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How to wear a beanie: styling for men, women, and all hair types and lengths

how to wear a beanie

There is more than one way to keep your ears and head warm this winter. Our guide outlines how to wear a beanie, beanie styles and materials and how to wear one with your hair type.

From their historical connection to the Phrygian hat that freed slaves wore in ancient Rome to the Liberty Caps painted in the US Capitol building , beanie hats are neither new nor just for winter. The beanie is now part of current fashion and is not just a fancy trend for young people.

And if you thought that wearing a hat high up on your head or at a slightly inclined angle was a hipster invention, then you were wrong. Thank the veterans of World War II and their watch caps for this trend style.

How to wear a beanie: Overview

Merino hat, cable knit hat, bobble hat, fisherman beanie … That’s just the tip of the iceberg for how to wear beanie styles and types. Speaking of ice and freezing temperatures, there are also beanie summer hats for warmer weather. Read on and find out everything you don’t know about beanie hats.

how to wear a beanie

What are the different types of beanies?

A common form of trendy headgear is the foldable version. Here you can wear the model with a brim close-fitting on your head or create a relaxed, casual look with plenty of room for improvement. The hats without brim can also be worn variably. Either pulled far down and enclosing the head, or set up slightly upwards – many wearers have developed their very own style.

The so-called long beanies are a special form – extra-long models that fall down to the neck. And even if classic beanies are rather simple in shape – there are labels that score with extras. There you will find unusual models that are decorated with colored pompons. Isn’t that a classic beanie? Whatever you like is allowed.

Beanie features and structure

When shopping for a beanie hat online for yourself or as a gift , it is a good idea to understand its basic features and structure to understand what you are looking at.

  • Cuffs & Brim – These words are often used interchangeably. The beanie with cuffs or brim corresponds to the lower part, which is often turned over or folded to get the desired shape. With a fisherman beanie you can see a clear cuff, whereas most long beanies men have hats without cuffs. With many men’s hat models, the cuffs can be folded down, rolled or adjusted to the desired position and look. The brim can also refer to a peak or visor (like the peak on a baseball cap). And yes, there is also a men’s beanie with a peak. The umbrella beanie was popular in the early 2000s and belongs on history’s Myspace pages.
  • Reversible – The reversible beanie or hat has a color or pattern on each side and can be worn on both sides.
  • Ribbed – Ribbed hats show visible vertical stripes from the knitting process.
  • Chunky Knit – Think of the knit hats Grandma would knit. They fall under the chunky hat category due to the thick wool, the distinctive knitting patterns and the large size.
  • Double knit – Double knitted beanie hats created by combining two separately knitted fabrics. They are twice as thick as ‘normal’ knitted hats and extra warm.
  • Cable pattern – A cable knit hat is created using a knitting technique that crosses the vertical stitches for a cable pattern. A cable knit beanie is usually a thick, warm hat.
  • Ear Flaps – A beanie with ear flaps is a knitted hat with ear flaps. The most famous styles include the Sherpa hat and the Russian ushanka. Both are hats with ear flaps that can be tied either under the chin for warm ears or over the head for ears that are breathing.
  • Inner lining – Lined hats provide a soft and warming layer inside the cap. The most commonly used lining is fleece (synthetic fiber). It keeps you extremely warm and protects your head from an itchy woolen hat.

How to wear a beanie: the basic rules

Beanies have long been one of the classics in the headwear category. With a few little tips, you can’t go wrong with wearing the long-running favorite. In general, the following applies: especially with the longer-cut models, the hat must sit loosely on the head. A seat that closes with the ears at the bottom and allows enough air at the top is ideal. As a variant, you can roll up the brim slightly and / or pull the model a little into the forehead area. In any case, a no-go is to put it on too tight – a beanie must always look as casual as possible. So never press around your head!

Hair down or not?

