How to maintain curly hair properly

Curly hair

Image via: Pexels

More and more women learn to love their curls. But that can sometimes be difficult, if you have to fight with frizz and split ends. Naturel curls need very specific care to stay beautiful and healthy. How to care for your curls, so that they curl up again? Our guide will show you how to maintain curly hair properly

Various types of curls

First of all, it is important to know your personal curl type.  The hair is divided into four categories: straight hair (1), wavy hair (2), curly hair (3) and frizzy hair (4). The individual categories are divided once again. In order to find the right care for your hair, it is enough to know the type roughly to be able to care for your curls.

You can look at a single hair for that. Straight hair is straight, wavy hair is slightly S-shaped, while curly hair is clearly curled. The stronger your natural curls are, the more moisture they need. For wavy to slightly curly hair, it is sometimes necessary to fix the curls with foam or gel to maintain curly hair properly.

Maintain curly hair properly with these 5 care tips

But of course there are some general tips on how to take care of your curls. Above all, they prevent frizz and dry tips that can make your natural curls look brittle.

Tip # 1: Wash properly

To care for your curls, they must first be washed properly. And here many already make the first mistake. The shampoo you give only on the hairline, not in tips and lengths. Shampoo is there for cleaning and could dry out your lengths and tips. Therefore: clean only at the hairline, in the lengths for generous flushing.

Tip # 2: T-shirt instead of towel

This is almost the most important tip: if you want to care for your curls, then leave the towel in the closet and take an old cotton shirt. Towels rough up the hair structure and cause the unloved frizz. Also, you should not rub your hair dry, but rather express it upside down.

Extra tip: For defined natural curls, I recommend you to go with your hands from the bottom to your hair and gently knead them up. With that you shape your curls and at the same time push out excess water from your hair. Drop your hair no more, you can take your T-shirt to hand and repeat the whole thing.

Tip # 3: Maintain curls with curl cream

Most of the natural curls are too dry and therefore look straw and swirly. That’s why it’s important to provide them with moisture. A good curl cream does exactly that when you massage it into wet hair. She also defines her hair and makes her shine. For a little more hold, it’s best to use a mousse or hair gel.

Tip # 4: Avoid brushing

Brushing roughens the hair structure and can thus cause frizz in curls. That’s why you should never comb your curls in the dry state. This is usually not necessary. You can pull your crest with a big-toothed comb if your hair is still wet. The lengths should be spared by brush and comb – otherwise you run the risk of combing out your curls again.

Tip # 5: Blow dry with diffuser

Heat can also make your hair look hairy. If possible, you should therefore allow your natural curls to dry in the air. If blow-drying can not be avoided, a diffuser is gold-worthy. This not only gently curls your curls, it also gives volume to an otherwise flat approach. It’s also a great option for women with curly hair who are not yet out of it.

With these five tips you get beautiful, defined natural curls. For individual tips and tricks, it is best to consult with your hairdresser. He knows your hair best for you and knows how to properly care for your curls.