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How to catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO: complete guide

how to catch a ditto in Pokemon Go

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Outlines how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO, with tips and lists about which Pokemon hide a Ditto, how to catch it and fight with it.

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Where to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go

Ditto remains one of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go because it hides behind other Pokémon. Due to its transformation, you cannot see at first whether an encounter is a ditto. And in Pokémon Go, it changes its appearance regularly. So if you are looking for a Ditto for your collection or for your quest, it is important to know which Pokémon Ditto can hide behind.

To get Ditto in Pokémon GO, you need to catch as many Pokémon as possible. If you’ve caught one that is hiding a Ditto, you’ll see it at the end of the catch screen. Here, like when eggs are hatched, the question “Oh?” appears.

How to catch a Ditto in Pokémon GO – video

A ditto emerges in the wild for everyone. Which means, if a player catches a Pokémon and it turns out to be Ditto, others can also catch the same Pokémon and thereby get a Ditto. It can also be attracted by lock modules or smoke.

Ditto is not only unique when it comes to catching, it also has its special features in the arena. So it doesn’t appear as Ditto, but copies the first Pokémon it encounters in battle – for the rest of the arena fight. It takes on appearance, type and attacks.

But: Ditto does not copy the CP value of the other monster in the arena fight. Instead, it receives its own WP value based on its own IV values ​​and its own level, converted to the WP scale of the copied Pokémon.

An exception is when two dittos meet in the arena. Then no transformation takes place and Ditto remains Ditto for the rest of the fight.

As a defender, Ditto also copies the first Pokémon to fight it. It then keeps this transformation for later battles against other coaches.

First of all, make sure that you have enough Poké or Hyperballs with you. Then you catch as many low-level Pokémon (Taubsi, Hornliu, Zubat, Hoothoot, Yanma, Wiesor and Co.) as possible. You can use smoke to make this happen as quickly as possible.
Sooner or later you will encounter a ditto like this. Note, however, that there is basically no special trick to force Ditto to spawn. You should therefore be patient.

Once you have caught a Ditto, Purple Smoke appears like when a Pokémon hatches from an egg and Ditto reveals its actual shape. The best: The actual WP value of Ditto is significantly higher than that of the fake Pokémon.

Alternative: Catch Ditto in raids

Since the June 2020 update of Pokémon GO , you can also catch rare Pokémon in so-called raids. However, the selection of Raid Pokémon is currently limited and Ditto is not one of the Pokémon that appear there. It is questionable whether this will change in the near future. However, you can always check this yourself:

  • Tap the icon with the wild Pokémon in the lower right corner and switch to the “Raid” tab.
  • There you can see all active raids in your area including the Pokémon that can be caught in them. If only one large egg appears here, wait until the time shown so that the Pokémon behind it is revealed.
  • If you actually see a ditto in the preview, run to the appropriate arena within the time shown and start the fight. It is best to compete there with several friends , as the raid Pokemon are all very strong.
  • Once you defeat Ditto, you will receive several Poké Balls with which you can catch it as usual.

List: Ditto hides in these Pokémon

According to the current state of the game, Ditto can hide in the following Pokémon, which identify themselves as being Ditto once they are caught.

  • 013: Hornliu
  • 046: Paras
  • 048: Bluzuk
  • 163: Hoothoot
  • 165: Ledyba
  • 167: Spinarak
  • 187: Hoppy sprout
  • 223: Remoraid
  • 273: Samurzel
  • 293: Whisper
  • 300: Eneco
  • 316: Hiccup
  • 322: Camaub
  • 399: Bidiza
  • 543: Toxiped
  • 590: Tarnpigno

However, since the update (0.47.1 for Android and 1.17.0 for iOS) you will encounter Ditto in the form of other Pokemon. Usually it is a simple Magikarp, Taubsi, Rattfratz or Zubat. Alternatively, it can also be a Hoothoot, Yanma, Wiesor or Webarakt. Only after the fight is over do you see that there is actually a ditto hidden behind the facade.

How to catch a Ditto – quick tips

In contrast to all other Pokémon, you will encounter Ditto in the form of another pocket monster (see list above). If you want to catch Ditto, consider the following tips :

  • First, make sure you have as many Poké Balls in stock as possible, as the process will take a few tries.
  • Now try to catch as many low-level Pokémon as you can. It’s best to use smoke and lure modules to catch as many Pokémon as possible. There is no other special trick to force Ditto to spawn.
  • If you have successfully caught a Ditto, as we described above, an “Oh!” Text will be displayed like when a Pokémon hatches from an egg and Ditto will reveal its actual shape for you.
  • The actual WP value of Ditto is also much higher than of the fake Pokémon with which it masked itself. So then check the values ​​in the Pokédex .

How to fight with a Ditto

  • Ditto has the attacks converter (immediate attack) and desperator (charge attack) in stock by default .
  • If you fight with Ditto in the arena , thanks to the converter, it can transform into the opposing Pokémon and take over its move-set completely. Simply put, if you use a Ditto to defend or attack an arena, it takes on the appearance of the opposing Pokémon and its attacks, but retains its own HP and stats. The transformation will cause you to lose a little time at the beginning, but with a ditto with high KP it could be worthwhile.
  • The first Pokémon Ditto fights determines Ditto’s transformation for the remainder of the arena fight.
  • If two Ditto are facing each other, none of them transforms. Hence, it uses its only attack other than transformation: Desperate.
  • However, the WP are calculated on the basis of your Ditto. Otherwise you can fight with Ditto as you would with any other Pokémon and trigger the appropriate attacks.
  • Since Ditto can take the form of his opponent, there are no Pokémon that have a special advantage over Ditto.

What else you need to know about how to catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go

  • A Pokémon that is added with the ability to catch a dazzling version can no longer become a Ditto. A good example of this is Taubsi, behind whom Ditto used to hide. Since Taubsi can be shiny, there is no longer any ditto behind it.
  • Ditto is a Normal-type Pokémon and has no evolutions. The Pokédex entry says: “Ditto changes its cell structure to transform into another shape. However, if it relies on its memory to do so, this Pokémon can make mistakes.”
  • If you take Ditto as a buddy, you have to walk three kilometers to get a Ditto candy.