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How to feed a horse in Minecraft, tame, ride and breed horses

how to feed a horse in minecraft - how to tame a horse in minecraft - how to breed horses in minecraft - how to ride a horse in minecraft - how to saddle a horse in minecraft

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Outlines how to feed a horse in Minecraft, how to tame a horse in Minecraft and how to breed horses, with expert tips.

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In the world of Minecraft there are plenty of animals to interact with. Each has a different function: they are there for breeding, defending the player, and making it easier to travel long distances in less time. For the last example, one of the most commonly used animals is the horse , found without too much difficulty in the world of Minecraft. Bet you’ve seen them too, but everyone you’ve come across is wild, not tame. And how do you feed them and breed them?

Don’t worry, we have the solution. We will show show you how to feed a horse in Minecraft, which is a crucial strategy for how to tame a horse in Minecraft. We will also tell you how to breed horses in Minecraft and how properly ride a horse and take care of it.

Horses vs donkeys and mules

Also consider the fact that there are several other types of animals, such as mules and burros , that are different in use than horses. The latter can, in fact, be fitted with a saddle that can be mounted and with armor to withstand enemy attacks. Donkeys, on the other hand, although they can be ridden with a saddle, cannot wear armor, but it is possible to put a chest on their back to carry items.

While horses and donkeys can be bred, mules cannot mate to breed foals. Aside from this feature, mules are similar to donkeys in that it is possible to equip a chest on their back to carry gear useful when exploring.

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How to tame a horse in Minecraft

how to feed a horse in minecraft - how to tame a horse in minecraft - how to breed horses in minecraft - how to ride a horse in minecraft - how to saddle a horse in minecraft

Every horse is different: mainly because of its coat, which can have different colors, patterns, patches and pigmentations. But the difference is not only that, but also in the statistics: A horse has a variable number of hit points but also a range of movement speed and jumping ability. What we recommend is to tame several until you find the one nearest your needs the comes.

Taming a horse in Minecraft is an operation that requires little patience. This usually only takes a few minutes, but it’s important to have what you need first and be prepared.

Horses are not available in every area of ​​the Minecraft world, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re easy to spot. In fact, they are easy to find in the biome Savannah or lowlands, grouped in a not very large herd. It is made up of foals who cannot be tamed and adult horses who can be tamed.

To ride a horse in Minecraft you will need a saddle to use after you tame it… so it makes sense to find a saddle first.

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How to saddle a horse in Minecraft

Regardless of the type of horse you have tamed, the first thing to remember is that you will need a saddle to be able to ride the newly domesticated animal to the shelter. This item cannot be crafted, so it can be obtained by exploring, searching the chests, that is, the containers that contain various treasures and useful items. They can be found in dungeons, fortresses or mines and exchanged with villagers. The same applies to horse armor: you cannot make it yourself, you can only find it or exchange it.

You can also buy a saddle from the butcher – sometimes you can get it for free as “catch” when fishing. Look for a non-player character (NPC) named Cuoiaio , who will allow you to get a saddle in exchange for 10 emeralds, for riding on mounted animals like horses and pigs.

If you don’t have this purchase option available, keep in mind that trading with NPCs will unlock new items for purchase. Bring some leather obtained from animals and do a few transactions until you unlock the saddle option.

After getting a saddle for the horse, you need to find one to tame. As we mentioned, horses in clearings are not available in numerous herds. Horses never appear alone, however, only there are usually only two to a maximum of six animals. Ideally, you can tame several horsses at once.

But be careful: Zombie and skeleton horses also roam the country. Minecraft wouldn’t be Minecraft if it weren’t for zombie horses and skeleton horses — and these cannot be tamed. 

Once you’ve seen a couple of adult horses, approach and interact with one of them without equipping any items in the quick slot. To tame a wild horse, you just jump up. To do this, approach the animal empty-handed and right-click.  When you do this, the avatar will mount it. However, the horse will throw him to the ground in a few moments.

You will have to perform the same operation many times and climb onto the horse’s back. After bucking the player off about five times, the horse calms down. It is surrounded by hearts and now lets you sit on its back. The animal is now tamed and can be brought to your shelter.

You can generally tame a horse without a saddle in order to ride it afterwards, but you need a saddle. You can still lead a tamed horse around and feed it without a saddle.

Quick tips for how to tame a horse in Minecraft faster

  1. The first attempt to tame a horse has a five percent chance of success.
  2. Each attempt increases the probability by five percent.
  3. Apples, wheat and sugar each increase the probability by three percent.
  4. A golden carrot is worth five percent.
  5. A golden apple increases the probability by ten percent.

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How to ride a horse in Minecraft

As we explained above, you cannot move the horse without the saddle. With the avatar on its back, open the inventory to access the horse’s team management panel. Then pull the saddle into the saddle slot for the horse to use. That way, you can now move your horse in any direction and get to your exploration spots faster.

To ride a horse, stand next to it and press the right mouse button. Jump with the space bar. The longer you hold down the space bar, the further the horse jumps. The daring rider can dismount using the shift key.

As an alternative to a saddle, you can also control the horse on a leash . However, this is not easy for beginners. To make a leash you need a rope made of cord and a ball of slime . A rope is obtained by killing spiders. Slime is left over after killing a ball of slime. Depending on the month, the creatures only live in swamps or in the 40 lowest layers of the world.

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How to feed a horse in Minecraft: the options

To further accelerate the horse’s taming and growth, the wild animal is fed treats. Feeding a horse in Minecraft tames it faster and restores its health during the play.

  • If you feed your future mount directly with 64 apples, it is also tamed. So if you have an orchard at home, this route can also be an option.
  • Feed the horse sugar, wheat, or apples to tame it faster.
  • Golden carrots or apples increase the speed of taming even more.

A horse’s health points must be restored if they are lost to enemy attacks, so you need to know how to feed a horse in Minecraft. A horse’s life points regenerate automatically. However, if you need to restore them without waiting, you can get them by feeding the animal. The foods that can be used in how to feed a horse in Minecraft are sugar, wheat, apples and hay. With each of these points you can restore more and more life points.

Having a golden apple or golden carrot in addition to restoring health points will activate mating mode so the horses can ensure that foals are produced. Finally, in the following list for how to feed a horse in Minecraft, we show you how to make or find the necessary feed to feed the horses you tamed.

The following section shows what effect each feed has on the horse:

  • Sugar (1 health point): Obtained on a workbench by adding a sugar cane or as a reward for defeating the enemy.
  • Wheat (2 health points): obtained directly from wheat plantations or within swimsuit What you find while exploring.
  • Apple (3 health points): Apples are collected by Robles. If wood is obtained from this species of tree, there is a chance that apples will be obtained. You can also find them in the bathing suit.
  • Golden Carrot (4 health points): Obtained by placing eight gold nuggets on a workbench and one normal carrot in the middle.
  • Golden apple (10 health points): eight gold bars should be placed in a workbench, one in the slot in the middle apple.
  • Hay (20 health points): Hay is not obtained naturally, but by collecting nine grain units on a workbench.

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How to breed horses in Minecraft

So that the captured mount does not run away again, a stable of fences is built. If you have a saddle or a leash at hand, the happy breeding can begin. Golden apples or golden carrots start the horses’ breeding program. Then it won’t be long before two horses in the stable become three.

Although both parents are tame, the offspring have to be tamed. After about 20 minutes the little one is grown up and you can start riding. As with the other horses, the process can be accelerated with special concentrated feed.

The adult foal is larger, can jump higher and has more life points than its parents. In addition, the youngest will soon be faster than the other horses in the stable.

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