How to leave a Facebook group: steps to leave, mute or delete

how to leave a Facebook group

Explains how to leave a Facebook group, with step-by-step for leaving a group on the PC, smartphone, stop subscribing to a group and how to delete or archive a Facebook group.

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How to leave a Facebook group

It happens again and again that you are added to a group by another Facebook user. That may be meant nicely by your friend, but you don’t always agree with it. Or your interests can also change over time and you are no longer interested in the group topics. We explain several different ways and step-by-step instructions for how to leave a group in Facebook.

How to leave a Facebook group on the PC

There are several ways to simply leave the group. If you use Facebook on your PC via a browser, simply proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Facebook and log in with your account.
  2. Click on Groups in the bar under Discover on the left .
  3. In the group overview you simply click on the gear .
  4. If you have groups in your favorites , you can move the mouse pointer over the group. A 3-point button appears that you can press. Directly into the group you click below the group photo on the menu Joined .
  5. Using the method that suits you, a menu will appear in which you can choose to leave the group .
  6. In the following pop-up you can also prevent re-invitation to the group by her a check for sets . Then press Exit group again to finally confirm the selection.

How to leave a Facebook group on the app

In the Facebook app you leave a group as follows:

  1. Open the Facebook app ( Android | iOS ).
  2. Call up the overview menu via the 3-line button in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap on Groups and select a group in the following menu. If you press longer on a certain group, a similar menu appears. Directly in the group you can also press the small down arrow in the upper right corner .
  4. Typed up the appropriate menu to leave group .
  5. In the next pop-up, choose Leave group to confirm the process. You can choose to leave the group permanently via the Additional options item if you no longer want to be invited to this group. Alternatively, only the notifications can be deactivated here .

Quick guide: leaving a Facebook group as a group member (old Facebook design)

  1. Open the group overview on Facebook by clicking on ” Groups ” in the menu on the left of the start page .
  2. Next to the group you want to leave, click on the gear icon and select ” Leave group “.
  3. A new window is opening up. Confirm the process by clicking on ” Leave group “.

Quick guide: leaving a Facebook group as a group member (new Facebook design)

  1. Click on the group icon above .
  2. Select the group that you want to leave from the overview on the left .
  3. In the group view go to the three points on the right and select ” Leave group ” in the menu that opens .
  4. If necessary, make sure that you are not invited to the group again.
  5. Finally, click on ” Leave Group “

How to stop subscribing to a Facebook group

Are you annoyed by the numerous notifications in your news feed, but you don’t want to leave a certain group? Then easily customize the notifications. Open the corresponding group and tap on the three dots or lines in the upper right corner. Now select Notifications . Here you decide whether you want to receive notifications for all posts, only for posts by your friends, or none at all. You can also switch off push notifications here. If you are marked or mentioned within a group, this will still be displayed in the app.

  • Select “no longer subscribe to group”.
  • With this selection, you can still access and comment on group content.
  • In this case you are still a member of the group and will be listed in the member list.
  • But group posts will no longer appear in your newsfeed.

How to delete or archive a Facebook group

There is no magic button with “delete group” on Facebook. It does not matter whether you created the group (so you are an administrator) or are a member of a group. A group will only be removed from Facebook and thus deleted if all members leave. If the complete removal is too permanent for you, archiving is also possible. 

Remove members from a group you have created and delete a group (old design)

  1. On the Facebook homepage, click ” Groups ” in the menu on the left .
  2. At the top under ” Groups that you manage ” are the groups that you are the administrator of . Click on the group that you want to delete.
  3. First, all other members must be removed, if they have not left themselves beforehand. To do this, click on ” Members ” in the menu on the left . After each member’s name, click on the three horizontal dots and select ” Remove from group “. You have to complete the process with ” Confirm ” each time .
  4. When all members are removed, click as the last member at the top of the group tab on ” Joined ” and select ” Leave group “.
  5. Finally, click on ” Exit and Delete “.

Remove members from a group you have created and delete a group (new design)

  1. Go to the group symbol at the top . Select the group you want to delete under ” Groups you manage ” on the left.
  2. In the menu bar under the group picture, click on ” Members “.
  3. Go to ” Remove member ” via the three-point menu behind each individual member .
  4. Click on ” Confirm “.
  5. Leave the group last. This will automatically delete them. Go to ” Leave group ” next to your name via the three-dot menu .
  6. End the process by clicking on ” Leave group “.

If deleting the group seems too drastic, you can archive it . This means that members can still visit the group, but can no longer post there. So it is like ” frozen “. Archiving can be canceled at any time . Here’s how the old Facebook design , so the new design .

Old design: archive group

  1. On Facebook, open the group overview via the menu on the left. Select the group that you would like to archive and click on ” More ” at the top and select ” Archive group “.
  2. Now click on ” Confirm “. This means that your group is archived, but can still be viewed by other members.

New design: archive group

  1. Go to the three dots on the right below the group picture and select “Archive group”.
  2. Click ” Confirm ” to archive the group.