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How to create homemade hair gel

create homemade hair gel

In order to be able to style our hair perfectly, we spend massive money on styling products. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Our guide will give you 4 recipes to create homemade hair gel.

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Many people stand in front of the mirror in the morning and style their hair. Anyone who now believes that this only affects women is hugely mistaken. Men also pay more and more attention to their appearance. No hair must stray and everything must be accurate and perfect. 

However, these styling products also go quite hard into the wallet. But here, too, savings can be made. You can leave the gel in overnight and moisten the hair slightly to refresh the style. But you’ll save even more money if you create create homemade hair gel yourself.

Make homemade hair gel – 4 recipes

  1. Beer is a really very good hair-tighter. Without sticking it, it gives the hair support and a fine shine. After washing your hair, simply add a glass of beer over your hair and let it dry. You don’t need to be afraid, the smell of beer evaporates completely. If you want to strengthen your hair in dry condition with beer, then you should put the beer in a spray bottle. You can then spray the beer evenly on the hair.
  2. Another very good hair-gel is water, honey and fruit vinegar. Heat about a quarter of a litre of water to 40 degrees. Then dissolve a teaspoon of honey in it. Finally, all you have to do is add a splash of fruit vinegar. Alternatively, guests can take beer. This gives you an even stronger hair gel. The honey even nourishes the hair with this recipe.
  3. The third way to create homemade hair gel is with sugar water —which is very well known by many young people who like to style their long hair and bring them into creative forms. To make this, you need to dissolve a teaspoon of sugar into about 250 ml of warm water. Now put this mixture in a spray bottle and spread it on your hair. If you put a lot of sugar in the water, then your hair will be very hard. For unusual hairstyles that require a very strong hold, the sugar water is very suitable.
  4. If you are planning a fancy hairstyle for very special occasions, such as a party, you can use egg white  for styling. Simply beat up whites to stiff cream. Now put the cream in your hair. When the cream dries, it becomes firm. Especially for elaborate high-cut hairstyles, it is a great way to create homemade hair gel.

As you can see, it’s easy to create homemade hair gel. Try these recipes. Maybe you like them so much that you don’t want to use anything else in the future.

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