Especially in the winter months, the hair is quickly stressed by cold and heat changes in closed rooms. Beanies adorn the head without extensive styling. For the perfect look, the hair should be worn open. The bangs are gently plucked into the forehead. Long-haired women wear the trendy hat in a stylish way with a braid protruding from the side, which should be loosely braided. A bun in the casually worn upper area also goes well with the typical style of the beanies.

Which outfit goes with the beanie?

Trendsetters observed around the world show how it is done – there are hardly any limits to the variety of beanies you can wear. The mix of styles of wide and narrow clothing fits particularly well. Slim jeans, a wide-cut coat with a shirt and a casual beanie. In general, if you want to add casual elements to your look, beanies almost always fit. But at least one item of clothing from the category unconventional should also be. The trendy headgear does not go well with a classic outfit such as a suit, elegant coat or costume.

Choose the right color and pattern

When choosing the color-matching outfit, contrasts are allowed. But please don’t mix too wildly! If the outfit is monochrome, then beanies with a mix of patterns will also fit. And vice versa. The general rule is: With large-area patterns or bright colors, it shouldn’t be more than a conspicuous part – otherwise the look will appear too restless and inharmonious. Opinions differ when it comes to the logo. Many models are available with a sewn-on designer logo. As a fashion statement, it fits when the outfit is combined correctly. Trendsetters wear models with an individual logo. This can be your favorite game as well as symbols and lettering from film and television. A touch of individuality always goes with casually worn headwear.

How to wear a beanie men styles

As a child you didn’t care what the winter hat looked like on your head, but now as a grown man you want to wear stylish hats. From the classic beanie with cuffs to the hat with a bobble, there is guaranteed to be the right cool headgear that wants to tell your story.

  1. Beanie with cuffs

A beanie with cuffs, also known as a cuff beanie or cuffed beanie, is the most classic and traditional style on the market (e.g. ribbed watch caps from the US Navy or Rocky). And this classicism makes them ideal for a weekend trip or the way to work.

The folded cuff offers double protection for the ears and forehead. Wear the men’s beanie hat so that the cuff covers about half of your ears. As the wind picks up, pull it down for more warmth. If you’re not sure which color to buy, choose solid dark colors that will go with most winter clothes .

  1. Fisherman beanie

Inspired by the woolen hats that fishermen wear when they work at the port. The fisherman beanie, also known as the fisherman’s hat or docker hat, is now considered current men’s fashion and is very popular. This beanie style sits higher on the head. It doesn’t cover the ears (or maybe just the tips of the ears) because of its flat crown.

This short docker hat is popular with hipsters and fashion-conscious men everywhere. We can’t promise it will keep you super warm … but you’ll look your best when you’re cold.

  1. Long slouchy beanie

As the name Long Beanie already suggests, this beanie hat is a long hat. It covers half of the ears (more if you pull them down). The hanging material rests on the back of the head. Usually a slouch beanie is a beanie with no cuffs.

The slouchy beanie is cut quite loosely and goes better with a denim jacket than with a work trench coat.

  1. Bobble beanie

One of the most iconic winter hats is the bobble hat. The fluffy bobble on top of the hat is characteristic. Bobble hats are worn by young and old – from kindergarten to the ski slope.

The bobble has its roots in military history and was initially used as protection for sailors. According to popular theory, this ball on the cap protected the sailors’ heads from bumps. True or not, you can use it to impress your friends.

The men’s hat with a bobble is often a beanie with cuffs and keeps you very warm. The bobble hat men style goes well with both casual and chic outfits. If you want to wear them with a suit, it is best to stick to plain, dark colors.

  1. Hipster high top beanie

Do you already know the latest men’s hat trend? This men’s knitted hat is worn riskily high on the head. Even if they don’t do a lot for the warmth, hipster hats, hipster beanies or high top beanies are undoubtedly cool hats for men and are also ideal as bad hair day hats.

The hipster hat is constructed in such a way that there is still space (air space) in the upper part of the hat. It is carried as high on the head as possible without falling off. Make sure the extra material is sticking up (thicker knit fabric will help). Otherwise the high cap can fall to the side and you will look like a Smurf.

