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How to use Respawn Anchor in Minecraft: full guide

How to use Respawn Anchor 1

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Outlines how to make a Minecraft Respawn Anchor and how to use Respawn Anchor to spawn at a designated point in the Nether.

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The Minecraft Respawn Anchor is a coveted feature that was finally added to the game with the latest Minecraft Nether update. But how exactly does it work and how do you get one? It’s tied to Crying Obsidian, another new Minecraft block in the latest update, which means it’s not particularly easy to get hold of. Read on for everything you need to know about how to use Respawn Anchor in Minecraft.

Minecraft Respawn Anchor explained

Prior to this, usually, an involuntary lava bath or a fatal encounter with enemies in the Nether brings us to wake up in the bed we last set up and used for a nap. A nap in the nether itself is not possible and therefore no respawn there. Paradoxically, after death you never end up in the same hellish part of the Minecraft world, but in your own nest.

With the latest Nether update, we now get a respawn anchor that will make you resurrect in Minecraft hell.

How to use Respawn Anchor

If you’re a Minecraft veteran, you know the beds don’t work in the Nether. In fact, if you try to use one, they’ll explode. Introducing the respawn anchor. Mojang is trying to make the Nether more habitable for anyone making longer Nether trips. Hence, you can use the respawn anchor to spawn at a designated point in the nether.

If you have one (details on how to make a respawn anchor in Minecraft below) you’ll need to charge it up with Glowstone. One glowstone block is equivalent to one respawn, and you can add up to four blocks, meaning you can respawn four times before you have to refill the anchor. However, you need to ensure that the environment is not obstructed. Otherwise, upon death it will show you no bed at home, no charged respawn anchor, or it has been blocked.

Interestingly, Hoglins flee respawn anchors, meaning you don’t run the risk of having someone next to you when you reappear. However, using an anchor in the overworld will cause it to explode. So don’t even test it. 

How to Make a Minecraft Respawn Anchor

How to use Respawn Anchor 1

So you want to make a respawn anchor? You will need three glowstone blocks and six weeping obsidian . The recipe is pictured above; three Crying Obsidian in the top row, three Glowstone in the middle row and three more Crying Obsidian below. But how do you get Crying Obsidian?

Essentially, you need to find a destroyed portal. This is one of the new structures in the game and can be found in either the overworld or the nether. You can read more about them on the Ruined Portal wiki page, but basically they can appear pretty much anywhere. They can be found in each biome in both dimensions and there is a 5% chance that it is a huge ruined portal. They always spawn with Netherrack at the base too, even in the overworld. You must have a diamond pickaxe to mine it, similar to how you would with regular obsidian.

However, there are a few other methods of obtaining it. Bastion Remnants, another new structure unique to the Nether, has a 12.2% chance of spawning a few pieces of Crying Obsidian in the chests. You have to search an average of 8.2 chests to find them so they aren’t overly reliable.

When trading with Piglins, there is also a 9.43% chance of receiving 1-3 pieces of Crying Obsidian if you give them a gold bar. Do you have an excess of gold? This can be a valid method, but it can be expensive. The respawn anchor is currently the only use for Crying Obsidian other than as a decorative block. As long as you don’t explode it in the overworld, a respawn anchor will do for a while if you keep filling it up with Glowstone.

Before you download the update…

If you want to download the new update outlook, you should save your world beforehand in order to counteract a possible loss of data. Once that’s done, you can take a look at the new respawn anchor at the same time. It has to be charged with Glowstone in order to use it accordingly. The location you selected for the anchor will then also be your respawn point.

With the snapshot you can now also encounter the polished basalt in the wild for the first time, as well as the new nylium. The hoe will also become your new best friend when mining sponges. Nethergold ore , on the other hand, can now be mined with any type of pickaxe and will drop some gold nuggets.

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