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How to make obsidian in Minecraft: complete guide

how to make obsidian in minecraft

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Outlines different ways for how to make obsidian in Minecraft, its properties, how to find it, how to break it, how to find weeping obsidian and what you can do with it.

Minecraft has different types of blocks that you can use to build houses or other buildings. But portals and circuits can also be created. No matter how strong the materials you build stuff into Minecraft, there’s always the chance that a stray creeper or poorly placed TNT block could bring your creations tumbling down.

If you want your structures to stay firmly where they are, you have to make them from the toughest things imaginable, forged from the very elixir of life on earth. In many cases, special materials are required, such as obsidian. This building material is characterized by its unique properties.

Obsidian is the absolute king of sheer density, one of the hardest naturally occurring elements in the Minecraft world. Even a block of solid diamond can also be tissue paper compared to the nearly unbeatable toughness of obsidian and its 1,200 explosion resistance. It isn’t indestructible, but it’s damn close and it’s not even that difficult to make.

Properties of obsidian

  • If you want to mine obsidian, you cannot do this with a conventional tool. You will need a diamond pickaxe for this.
  • You can speed up the dismantling with the “Efficient” enchantment and the “Hurry” beacon effect.
  • Obsidian is a material that cannot be destroyed by an explosion or the Ender Dragon.
  • The block cannot be moved even with a piston.
  • The Wither cannot destroy obsidian except if it uses its blue skull to break the blocks.
  • With Obsidian you can create a Nether portal, the magic table, a Ender rest and the beacon.

How to find obsidian in Minecraft

  • Obsidian is created when flowing water meets standing lava. You can find obsidian everywhere, even in nature.
  • 26 percent of the material also appears in the chest at the blacksmith’s in a village.
  • However, only 8 percent in a chest in the Nether Fortress.
  • There are also a lot of obsidian blocks in the End – on the platform on which you enter the End, by various pillars and also in End settlements.

How to make obsidian in Minecraft

Since obsidian is rarely found naturally in Minecraft, it makes sense to make this material yourself. There are multiple strategies for how to make it in Minecraft. We tried a few options, but these ones seemed like the quickest and easiest. We’ll show you how to do this in a step-by-step explanation for each.

Method 1

  • Put a bucket of water next to lava
  • Let the water flow over the lava spring blocks
  • Mine the obsidian with a diamond or netherite pickaxe
  • When water runs over a block of lava spring, obsidian is automatically created where the two meet. This can of course occur in deep cave systems and canyons where water and lava springs can gush in close proximity to one another.

Method 2

  • Obsidian can also be created artificially in the similar way;
  • Just throw a bucket of water on the ground and let it flow over the lava spring blocks.
  • Don’t let the water fall directly onto the lava or it will just turn to stone or cobblestone.
  • Once the obsidian has formed, you can use a pickaxe to mine it.
  • However, you can only mine obsidian with a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Trying to do this with any other type of pickaxe will only break the obsidian.

Method 3

You need:
Depending on the subsurface, tools for digging out the trench
Several buckets of lava
Several buckets of water
Diamond pickaxe to break down the obsidian

  • First you dig a trench. You can decide for yourself how long this is.
  • Now you fill this trench with lava. Here it is very important that the lava is standing everywhere. As soon as a block of flowing lava remains here, this block of lava does not become obsidian, but cobblestone.
  • Now, at one end of the trench, place a few blocks of earth or other blocks that you have around the lava. Here you have to leave a block free on which the water is then placed. It is important that the water is placed one level higher than the lava. This is the only way for the water to flow over the lava in the desired direction.
  • Now you place a bucket of water on the one block that you left free at the end of the trench.
  • Now the water is flowing straight out over the lava.
  • Now the lava has become obsidian, which you can mine with the diamond pickaxe.
  • If your trench has become too long and there is not enough water, simply repeat the procedure at the other end of the trench and place a bucket of water there as well.

What to do with it

So you have your obsidian, what can you do with it? Well, it has four main uses:

  • Nether portals. 8 obsidian blocks and a spark of flint and steel will take you to your own portal into the fiery depths of the nether, where you can get more obsidian.
  • Beacon. Add some glass and a nether stare to inspire your allies and intimidate your enemies.
  • Ender chests. 8 obsidian blocks and an ender eye form a chest, the contents of which you can access from anywhere in the world.
  • Adorable tables. 4 obsidian blocks, 2 diamonds and a book form your own enchanting table for upgrading weapons and armor.
  • Obsidian’s natural explosion resistance also makes it perfect for building Creeper-safe (and grief-proof) foundations for your constructs. Whatever you use to do it, you’ll sleep well knowing that it will take nothing less than a military incendiary bomb to destroy it.

How to break obsidian in Minecraft

Minecraft Obsidian is an incredibly useful building material and a key component in creating a Nether Portal. Because of its incredibly durable structure, it can also make a good defensive block to create a base that cannot be destroyed by mourners. It can also be used defensively against the Ender Dragon as it cannot be destroyed by its fiery breath.

Obsidian can be broken with a diamond pickaxe or a netherite pickaxe. If you use one of these elements, it will be broken up quickly and you can collect the blocks. You can break it using pickaxes made from other materials. However, this takes longer. For this reason, we recommend using a diamond or netherite pickaxe to break obsidian as it is faster. You can then reuse the blocks for something like a Nether portal. We’ve broken down how long it takes to break obsidian with each type of pickaxe in Miencraft:

  • Hand 250
  • Wood 125
  • Stone 62.5
  • Iron 41.7
  • Gold 20.85
  • Diamond 9.4
  • Netherite <8.35

As mentioned above, obsidian is a very strong material and cannot be destroyed by the Ender Dragon. It is not flammable, nor does it ignite in lava. It also has a hardness of 50 and an explosion resistance of 1,200, making it one of the toughest materials in the game.

How to find crying obsidian in Minecraft

In Nether we will be able to find the obsidian that weeps. By trading it will be the option to receive it. For that we have to go to that part of the game. Since this is the only way to get it, we’re going to have to negotiate with a Piglin here.

The only area we’ll find Piglins in is in Nether. This, by the way, shows the hostility when it sees us. So we need gold armor to avoid problems as this pleases it and makes it neutral in that regard. If we find Piglin we have to give him a gold bar or simply have him fall to the ground. Then we will examine the gold bar and find that the Piglin is throwing an object on the ground.

For the gold bar, we have many options for exchanging items, including the obsidian that weeps. The fall rate of these is as follows:

  • Shroomlight – 8.84 percent
  • Fire load – 8.84 percent
  • Taxes 8.84 percent.
  • Leather – 8.84 percent
  • Deformed mushrooms – 8.84 percent
  • Obsidian 8.84 percent
  • Weeping obsidian 8.84 percent
  • Nether Brick – 8.84 percent
  • Rope – 4.42 percent
  • Pearl Ender – 4.42 percent
  • Magma cream – 4.42 percent
  • Shiny stone powder – 4.42 percent
  • Nether quartz – 4.42 percent
  • Fire resistance potion – 2.21 percent
  • Fire Resistance Splash Potion – 2.21 percent
  • Deformed Nylium – 2.21 percent
  • Netherite Hoe – 0.44 percent

What can we do with the crying version

Not much, admittedly. Currently it is useless, but it can be used to decorate our house in the game, which in itself can otherwise certainly be dark.

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