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How to make an enchanting table in Minecraft: step-by-step

How to make an enchanting table in Minecraft (1)

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Step-by-step guide on how to make an enchanting table outlines assembling a table, improving it, placing bookshelves and dismantling it. At the end, find sections on potion effects, enchantments, levels and IDs for Minecraft, plus Minecraft rules for PC.

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If you want to work magic in Minecraft, you need an enchanting table. We’ll show you how to make an enchanting table in Minecraft, how to find the resources you need and how to improve and dismantle it.

How to make an enchanting table in Minecraft

Creating a magic table in Minecraft is, like much in the open-world construction kit game, a somewhat more extensive affair. First of all you need some items to be able to craft the table.

You need:

  • A book
  • Two diamonds
  • Four obsidian

Make or find a book

  • This can be produced relatively easily.You can get a book by combining three sheets of paper and a piece of leather.
  • You make paper from sugar cane. Place three sugar cane at the very bottom of the workbench.
  • You can get leather by slaughtering cows and horses, fishing, or by processing four rabbit skins.
  • You can also find books in libraries in villages. Here you have to destroy shelves and you will receive three books each. But building is more fun than destroying anyway, isn’t it?

Find diamonds and obsidian

Next, let’s go look for diamonds and obsidian.

  • You can get diamonds when you mine a diamond block.
  • You can find these mainly at height 5-12 – around the lava level and a little below.
  • They can also sometimes be found in dungeons and temples.

Obsidian can be found very often in the nether. Alternatively, it can be produced very easily: flowing water must meet lava at rest. So it’s best to grab a bucket and get started …

How to make an enchanting table in Minecraft: Assemble the magic table

Fortunately, once we have all the ingredients together, the actual crafting process is done quickly. We open the workbench and pack our ingredients into it:

How to make an enchanting table in Minecraft

That’s it, it didn’t take that long!

Improve and dismantle the table

To make the magic table even more powerful, the next thing we need to do is make some bookshelves and place them near it. The more the better! For this we need a lot of books and a lot of boards:

  • 45 books
  • 90 boards
How to make an enchanting table in Minecraft

OK, strictly speaking, we need a maximum of “only” 15 shelves to be able to optimally improve enchantments – but of course more always looks better.

Place bookshelves

How to make an enchanting table in Minecraft

There are a few conditions that you have to consider when placing your order:

  • The rules must be placed one block apart.
  • This block must be empty.
  • The rules must be placed on the same level or one level higher.

If a shelf has been placed correctly, words fly from the shelf to the magic table. How you arrange the shelves is of course up to you.

Dismantle the enchanting table in Minecraft

You can only dismantle a magic table with a pickaxe if you then want to collect it again and place it in another location. You can also do this with a wood pick.

By the way: The magic table is transparent, places a light source under it to let it shine in a light.

If you want to create powerful enchantments and helpful potions with the help of our Minecraft cheats and commands, you will of course also need the IDs and levels for it. We have compiled the most important Minecraft IDs for you .

Potion Effects and IDs in Minecraft

These effects are usually triggered by potions, but with the command / effect <playername> <effect> seconds of strength  you can give them that too. Enter the ID as <Effect>, which you can find in the following table, e.g. / effect horst 2 60 150 – the player Horst applies effect 2 for 60 seconds with a strength of 150 .

