It can also be used as a wash-out or leave-in treatment to hydrate and moisturize the hair. I had already taken up this in my article “How to look after your hair in summer!”. In the following we will delve a little deeper into the subject.

This is what matters when caring for it

Simply washing your hair is not an option for curly, wavy hair. The maintenance effort for how to style men’s hair is quite a bit higher with curly hair. Even as a man, it is not enough just to wash your hair with shampoo, conditioner should also be used to avoid knots in the wavy hair. But first you start with the shampoo. The hair is kneaded calmly and not for too long; otherwise volume is lost. Ideally, you should only massage the shampoo into the roots. Then rinse. How to: best ways to clean a hairbrush

The conditioner is then used. The interaction of shampoo with conditioner works ideally, because shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair and cleans it, conditioner nourishes, closes and then seals the hair structure again. If you have problems with split ends, you can definitely rely on appropriate special care products. When choosing shampoo and conditioner, you should also make sure that they are restorative, invigorating and moisturizing. Because of the natural curvature of the wavy hair, it has a rougher, more vulnerable structure. How to choose the right hairbrush and comb for your hair type

The correct way to wash your hair also depends on the styling products used. Styling products that are too heavy stick the hair together and are difficult to wash out. It is advisable to use products based on natural oils. This makes the hair impenetrable and learns to regulate itself. After a while, you should be able to get this into shape without much use of styling products. Easily absorbed and giving a natural finish should be in the foreground when choosing appropriate products.

Because not only when washing yourself, it is important to pay attention to the points mentioned above in order to keep your own wavy hair in shape. Even after that, you should make sure that it is not too badly affected by the towel. In general, you should dab your hair rather than rubbing it off hard. Then you can use a wide-toothed comb to bring the hairstyle back into shape and untangle strands. It is ideally dried in the air.

The best hairstyles for wavy hair

Like any other hair type, wavy hair can be styled differently. In fact, how to style men’s hair that is curly only depends on the details and how confident you are with your own appearance. Some people like to consciously take center stage. They can therefore wear eye-catching hairstyles. Others are more discreet.

Curly look

One of the hottest looks is definitely the curly style with longer top hair and short clipped sides. This trend has even made a comeback for men’s perms. To make this hairstyle look natural, it’s best to use styling products like a balm, which only enhances the natural texture of the curls.

The 90s are back

The 90s are coming back with this hair style. At least the feeling you associate with it. Also known as the “front curtained” hair style, which is best known from Brad Pitt, David Beckham or Leonardo DiCaprio. If you’ve seen the movie Jim Carroll – In the Streets of New York with Leonaordo DiCaprio in the lead role, then you should be familiar with the so-called “front curtained” hair style.

With this, the name says it all, it is inspired by the curtains that hang on the wearer’s face. Only that there are no curtains, but hair, which hang loosely on the front. The style can be worn by men with medium-length hair; if it is too long, the style loses its effect.

This hairstyle is styled with a little hair oil, which is applied to wet hair and left to dry. This gives the hairstyle its typical style and looks extremely natural. In general, however, when it comes to styling, less is more.

Textured transitions for wavy hair

A very simple interpretation of the wavy hair in a hairstyle is certainly this style. Simply ask your trusted hairdresser to have the back and sides cut shorter. The length of the upper hair remains longer. Furthermore, it should be ensured that the hair sections are graded from one another. Ideally, not with a radical transition, but rather a step transition.

For the styling itself, it is best to use a strong, matt wax to define the texture and work out the transitions visually. Furthermore, it is advisable for those with a beard to wear it for the same length as the “lowest” step on the side.

Fringe – a classic for wavy hair

With this look, you wear your hair longer and let it fall forward into your face. Where you can actually wear them in the middle of your face or bring them into shape with a suitable wax. The Fringe may seem a little too much of a good thing in summer, but only at first glance! To prevent too much heat and warmth on the head, you can ask your hairdresser to cut your hair a little shorter or to thin out the hairstyle a little.

With the fringe, the hair is simply left to fall as it grows. It is advisable to use styling products that have a matt effect and do not start to “melt” when the heat is too high. Nevertheless, you should wear the style as relaxed as possible. In other words, don’t use heavy, strong styling products. Less is more here, because especially in summer you want to run through your hair every now and then.

All lengths: the slicked back look

Styling the hair back is considered a timeless hairstyle for men that is simple and smart at the same time. It is suitable for the office as well as for a bar evening with friends. Different trend hairstyles for men can be styled in the popular sleek look.

This means a certain hairstyling in which the hair is gelled backwards and thus a damp, slightly shiny look is created. The slick back hairstyles for men are particularly versatile and suit every occasion. This can be used to emphasize striking facial contours and achieve a well-groomed appearance.

Which product is suitable? And what is the best way to use it?

Spray and varnish for extreme hairstyles

The heyday of hair varnish was in the 1950s and 60s: The Elvis Presley haircuts had to be modeled somehow. After being forgotten for a long time, it is now back. Men are more confident when it comes to hair and try their hand at a wide variety of styles. The famous quiff is back too. Hairspray & hair lacquer are perfect in how to style men’s hair for fixing creative and extreme hairstyles. They also provide the necessary hold in combination with other styling products.

Tip: Too much hair lacquer makes the hair look artificial and clapped. Hairspray can leave residue if the hair is overloaded. So here too, do not hold the spray head down too long. Styling type: rebellious, wild, eager to experiment

Matte pastes for the surfer look

Pastes are excellent structuring agents. This allows the hair to be messed up, kneaded and styled as desired – until it is perfectly messed up. A significant advantage of the paste is its suppleness: the hairstyle can be styled again and again throughout the day – without any new paste. Styling type: daring, chaotic, individual

Tip: There are matt styling pastes for the perfect surfer look. The hair then looks tousled by the wind and bleached by salt water and sun.

Out of bed with hair wax

The “I just got up and what do I care about my hair” look is casual, cool and informal. The best way to style the hair randomly is to use hair wax . Simply work into your hair from front to back, emphasize individual strands and rub the pony part up. The contours remain rather smooth. – The perfect undone look is done. Styling type: natural, sexy, casual

Tip: rub the wax into your hands first. Due to the body heat, it melts and can be better distributed in the hair.

Hair gel with the wet effect

Hair gel accentuates individual strands and gives the hair the famous wet look. For a classic gel hairstyle, comb back damp or wet hair and work the gel into it. For particularly trend-conscious men, the retro wet look is exactly the right thing: the temples are combed back strictly, the main hair laid casually to one side – with a deep side parting, too. Tip: Make sure that the gel is applied evenly from the roots to the tips. Otherwise even the most beautiful hairstyle won’t get hold of it. As long as the gel is not firm, it can be easily spread through the hair with a comb. How to create homemade hair gel