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How to make hair grow faster: smart methods and tips

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What is the best way to make hair grow faster? Our guide outlines several things you can do to promote faster and stronger hair growth for the mane of your dreams.

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“How can you make hair grow faster?” most women will have asked themselves this question. After all, long, strong hair is the epitome of femininity and a real ideal of beauty. Even if you have a short hairstyle and want longer hair again, you wonder whether or how you can accelerate hair growth. While there is no miracle cure that allows hair to grow 30 cm overnight, there are a few things that can help hair growth.

How fast does hair grow?

Whoever “grows” their hair quickly realizes: It takes time! Our hair grows just 1/2 an inch or 1 to 1.5 centimeters on average per month. Growing hair faster is not that easy, because hair growth (including speed) is only influenced by internal factors such as diet, hormone balance or predisposition. The good news: you can influence some of these factors. How does hair grow faster? Here are 5 tips that will bring you closer to your dream of a long mane!

Ways to make hair grow faster

Take good care of your hair

The perfect care cannot make the hair grow faster. But it ensures that the hair remains healthy and resistant. Two big enemies of beautiful, long hair are split ends and broken hair. The long-hair dream bursts when the laboriously cultivated centimeters have to fall victim to the scissors because of the hair damage. So if you maltreat your head with aggressive shampoo etc, your hair and scalp won’t do you any good.

Prevent this by washing your hair with an intensively nourishing shampoo , grooming it once a week with a comprehensive treatment and pampering yourself with a little hair oil from time to time. Avoided as often as possible in grueling heat styling with hair dryer or flat iron

Have it trimmed more often

Sounds paradoxical, but a visit to the hairdresser every three months is a must if the hair is to be nice and long. A regular cut slows split ends or prevents them from moving further up from the tips. Many women avoid regular cutting because they fear they will never get long hair. But in three months the hair has grown by three to four centimeters. Who then trims from one centimeter is keeping their tips healthy and will still gain two to three centimeters in length.

Massage your head more often

A well cared for hair root is the prerequisite for healthy, long hair. Because the blood transports the nutrients there, anything that stimulates scalp blood flow is also good for hair growth. Daily head massages, and the occasional nourishing massage with argan oil, relieves stress, nourishes the hair and prevents dandruff, which can also have a negative effect on hair growth. A daily brush massage has a similar effect. A model that combines rounded plastic bristles with natural hair bristles is well suited for this.

Avoid stress

Like our skin, hair is a mirror of our soul. A constantly high level of stress hormones in the blood is harmful to hair growth and can even lead to hair loss. Fragile, thin hair can also be the result of long-lasting mental problems. 

Use shampoos with caffeine

If you wash your hair every day anyway, caffeinated shampoos are real growth boosters. Why? The caffeine pushes hair growth in the roots. Tip: To guarantee the effectiveness of caffeine-containing shampoos, use it every day. The active ingredient caffeine only stays in the scalp for around 24 hours.

Avoid silicones in care products

You can only get shine and more health in your hair if you keep your hands off care products with silicones. These place a film on each individual strand and prevent the important care substances from penetrating into the inside of the hair. Broken hair is the main reason for brittle and brittle tips. For this reason, do completely without care products with silicones – this is the only way to give your hair a real chance to absorb care substances and thrive. The same applies to alcohol (see next point).

Use non-alcoholic styling products

Take a look at the selection of your personal styling products. Is your hairspray fueled? Alcohol in the products deprives the mane of power. Those who do not use alcohol-containing sprays and setting agents avoid a dull and brittle hair. Another important step towards long hair.

Carefully comb wet hair

Be sure to handle wet hair with care. Why? Due to the moisture, the structure of a strand is swollen and particularly sensitive. The cuticle layer – which tightly encloses the hair when dry – no longer lies close to the hair shaft when wet. The hair is particularly soft, sensitive and fragile. Therefore, do not comb your hair when it is completely wet – and if you do, only with a coarse-toothed comb.

Do not tie a ‘towel turban’

Warning, waterlogging! As we already know, wet hair is particularly sensitive. After washing, dab your hair gently with a dry towel and avoid tearing or pulling too hard. The wet crotch can’t stand that. Also because thick conventional towels in the form of a turban save the moisture and strain the hair unnecessarily, we advise against so-called towel turbans.

If you are a real fan of this method, use microfiber towels for it in the future. The light travel towels do not harm the scalp and absorb a large amount of moisture.

