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How to choose the best earrings for your face shape

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Our guide outlines the best earrings for your face shape, categorised for each face shape: round, oval, diamond, heart, square or narrow.

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Earrings are undoubtedly the quickest way to accessorize an outfit. Selecting the best earrings for your face shape can not only enhance your appearance and add to your overall outfit and wardrobe styling. When chosen wisely, a pair of earrings not only go on to add a pop of color and personality to your ensemble but also frame your facial features in the best manner.

That is why it becomes essential to choose earrings that best suit your face shape. Women who choose earrings according to their own face shape emphasize their natural beauty. We will help you determine the shape of your face and tell you which earrings look good on you or which don’t flatter you.

Choosing the best earrings for your face shape

Wondering how to choose the best earrings for your face shape? Here’s how:

  1. Round

This face shape is similar to a circle, with the cheeks being the widest part of the face. You have a round face when the cheekbones are the widest part of your face and the face is only slightly narrower and rounded towards the chin and forehead. Both halves of your face are about the same length, your face is about as high as it is wide.

If you are a woman with a round face, we suggest you opt for long danglers, chandeliers, and even drop earrings to add an illusion of length and dimension to your face. Avoid studs, hoops, and other large circular earring styles, since they will emphasize your face shape’s roundness.

  • Oval 

Your face is ‘oval’ when the widest point is in the area of ​​the cheekbones and from there the face tapers up and down. The upper half of the face is slightly shorter than the lower half. Elongated features and high cheekbones characterize oval faces.

Congratulations! Almost every earring style fits this face shape. You can wear eye-catching statement earrings, large hoop earrings, playful earrings or small elegant stud earrings. Since an oval face is symmetrical, has natural angles, and is proportionately balanced, you can choose any earring style you want. Almost all shapes and styles of earrings look good on people with an oval face. Dangle earrings, hoops, and earrings with teardrop styles are perfect for oval face shapes. 

  • Diamond

A diamond face is one where the cheekbones are wider than the chin and forehead. The cheekbones are a prominent feature, and this face shape is longer than it is wide. If you have a diamond-shaped face, then you’d want to draw attention away from your pointy chin.

It’s best to choose earring shapes that create sharp angles, especially styles like long dangle earrings that will soften your natural features. Even earrings with teardrops and wide chandelier earrings will complement your face shape.

  • Heart 

Your forehead is the widest part of your face. Like a heart, your face tapers very strongly towards the chin. The facial contour becomes much narrower towards the chin. The chin often appears pointed compared to the rest of the face.

As the chin is narrower than the rest of the face, you’ll want to create more roundness or weight to balance your face and flatten your sharp jawline. Danglers, teardrop earrings, and oversized hoop earrings are the most flattering earring styles for heart-shaped faces.

  • Square

A square face is similar to a round face, but it is boxier instead of circular. People with square-shaped faces have prominent cheekbones and jawlines. However, you’ll want to soften those features and draw attention to your complete look and not your jawline. So, opt for earrings such as hoops or stud earrings in an oval shape to best accentuate your facial features.

6. Narrow

Narrow faces are similar to square faces but are slenderer and more elongated. If you have a narrow face, you’ll want to emphasize the width and complement the length of your face. For this very reason, we love short danglers, huggies, and stud earrings for a narrow face. Count on these styles to highlight your cheekbones and add fullness to your face. 

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