How to wear a beanie girl styling

If you want to take it easy when it comes to headgear, you can choose beanie caps in romantic pastel colors . It is not for nothing that pink, baby blue and mint green are among the favorite colors of many fashion girls. The pastel nuances also look great in the form of cozy beanies and look very modern with both floral dresses and cool denim looks.

Whether with a thick down jacket, a trench coat , leather or jeans – beanies in black and gray are absolute evergreens that accompany us in style all year round. There are no limits when it comes to styling, as the simple models really go with every outfit. Also read how to choose the best earrings for your face shape.

Of course, we primarily wear the beanie hat in everyday life to protect our ears from wind and cold. But it can also be used to elegantly hide a bad hair day. Basically, you can wear the beanie with all kinds of outfits. It goes well with classic jeans, dresses and skirts and a wide variety of jackets. The look becomes sporty when you combine your beanie with trackpants and a hoodie . In everyday life you can also let off steam in terms of colors and patterns: stripes and logo prints are currently very popular with fashion icons.

Of course, you don’t have to go without your beloved beanie hat on the way to the office. It is important here to rely on a high-quality and finely knitted model. A chunky hat would disrupt the elegant look. A simple cashmere beanie in gray or black is ideal with trouser suits, blazers and the like. It also goes perfectly with long woolen coats or trench coats.

Tips for perfect styling

  • Position: You should just make sure that the edge of the hat is not too tight. If you have a high forehead, you can wear the beanie a little lower on your face. On the other hand, if you have a short forehead, keep it on the hairline. If you have a big head, you should also prefer fine-meshed models without a lot of frills.
  • The material: jersey beanie or would you prefer a knitted hat? When choosing the headgear, the main thing is whether the beanie should warm you or just serve as an accessory. For the latter you can of course freely choose to taste. Beanies made of cotton or fleece, on the other hand, keep you particularly warm.
  • The cut: Classic beanies slightly play around the shape of the head and have a folded edge, which is often provided with a brand logo. So-called long beanies and slouch beanies, which stand up slightly at the back of the head or hang down at the end, are also popular. It is important that the hat is not too tight and that it ends roughly in the middle of the forehead.
  • It’s a match: for a modern look, you can combine your beanie with a matching scarf. You can often buy such duos, but of course you can also put the set together yourself.

What to do with your hair

Beanies look best when you wear your hair down underneath. But a low ponytail or bun also looks elegant, especially if you let a few loose strands fall out.
Charged hair: after taking off your beanie, does your hair stick out in all directions? Then it can help to distribute some hair oil in the tips. This helps against static charge and also ensures a beautiful shine.
Flat hair: After long wearing a hat, an unsightly flat hairline is often the result. Our first aid trick: dry shampoo! You can simply spray it into the neck after removing the beanie cap and create new volume in a few simple steps.

How to wear a beanie with curly hair

If you have curly hair or medium length hair, avoid thin, tight hats like skull caps because the hat will look uneven and chunky. Instead, choose long beanies or hipster hats for men. The longer hat shapes won’t break the curls and flatten the hair (too much).

And even on the worst bad hair day, you shouldn’t hide all of your scalp hair under the beanie hat. Leave them outside so that they highlight your face.

How to wear a beanie with long hair

For men with long hair, we recommend buying a beanie with no cuffs and wearing it high on your forehead. Don’t stuff all of your hair under the hat. Let the hair hang out to the side for a nicely framed face (and to isolate your neck). Hipster beanies and long beanies also look good on men with long, flowing curls.

How to wear a beanie with short hair

For all short-haired people out there, tight-fitting beanie hats men’s models are better than baggy or oversized ones. Anything too loose or chunky could give the impression that the hat is eating your head … not a good look.

Fisherman hats, bobble hats and classic hats without cuffs all work with short hair and do not overwhelm the face. These tips work for bald people too – any type of hat with a tighter fit will do the job.