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How to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon GO: complete guide

how to get sinnoh stone

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Outlines how to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon GO, with a step-by-step guide, list and chart of evolutions and which ones to develop first.

As a passionate trainer, you know that certain pocket monsters can only develop with the help of certain stones or other items. These include flint, sunstone, metal jacket or king stone. Pokémon GO complements this group with the so-called Sinnoh stone.

Purpose of the evolution stone: to transform pocket monsters from previous generations into their corresponding Sinnoh developments (see the infographic chart at the end of this guide for all the evolutions). In addition, it replaces objects such as dark stone, protector or luminous stone. A table below shows you which Pokémon develop further through this item, and an infographic explaining the most important ones.

The official description in the game for Android and iOS is as follows: This special stone, which was originally found in the Sinnoh region, triggers the development of certain Pokémon. It’s very hard and has a nice shine.

The Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon GO is an important item, there are only a few ways to get it. We’ll show you how to get a Sinnoh Stone.

How to get Sinnoh Stone: what does it do in Pokémon GO?

What can it do? The Sinnoh Stone is a development item and can develop Pokémon that are in the 4th generation of an advancement. So far he can only evolve a few Pokémon and not all of them that get further development.

How do you get the Sinnoh stone? The Sinnoh Stone is obtained from your research breakthrough. To do this, you have to complete field research for seven days. In addition to the Sinnoh Stone, you also receive the Beetle and Ghost Pokémon Ninjatom as a reward.

Is there another way to get to the Sinnoh Stone? So far, no other method is known at the moment to get the Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon GO. It looks like you can only get a Sinnoh Stone once a week, as well.

How do I use the Sinnoh stone? The Sinnoh Stone is used to develop some Pokémon. For example, if you want to develop Kramurx, you need 100 candies and a Sinnoh stone. This is automatically redeemed during development. Each Sinnoh stone can only be used for one development.

The Sinnoh Stone helps many 4th generation Pokémon to develop. Snibunna, Rihornior, Elevoltek and eight other Pokémon can only be obtained with the help of the Sinnoh Stone. This makes this development item all the more important.

A total of 18 Pokémon can be developed with the help of the Sinnoh Stone. For each development you need 100 candies.

  • Budew → Roselia → Roserade
  • Elekid → Electabuzz → Electivire
  • Duskull → Dusclops → Dusknoir
  • Gligar → Gliscor
  • Magby → Magmar → Magmortar
  • Misdreavus → Mismagius
  • Murkrow → Honchkrow
  • Porygon → Porygon2 → Porygon-Z
  • Ryhorn → Rhydon → Rhyperior
  • Sneasel → Weavile
  • Togepi → Togetic → Togekiss
  • Swinub → Piloswine → Mamoswine
  • Aipom → Ambipom
  • Yanma → Yanmega
  • Tangela → Tangrowth
  • Lickytung → Lickilicky
  • Ralts → Kirlia → Gallade
  • Snorunt → Froslass

How to get Sinnoh Stone: step-by-step guide

The Sinnoh stone is quite rare. You won’t get it like other development items from the PokéStop shoot on day 7. There are only two ways to get the Sinnoh Stone:

  1. Through the research breakthrough
    If you have completed field research for 7 days, you not only get a legendary Pokémon as a reward , but you also get the chance of a Sinnoh Stone.

This was the first way to get the Sinnoh Stone. The stone is not guaranteed, however. After Niantic reduced the probability of the Sinnoh Stone in the research breakthrough, there is now a 20% probability that you will get the stone.

  1. As a reward in PvP
    A better way to get the Sinnoh Stone is through Trainer Battles . There you get the Sinnoh Stone as a reward for a completed battle. You don’t have to win.

Here, too, the Sinnoh Stone is not guaranteed, but you can get a reward a total of four times a day. Three times from fights with friends and once as a reward from the fight against a team leader.

So it is worthwhile to be active in the trainer fights at least four times a day. If you don’t get a Sinnoh Stone, you get stardust as a reward. Since the Sinnoh Stone is not very common in Pokémon GO , the question arises as to which Pokémon should be developed first. We’ll help you decide.

Along with the Sinnoh stone , there were also eleven further developments that can now be achieved with the stone.

These Pokémon should be developed first

The Sinnoh Stone helps 17 Pokémon to evolve in all. So far, the stone can be obtained as a research breakthrough or during your 7-day Pokéstop spin.

