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How to remove eye makeup correctly

Skin care

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Even if it is difficult from time to time, make-up removal before bed is a must. Because it will not only clog the pores, the eyelashes can break also. But how do you remove eye makeup correctly?

Remove eye makeup correctly: The right make-up remover

For make-up removal, it is best to use a cotton pad and a cleanser tailored to your needs. For water-resistant make-up oily eye make-up remover are suitable. If you need to go fast, you can also resort to remover pads. For oily skin you should refrain from oily products. For sensitive skin, avoid products containing alcohol and artificial fragrances. Rather, you prefer to use remover with eg aloe vera. You do not have a special remover at hand? A single serving of all-purpose cream can help.

Make sure to remove it all

Not only the remover can do a lot wrong, but also while making-up. This is how it works: It is best to use a make-up removal pad and always move it from the inner corner of the eye with slight pressure to the outside or to the cheek, without tearing too much on the skin. The lower lid margin and the inner corner of the eye can be carefully cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in eye make-up remover.

If temporary eyelashes are not properly removed, or mascara is left on, the eyelashes may break off. Meanwhile, there are even serums and aids for making your eyelashes fuller. These are applied after make-up removal and strengthen the eyelashes overnight. The biggest mistake and the death for many eyelashes is, in addition to harsh washing, is especially the use of a false eyelash line with already mascared eyelashes.

Sometimes after a long day, it’s the last thing we want to do — instead of just falling into bed. But to take care of your skin and eyes, you need to make that few minutes of extra effort and remove eye makeup correctly.