How to wear a denim dress with your wardrobe

wear a denim dress with your wardrobe

Image via: Pexels

We love denim! Every woman needs a denim dress – but which one? Whether in light or dark wash, with buttons or pockets, wide or narrow. Denim dresses are an absolute classic. There are an infinite number of variants of these dresses and therefore also just as many possible combinations. We show you the most beautiful trends and how to wear a denim dress with your wardrobe and style your denim dress for every occasion.

Wear a denim dress with your wardrobe: Sporty jeans dress dress

If in your spare time you wear more comfortable and simple clothes, I recommend you denim dresses with small imprints, subtle details and simple cut. Underneath you can wear a T-shirt of your choice. Shirts with stripes or checks are great in this combination. If you like it a bit more inconspicuous, you can wear monochrome shirts underneath. A backpack gives your outfit a sporty touch. It is super trendy, offers plenty of storage for picnics and other recreational activities and is also comfortable to wear on longer trips. Because for leisure is: Nice but convenient and practical it must be! Now you must not forget the sneakers and you are ready for every leisure trip and top-styled to wear a denim dress with your wardrobe!

Jeans dress for everyday office life?

Yes, with a denim dress you can also create an elegant look. Here, however, you should rather resort to a dress with sleeves and a slightly longer cut. Button plackets are still very much in vogue and also adorn jeans dresses. The button details look chic and feminine. It gets even more chic if your denim dress is made of a dark denim, because this wash looks very elegant. Fine jewelery, a glittering watch and heeled sandals underline your business outfit.

Jeans dress on warm days

What is more pleasant in summer than loose-fitting clothing? Especially at the current temperatures, light clothes are perfect for both everyday work and leisure. I especially like dresses with spaghetti straps or off-shoulder cuts. The summer favorites among the fabrics are: cotton, linen, silk and viscose. Here you are welcome to dress in jeans look, because materials such as silk and leashes are moisture-regulating and thus have a cooling effect. In terms of accessories I would resort to sunglasses and a braided sunhat. They not only add a touch of summer to your outfit, they also protect you from the sun’s rays. A large basket bag fits perfectly with the hat, is practical and loosens up your outfit.

Combine denim dress at cool temperatures

Even if the sun makes a break, a denim dress is a good choice. Wear a leather jacket, a cardigan or in winter a thick wool coat over it, that keeps you warm and also looks great. In addition, warm under the dress even better a leggings or a thermo-tights. You can combine ankle boots or boots and be prepared for the colder seasons! With these simple styling tips, you’ll have something of your favorite piece all year round.

Which colors and patterns do you best combine with your denim dress?

Jeans dresses you can style with almost all colors. Really beautiful combinations arise when your accessories are color coordinated with your lipstick or eye shadow. If you want to make your look very feminine, the colors nude and beige are perfect. In contrast, bold colors add momentum to the outfit, evoking a wow effect. Pastel shades can be seen all over the streets and, of course, in combination with denim dresses. The soft tones are not only up-to-date, but bring us the summer a little closer. Even for rocky guys, the dress does not have to be no-go, it looks great in combination with black! Patterns like plaids, stripes, animal and floral prints work well since the jeans pieces are color neutral.