These Pokémon should have priority: First of all, this list is about the usability of the Pokémon. Of course everyone should also develop their favorites. In terms of utility, however, these Pokémon are the best:


Best Dark Attacker: The Ice and Dark Type Pokémon benefit from an enormous attack value. As a dark attacker, Snibunna is better than Despotar in some situations in terms of the damage it does per second. As an ice attacker, it ranks behind Mewtwo, but ahead of all other Ice Pokémon. Only Mamutel is even stronger than Snibunna, but this Pokémon has not yet been released.

It is definitely important to have a good Snibunna on your combat team. In terms of its stats, it’s definitely one of the best new Pokémon out there.


Best poison and plant attacker: Above all, the two poison attacks that Roserade can learn make it so dangerous and useful. So far there has been no good poison attacker, which is why Roserade comes in handy. It is a real weapon against fairy Pokémon and can only be recommended. As a Plant Pokémon, Roserade is also a top choice. With its new stumble attack, it puts every Pokémon in the shade.

If you are looking for a very good Poison Pokémon with an attack value that is extremely high, you should develop Roserade first. This Pokémon is an asset to your collection.


Best electric attacker: With Elevoltek, Pokémon GO gets a new, powerful electric attacker. Elevoltek has the best electric moveset thunder shock and electric shock and even ousts Raikou from the top in some fights. Nevertheless, Raikou is also better in some cases, this depends on the opposing Pokémon.

If you don’t own a good Raikou, you should rely on Elevoltek. The electric type is often used in fights, which is why Elevoltek can score.

Next developments

If you have already developed Snibunna, Roserade and Elevoltek or are simply looking for other good alternatives, then develop the following Pokémon:

Rihornior: As a rock attacker, Rihornior stands behind Despotar with a catapult. But if you didn’t take part in this Community Day , you won’t go wrong with the development of Rihornior. As a ground attacker, Rihornior stands behind Groudon. It can still be used as an alternative.

Kramshef: Besides Snibunna, Kramshef is another good attacker in the dark. The only difference to Snibunna is that Snibunna can also be used as an ice attacker. Still, you can’t go wrong with Kramchef’s development.

Tangoloss: In addition to Pokémon like Roserade or Bisaflor, Tangoloss looks a bit weaker, but this Pokémon is also a good plant attacker. In addition, it can withstand more damage than Roserade, for example, and could be used especially if you have to save potions.

Yanmega: With Yanmega you have one of the best bug attackers in the game. His attack Käfergebrumm puts the competitors Pinsir and Scherox in the shade. However, these have slightly better attack values. So all three Pokémon are roughly on the same level.

Develop these Pokémon at the end

Some developments are not useful in combat and should therefore be done at the end. Use your rare Sinnoh Stones in Pokémon that are good in combat.

Porygon Z: This Pokémon is of the Normal type. This type is not useful against any other type. Its attacks are also not very important compared to other Pokémon.

Togekiss: The Fee-type Pokémon does not yet have a Fee-Instant Attack and can therefore not be used effectively. Togekiss may soon be able to learn an instant fairy attack and then be of use.

Galagladi has an interesting combination with the types Combat and Psycho, but unfortunately his attacks and values ​​do not help him that much. As a psycho-attacker, he has too strong competition, such as Mewtwo or Psiana. As a Fighting Pokémon, it just has too bad moves.

Traunmagil is just a weaker form of Gengar. With Gengar Day, every player should have enough strong Ghost Pokémon and can postpone the development of Traunmagil until later.

Magbrant: Unfortunately, this Fire Pokémon received very weak attacks. In addition to Magbrant, there are many Fire Pokémon that are significantly stronger.

Schlurplek: This Pokémon suffers from the same problem as any other Pokémon of its type. It’s the normal type. This type does not meet any other type effectively. In addition, Schlurplek’s values ​​are not particularly good.

Ambidiffle: There is the same problem here as with Schlurplek. The normal guy. In addition, Ambidiffel doesn’t have good stats and his attacks don’t help him either.

Skorgro has neither strong attacks nor a good mix of types (ground / flight). Therefore, a development is only useful for the PokéDex.

Dusknoir has a very poor attack value and does not benefit from his attacks. Here, too, a development is rather good for the PokéDex.

Frosdedje: This Pokémon has a weak attack value and little CP. If you have to use your Sinnoh stones sparingly, you should develop Frosdedje last.

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