speedRunning speed is increased by 20%.1
SlowdownMovement speed is reduced by 15%.2
HurryYou can swing your arms faster, blocks break faster.3
Degradation fatigueArms swing more slowly, blocks break more slowly.4th
StrengthIncreases melee attack damage. (at 3)5
Immediate healthHeals the player. (At 4)6th
Immediate damageCauses damage to the player. (6 points)7th
Jump reinforcementThe player can jump higher.8th
nauseaThe view wobbles and blurs.9
regenerationGradually heals the player (by 1 every 2.5 seconds)10
resistanceReduces damage by 20%.11
Fire resistance.The player takes no damage from fire or lava.12
Underwater breathingThe player has infinite air to breathe underwater.13th
invisibilityPlayer becomes invisible to enemies unless he is wearing armor.14th
blindnessPlayer is fogged up and cannot sprint15th
Night visionYou can see in the dark.16
hungerThe hunger bar empties faster.17th
weaknessDecreases attack strength (by 3).18th
poisoningGradually deals damage (1 every 1.25 seconds to a minimum of 1)19th
WitherGradually deals damage (1 every 2 seconds)20th
Health boostAdds health capacity (4 total).21st
absorptionAdds yellow health (4 total) that cannot be healed normally.22nd
saturationPlayer gradually becomes fuller. (by 1 per tick)23
to shineAdds glowing edge around creatures and players that can be seen through blocks.24
Levitation forcePlayer soars in the air.25th
happinessThere is a higher probability of getting more blocks from mining or from creatures and fishing for treasures.26th
bad luckReverses the luck effect. eg higher probability of fishing for garbage.27

Enchantments, IDs and levels in Minecraft

Weapons, tools and armor can be enchanted. You can assign them to them with the command / enchant <playername> <enchantment ID> enchantment level  , the ID for the desired spell can be found in the following table. Items can only receive spells that could also be preserved on a magic table.

SurnameeffectIDpossible for itemsMaximum level
protectionIncreases armor protection.0Helmet, breastplate, pants, bootsIV
Fire protectionIncreases protection against fire.1Helmet, breastplate, pants, bootsIV
Explosion protectionIncreases protection against explosions.3Helmet, breastplate, pants, bootsIV
BulletproofIncreases protection against projectiles, such as arrows.4thHelmet, breastplate, pants, bootsIV
Spring caseReduces fall damage.2BootsIV
breathingPlayer has more breathing capacity.5helmetIII
Water affinityYou can degrade faster under water.6thhelmetI.
ThornsInflicts damage to those attacking the wearer.7thHelmet, breastplate, pants, bootsIII
durabilityChance per hit that the armor will not wear out.34Helmet, breastplate, pants, bootsIII
SharpnessIncreases the damage.16swordV
spellIncreases damage against skeletons, zombies and zombie pigmen.17thswordV
Nemesis of the arthropodIncreases damage against spiders, cave spiders, and silverfish.18thswordV
RecoilThrows the victim back if hit.19thswordII
combustionIf hit, burns the victim.20thswordII
plunderEnemies drop more loot.21stswordIII
durabilityChance per hit that the weapon won’t wear out.34swordIII
EfficiencyIncreases the rate of degradation.32Pickaxe, shovel, scissors, axV
CautiousnessMined blocks do not break, but drop themselves / remain unchanged.33Pickaxe, shovel, scissors, axI.
durabilityChance per use that the tool will not wear out.34Pickaxe, shovel, scissors, axIII
happinessChance of the mined blocks drop more.35Pickaxe, shovel, axIII
SharpnessIncreases the damage.16AxeV
durabilityChance per use that the bow won’t wear out.34bowIII
StrengthIncreases the damage.48bowV
BlowThrows enemies back on hit.49bowII
FireIf hit, burns the victim.50bowI.
infinityAs long as you have at least one arrow in your inventory, you can shoot as often as you like.51bowI.

Minecraft rules for PC

With the command / gamerule <rule name> true | false  you can switch certain elements of the game world on and off. For example, if you want the fire to stop spreading from now on, you enter / gamerule doFireTick false . If you leave out the true / flase at the end, you will be shown whether the respective rule is currently switched on or off.

Rule nameeffect
doFireTickSpread of fire on / off.
doMobLootEnemy loot on / off. Experience will still be dropped.
doMobSpawnEnemy spawn on / off.
doTileDropsBlocks drop items on / off. Seeds are still being dropped.
keepInventoryInventory / items are kept on / off after death.
mobGriefingCreepers blow up blocks / Endermen take blocks on / off.
natural regenerationPlayer health regeneration on / off.
doDaylightCycleAdvancing the time of day on / off.