Avoid hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron as far as possible

If you want to let your hair grow long, you should avoid heat if possible. Specifically, this means: Avoid strenuous styling with a curling iron and flat iron. And if you just can’t keep your hands off it, use modern devices with ceramic coatings that better protect the hair. The hair dryer should also rarely be used. How is that supposed to work? In summer, the question hardly arises, the hair can simply air dry. But in winter the wet hair stores the cold, transports it to the scalp and we lose heat through the head. Our lips are shaking as we read. Here’s how it works …

… use the hair dryer correctly!

Let’s stick to this point: It’s best not to comb your hair wet and at the same time avoid heat. This goes together, and this is how it works: If you still have an older hair dryer, it is best to blow-dry at a medium level at a distance of 30 cm. Always move the device back and forth to distribute the heat evenly (this way the hair dries even faster). Most of the newer models have already integrated a cold stage, with which you should blow through the entire hair again in the end. With the effect that the cuticle layer closes again and nothing can happen.

Choose the right tie

Open your eyes when buying pigtails! This is actually the simplest remedy for split ends. Hairbands with a metal part roughen the surface of the hair, causing hair breakage. For this reason, soft spiral hair rubbers made of silicone are trendy. Basically, never tie the braid too tight. 

Protect hair during workout

Speaking of everyday life and external influences: Are you a fitness lover? Super, sport and a healthy diet are reflected in the skin and hair. Before moving on to the next workout, we recommend tying a bun instead of a ponytail. This keeps the sensitive tips protected.

Sleep on a silk pillow

The absolute insider tip is: Bed your head on a silk pillow. The advantage of silk? The hair is not roughened by the smooth side fibers. Long curls can alternatively be braided into a French braid . 

Healthy nutrition for better hair

If the body is supplied with all important nutrients, it is also the hair roots – and they produce resistant hair at maximum speed. Conversely, deficiency conditions negatively affect hair growth. Iron deficiency can even lead to hair loss. Those who pay attention to a healthy diet do something good for their hair.

Some nutritional supplements such as yeast or biotin are said to make hair grow faster. Also, zinc , vitamin B and iron are to play a role in hair growth.
Many top hairdressers recommend that you take silica. The main component of silica is naturally in our hair and can support growth.

# 1 Omega-3 fatty acids for more shine

If the body does not get enough healthy fats, our hair quickly loses its shine. This is because sebum production, which otherwise supplies our hair with natural oils, also suffers. To prevent this from happening, we need unsaturated fatty acids, which our body cannot produce itself.

The solution: omega-3 fatty acids! This is good news for all fish lovers, especially wild salmon or herring are full of omega-3 fatty acids. They can also be found in rapeseed oil or Brazil nuts.

# 2 Ferrous foods for hair loss

In the case of hair loss, one must of course differentiate whether the hair is thinned out a bit or whether you really lose a lot of hair dramatically. Because a certain daily hair loss is perfectly normal – annoying, but normal. On the other hand, if you are struggling with real hair loss, you can easily panic and there is certainly nothing wrong with a visit to the doctor.

Often, however, it can simply be due to a lack of iron, which we women like to do. Especially iron-containing foods like dark green salads or beans will help your iron values ​​get back on their feet.

However, it can also happen that our body fails to compensate for natural hair loss. This is often because he does not have enough proteins available. A portion of chicken for dinner or quinoa for the vegetarians will help here.

# 3 Zinc foods for dandruff

There are two types of dandruff, one caused by an oily scalp and the other by too dry. Adequate zinc intake can help with a dry scalp. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and a bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds as a snack or with a salad can work wonders. Not to mention that zinc is generally important for a beautiful complexion.

# 4 Vitamin C for broken hair

Not enough protein or too little iron also make our hair porous and brittle. However, what many do not know is that our body needs vitamin C to process iron or proteins. Nothing works without vitamin C when it comes to beautiful hair. Fortunately, there is a lot of vitamin C in foods that most people like, such as strawberries or mango. 

# 5 Walnuts to prevent gray hair

Incredible, but true: It is not only genetically determined when our hair turns gray. So our diet can influence how quickly we get gray hair. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of the hair and copper is important in the production of melanin in the body. As a result, with an additional supply of copper, we can help our hair not lose its color. A great copper supplier, for example, are walnuts.

But vitamin B12 also plays an important role when it comes to premature graying. Our body cannot produce the vitamin itself and is therefore dependent on an external supply. Fortunately, our body stores vitamin B12 in the liver, so a deficiency does not become apparent immediately, but sometimes only after years. With gray hair, chronic fatigue and fatigue, it can help to replenish its vitamin B12 stores. This works best with animal products such as milk or eggs.

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