Karl Cowan is Editor-in-Chief of Praktikal Media Group. Overseeing group mastheads and websites, with a business development focus on establishing new mastheads and growing existing ones.

Dr Francis Knowler-Benning Dr Frances Knowler-Benning is an accomplished pediatrician with a midwife training specialty, who believes the healthy early years are crucial to life.

Dr Alma Peterson Dr Alma Peterson is a skilled veterinary surgeon specialising in small animal practice and focusing on natural veterinary solutions wherever possible.

gerhardt-richter Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.

genevieve dumas new Genevieve Dumas is a design, fashion, food and style writer who has worked on major magazines and mastheads in the United States and Europe.

Nathan James lives for gaming, and is a fan of everything from vintage Pong to the latest virtual reality games. He also loves to tinker with hardware in that never-ending search for more power and speed.

We also call on a range of other experts in the various fields we cover, who specialize in their particular areas and industries.

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Karl Cowan

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