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How to use eyeshadow that suits your color type

eyeshadow that suits your color type

We all love to see new eyeshadow colours each season, and buying some make us feel on trend. But after applying the newly purchased eyeshadow, the disillusionment often comes: what makes the eyes of your best friend shine makes you look pale and tired. This is due to the fact that there are different colour types: each woman is individual and therefore also needs an eyeshadow that suits her, which makes the eye area stand out in the best possible way. This sounds more complicated than it is – with the following tips you can quickly find out which colors are perfect for you and find eyeshadow that suits your color type.

Basic tips for color theory:

There are “warm” and “cold” skin types, each of which is better suited to warm or cold eyeshadow colours.

But what type do you belong to? Face a mirror without make-up and in good lighting. Now you take turns holding a golden and a silver cloth to your face. If you don’t have one at home, you can also take chains. What color makes your eyes shine, what color makes your eyes look pale and tired? If it is gold, then you belong to the fraction of warm colors. If it’s silver, then cold colors are better for you. It’s all about finding eyeshadow that suits your color type.

So far so good. Still, you’re still unsure whether you’re better off cold or warm eyeshadow shades? Then I have another trick for you: ask your partner or girlfriend to look at your hair in the sunlight – it is important that the sun shines directly on your hair. Now the same principle applies: golden shine – warm skin tone, silver shimmer – cool complexion.

So, now we already know your skin tone. The warm and cold skin tone can be divided into as subspecies; therefore, there are a total of four color types. The names are easy to remember, because they are named after the seasons. Those with a warm complexion are the spring or autumn types. If you have a cool complexion, you are a summer or winter type.

How to idendify eyeshadow that suits your color type

The spring type:

eyeshadow that suits your color type

As a spring type you have a light complexion with a warm undertone, usually peach-colored or golden, even freckles are not uncommon. Your rather bright eyes are green, blue or amber. Often the hair colors are honey blond, golden blond, red blond or brown. 

“And with which eyeshadow do I accentuate my eyes best?” you ask yourself now for sure. Quite simply – just imagine a landscape in April: the grass is fresh and delicate, the trees still have young leaves, the first buds and tulips bloom in the garden from many bushes. The characteristic colours of this time? Bright, delicate green, strong yellow and many rosé and apricot shades. These are also the colors that flatter your eyes! 

Tip: Use especially delicate, bright tones when wearing make-up. A light, rose-colored blush and a bright, warm lipstick underline your naturalness and make you look delicate and feminine.

The summer type:

eyeshadow that suits your color type

You’re better off silver? Your skin is bright and rosy with a cool undertone? Your hair is blond or ash brown and you have relatively light, blue or grey eyes? Then there’s every reason to know that you’re a summer person. 

Here, too, comparing a landscape in search of the right eyeshadow tones helps. Let’s imagine a summer garden: the sky is bright blue, the roses and knight’s spur bloom in the bed. You should also prefer these colors on your eyelid as an eyeshadow that suits your color type. As in the flower bed, you can let off steam with all shades of pink, purple and blue. The only important thing is that the colours should have a cool undertone – otherwise they are more suitable for spring types!

The autumn type:


Typical characteristics for autumn types are a golden complexion (the skin tends to be slightly darker than for spring types) and brown or green eyes. The hair sits red or brown in all possible shades.

You can rejoice if you belong to the autumn types, because the beautiful colors that you can admire during a forest walk in October flatter your eyes make-up especially! Your eyes are accentuated by earthy, warm tones – all shades of red, orange and brown are eyeshadow that suits your color type! But also yellow and green is excellent for your eyes. The rule of thumb is that all warm colors are fine as long as they do not have a blue tinge.

Tip: Attention! Leave the fingers of blue, purple and pink eyeshadow! These three tones are the only ones that do nothing for you at all. But if you’re still a blue fan, you can console yourself with turquoise, jade and mint. These colours go green and can therefore also be worn by autumn types.

The winter type:

eyeshadow that suits your color type

Didn’t you recognize yourself in any of the descriptions? Then you are most likely a winter type. Your complexion is very cool and rather pale, your eyes blue, grey or brown. The hair is brown or black – you are a real “snow white”! 

The perfect eyeshadow tones can be found in a cold landscape with bright white snow, frozen waters and crystal clear skies. Your world is cold, clear and full of contrasts. White, black, grey and cool light blue make your eyes stand out. But even a strong pink can look great. The motto is: Red, green or violet – everything is allowed as long as the eyeshadow has a cool undertone.

Tip: Contrasts look really great on you!

Have you found your color type now? Wonderful, now no eyeshadow purchase can go wrong!

How to choose the right eyeshadow for your eye color

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