Knowhow: men’s style wardrobe for spring

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This guide outlines the perfect men’s style wardrobe changes to meeting the warmer weather with panache!

While the spring may still be a couple of months away, it’s never too early to start preparing your men’s style wardrobe for it!  We’re all familiar with the feeling when the first warmer day comes, and all we have are wooly knits and puffy jackets in the closet! Let’s avoid that this year! 

First of all, for quality men’s style, always choose only high-quality brands like Fresh Clean Tees so that your clothes stay in the best condition even after multiple washes. 

Preparing in advance also gives you more time to consider what you need, make a list and manage your men’s style budget smartly instead of spending a massive chunk of money all at once. 

Planning men’s style for spring

Need help with planning? Here’s how to prepare your men’s style wardrobe for spring! 

Spring shoes

Let’s start with shoes for spring men’s style. The heavy winter boots are the first thing to go as soon as the snow melts and the temperatures rise! Spring is the perfect time for something light, comfortable and fun. Here are the types of shoes that work best for spring:

  • White leather sneakers
  • Light-colored Chelsea boots
  • Classic leather moccasins 
  • Suede desert boots 
  • Colorful athletic sneakers
  • Canvas sneakers 
  • Suede Derby shoes 

Try to be playful and flexible with colors and skip the boring black boots! 

An insulated vest 

A high-quality insulated vest is the ultimate men’s style must-have for the unpredictable spring weather, so unless you live in Hawaii (and even then), you need one! 

The vest keeps you warm but allows you to move freely, it’s super comfortable, versatile, and if you opt for a base color like navy, off-white, olive, maroon, and such, it works well with most of your shirts and trousers! You can also wear this vest under your thinner coats if the weather gets colder on some days. 

A light jacket

And this leads us to the jackets. While parkas and puffers are stylish and cool, they have to go back in storage in spring. For this season, you need a lightweight jacket that will keep you warm on those chilly nights yet won’t make you sweat when that March sun starts shining! You’ve got a ton of options to choose from:

  • Canvas jacket 
  • Colorful anoraks 
  • Sportcoats 
  • Denim jacket 
  • Shearling lined denim jackets
  • Fleece pullover 

A proper raincoat

We had to give the raincoat a separate section as the spring rains and storms are no joke!  Not sure how to choose the best one for polished men’s style? First of all, you want your raincoat to be lightweight, compact and have quality zippers to keep you dry.

Another thing to keep in mind is the armpit vents that will keep you dry on the insight and provide you ventilation. No armpit vents, no raincoat! The fit of a raincoat should be not too loose yet not too snug.

Opt for neutral colors like blacks, gray, beige, or olive so that the coat works with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Spring pants 

Spring starts colder and gets warmer almost by the day, which means you need a good variety of trousers to keep you comfortable in pulled-together men’s style. 

We recommend stocking up on brushed cotton pants that are a little thicker, nice light-colored jeans for every day, and corduroy and flannel for dressier situations. Go for the navy, olive, maroon, and mustard colors to stay flexible. 

Make sure your pants are the right length and that the hem touches the top of your shoes as anything too short looks plain wrong. If you’re a shorter guy, simply take your new spring pants to the tailor and get them adjusted! 

Spring shirts

One of the easiest ways to add color and lightness to your men’s style wardrobe in spring is to get a few bright shirts! Not sure about you, but when the sun’s out, the last thing we want to wear are dark dull shades.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try colors you might find a little intimidating; that’s how fashion works! However, be cautious and pick your star color – you don’t want to look like a rainbow! Some spring colors for your consideration:

  • Purple, pink, red
  • Beige, cream, peach
  • Indigo, sky blue, washed blue
  • Olive, teal, deep green

You can also experiment with the shirt’s style and fabric. Try something different like extra pockets, patterns, and necklines (how about a collarless slim-fit in sky blue with tiny flamingoes?). 

The best men’s style shirt is the one that fits snugly against your torso and can be tucked into your pants because a shirt that reveals your belly is to be avoided at all costs! If you’re afraid that “slim fit” shirts will look too tight, don’t be, this term simply means the shirt is fitted and not oversized.  

New tees 

If there’s one thing you need a good selection of in spring, it’s good high-quality tees. They are the perfect layering piece for the unpredictable weather and everyone’s favorite garment when the temperatures spike.

Stock up on a few types of men’s style tees. We recommend crewnecks, V-necks, Henleys, and Polos. When it comes to colors, you want both base colors like navy, grey, white or black as well as fun colors such as teal, green, mustard, and even purple. 

A hoodie 

Another spring staple is a good pullover or zip-up hoodie that is great for those chilly mornings or nights. A good hoodie is a perfect men’s style substitute for your knits and even blazers, and you can wear it for many casual and smart-casual occasions. 

Style it with jeans, chinos, cargo pants, and your favorite t-shirts or even button-down shirts.  You want some versatile colors like black, grey, maroon, or charcoal to make it easier for you to create stylish outfits. 


Last but not least, let’s talk about men’s style sunnies. Even if you’ve got something from last year, good shades are the perfect way to freshen up your look after the long cold winter. There are multiple great options:

  • Aviator glasses
  • Round Frames
  • Clear Frames
  • Wooden Frames
  • Colorful Frames
  • Classic Ray-Bans
  • Horn-rimmed
  • Mirrored glasses

You can also experiment with different color lenses. Remember, sunglasses don’t offer just eye protection. They also can elevate even the simplest look and help you create your signature men’s style. 

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