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How to create a poll on Facebook: steps for posts, groups and pages

how to create a poll on facebook

We guide you through how to create a poll on Facebook, with step-by-step sections to show you how to create a poll as a post, in a group or on a page.

Facebook is a popular channel for gathering information and exchanging views. If you have a specific question, you can call the community to take a survey and get more opinions for free. Facebook polls are very common because they mean interaction between users and increase the information content. Thanks to an integrated function, you can create a survey with little effort. We show you how it works, and how to create a poll in Facebook poll in a few seconds.

Previously, you could only create Facebook polls in groups. It is now also possible to create a survey as a post. We explain how it works, which options you can use and which disadvantages the new feature has. Of course, the old option still works and is also explained here!

Creating a Facebook poll has never been easier. Even before that, the process itself was relatively simple, but limited to groups only. With the new features, the surveys are once again significantly upgraded and you can now present them to all your friends as a post. You can now also create surveys that consist of pure images (and even GIFs). The runtime can also be limited. However, the new feature also has a disadvantage: Only two options.

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How to create a poll on Facebook: as a post

How to create a poll on Facebook

The other question apart from how do I create a poll on Facebook is what do I want the poll to achieve? Of course, a Facebook survey with only two possible answers cannot be used for every purpose. You cannot use it to conduct a survey of all parties in the Bundestag. Even the classic school question “Do you want to go with me?” Cannot be answered with yes or no. Maybe to be answered. Rather, you have to limit yourself to questions like “Which pets do you prefer?” With answers like “dog or cat”. So… how do you create a poll on Facebook? Follow these steps.

Steps create a poll on Facebook as a post:

  • Click on the three dots in the posting field below for further options and then select Survey.
  • Now write your question above. You can also post a picture there.
  • Now fill in the two fields Option 1 and Option 2 with your possible answers . You can also attach an image (or GIF) here .
  • Then select on the left below how long this survey should run .
  • You can also specify whether the survey should be public or restricted to certain groups. You can also tag selected friends.
  • Lastly, click Post to publish the Facebook poll.

This type of Facebook poll has the advantage that all of your friends can see it. However, only two answers are possible. You cannot change the survey afterwards either. If you want to use the old surveys, which offer a lot more options, then use the surveys in groups. This is very useful in business applications as well.
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How to create a poll on Facebook: in Facebook groups

In contrast to the personal Facebook polls as a post, your poll in a group can contain considerably more answer options. It is even possible for respondents to add their own answers. But you cannot insert pictures as an answer – and the survey is limited to the members of the group. How to leave a Facebook group: steps to leave, mute or delete

Steps to create a poll on Facebook in a group:

  • Switch to the group that should answer your survey.
  • Click on Survey in the lower area of ​​the posting field .
  • Now enter your question above. You can also insert a picture here.
  • Below are the option fields for the possible answers. Enter the answers there. More answer fields are added automatically.
  • In the survey options below , you can specify whether the respondents can attach their own answers and tick multiple answers.
  • Now click on post to publish the survey. It may still have to be approved by the administrator of the group.

This survey will now run until you delete it manually. You cannot use the other survey features there either. But you have the option of multiple-choice questions and you can choose a lot of answer options.

How to create a poll on Facebook: the integrated function

  • Tap on “Create post”, select the “Survey” option and enter your question and answer options. When you’re done, tap Done and Share Story to publish the survey.
  • Alternatively, to create a survey in a group, first call up the relevant group.
  • At the top of the screen, above the group’s posts and activities, you’ll see the “Poll” option next to “Post” and “Photo / Video”.
  • Enter your question in the text field, just like you would with a normal post.
  • Below you can enter the answer options using the “Add an option” field.
  • You can also make further settings under “Survey options”.
  • When you are finished, publish the survey via “Post”.

Your survey will now be created and will be visible to all group members. This integrated function is very useful for simple, spontaneous surveys; however, if you want a larger range of functions, the official Facebook survey app is suitable.

How to create Facebook poll on a page

  • Click the three-line menu in the top right .
  • Go to Pages and select a page.
  • Tap the Post option.
  • Scroll down to the Survey option .
  • Enter your question and the possible answers in the Option 1 and Option 2 fields . In this case you can only choose two options, each of which has 25 characters. Here, too, you can add a photo or GIF with the symbol to the right of the option.
  • At the bottom right under the survey you choose how long it should run.
  • Click on Next and then click Publish .

How to create a Facebook poll using GIFs or photos

As is well known, Facebook is regularly coming up with new functions and options in order to offer us users (again and again added value) more and more. Administrators of Facebook pages and Facebook groups can also create surveys for their fans or members. In this article, I’ll show you how to do this and answer the question of whether the survey tool is useful for you at all.

Facebook’s polls function is nothing new. In fact, Facebook rolled out this feature back in 2011, but deactivated it again a short time later. Since then, it has only been possible for large company sites to create surveys. Since the beginning of 2018 it is again possible for all Facebook pages (and private profile pages) to survey the opinion of their own fans (and friends). You can create surveys with both animated GIFs and images.

What can I do with the survey tool anyway?

As you know, Facebook lives from user interaction. The poll/survey tool is very suitable for involving your own fans more intensely and for creating interaction.
The tool provides quick and uncomplicated feedback from fans on simple “either / or”, “yes / no” or “right / wrong” questions. For example, you can let the Facebook community vote on what the next new profile picture should be or test the attitude / approval of certain topics or products.

Nevertheless, the versatility is very limited by only two possible answer options. The tool is rather unsuitable for getting meaningful opinions or answers to more specific questions.

Conclusion: limited added value but a nice change

How to create a poll on FB is quite simple if you follow these steps. But due to their limitation to only two possible answers, the Facebook surveys unfortunately only offer limited added value in terms of the flow of information between fans and companies. If you ask the questions correctly, feedback is definitely possible. Nevertheless, as an extension of the classic posts, it offers a nice change and often encourages greater interaction, which adds value to the reach of the page.

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