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How to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO: 2021 guide

how to beat Giovanni

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We outline how to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO for 2021, where to find the crafty Team Rocket boss, and the counters you need to defeat him.

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For 2021, you will find a new lineup and new counters in Pokemon Go you’ll need to know for how to beat Giovanni, the Team Rocket boss. And it’s never an easy battle against Giovanni, even if you have beaten him before!

How to beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO

The boss of Team GO Rocket appears once a month. For this you have to solve a special research and thereby secure the Super Rocket Radar. You can use it to track down Giovanni and challenge him. The fight will then be the same as against the other Rocket bosses.

In our guide to Giovanni we will tell you in a nutshell with which Pokémon the boss of Team Go Rocket goes into battle and with which pocket monsters you can best counter them for the best tactics in how to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO. By the way: in future you will be able to meet Giovanni once a month if you do the recurring special research.

Which Pokémon does Giovanni have? 

Giovanni’s legendary Pokémon changes every month. For example, going back in history, in November 2019 the boss still had Crypto-Artos, then in December he fought with Crypto-Zapdos. In January 2020, the rocket boss then had crypto volcanoes with him. In February, Raikou, the first legendary Pokémon from the 2nd generation, was added. In March Giovanni fought Entei for the first time. Then the Rocket boss used Suicune.

After the monthly research over the Corona period was stopped, it is now returning in 2021. Giovanni is now fighting with Crypto-Mewtwo, which you can then catch.

As usual, Giovanni sends the first Snobilikat into battle and lastly Mewtwo – your chance for another Crypto-Mewtwo. For the second round, however, there are again three Pokémon to choose from, which are selected at random: Kangama, Nidoking or Knakrack. We have therefore updated the information on the useful counterattacks for you below. As usual: First check out which is the second of Giovanni’s Pokémon and then adjust your team if necessary.

His full team looks like this:

First PokémonSecond PokémonThird Pokémon

These are important requirements: You have to design your team best for the Pokémon used by Giovanni. The boss always takes Persian or Snobilikat (depending on the month) and Mewtwo with him. You should always have the right counterattack for this.

In addition, Giovanni always uses his shields after the first two charging attacks by you. So you should first use fast loading attacks to lure the shields out.

How you counter against Persian

Persian is a Normal-type and against Persian you should use Lucario with a counter/power-up punch, Machamp with a counter/cross-chop, Blaziken with a Counter/blaze kick and Poliwrath with a mud shot/power-up punch.

LucarioCounter/Power-Up Punch
MachampCounter/Cross Chop
BlazikenCounter/Blaze Kick
PoliwrathMud Shot/Power-Up Punch

How you counter against Snobilikat: Against Snobilikat you should bet on Lucario with a boost. This attack can be used very quickly and take away both of his shields on the first Pokémon. By the way, Lucario is one of the best attackers in the game .

Alternatives to Lucario are Machomei or Turtle with combat attacks. Here you have to note, however, that they will not use their charging attacks so quickly and will probably be eliminated before Snobilikat.

Alternatives here could also be Scherox or Melmetal. They charge their charge attacks incredibly quickly and can quickly lure out Giovanni’s two shields. While they’re not effective against snobbies, their permanent charge attack doesn’t make them often take damage from their opponent.

How to counter Kangama: The Normal type Pokémon is weak against the Fight type. The best Pokémon here are Lucario, Machomei or Meistagrif. They have quick loading attacks and hit effectively.

How to counter nidoking: The Pokémon is weak against the types of ground, water, ice and psycho. So bet on such Pokémon. A good choice would be Kyogre with surfers, for example. It’s a quick charge move and the legendary Pokémon is quite steadfast in battle.

Alternatives to this would be Stalobor or Rihornior with ground attacks. This is also good for doing damage. Otherwise, you can still rely on Steel Pokémon that use a strong charge attack. Jirachi or Impoleon, as Steel Pokémon, can take a lot against Nidoking. With their charge attack of the water type or the psycho type they hit effectively.

How to counter Knakrack: Here you should bet on the fairy, dragon or ice types. Ice is twice as effective against cracked cracks. With Arktos and its fast charging attack Eissturm you are well positioned. Alternatively, we can recommend Togekiss with fairy attacks. With this you should survive a fight as well.

How to  counter Mewtwo : Here you should bet on Pokémon of the Dark or Ghost type. A good choice would be Darkrai or Despotar with a crunch. As a ghost Pokémon, Giratina offers itself in its original form. With this you shouldn’t have any problems against Mewtwo.

What’s the best team? If you own all Pokémon and have enough stardust to level them up, then you should take the following team:

First PokémonSecond PokémonThird Pokémon

It is always important that you have the Pokémon at high levels. It doesn’t help if you have a good team but haven’t leveled it up. The same goes for the attacks. A reasonable counterattack without the right attacks is useless.

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