Which eyeshadow suits which eye color?

which eyeshadow suits which eye color

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Eyes are considered mirrors of the soul and can say a lot about the human being. Whether blue, brown, green or gray – the iris shines in a variety of colors. With the right eyeshadow color you can make your eyes shine perfectly: we show you how to choose which eyeshadow suits which eye color!

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Which eyeshadow suits which eye color: basic knowledge

Generally, it is important that the eye shadow matches both your eyes and your skin tone. For a rosy skin, choose a color with a rather cool undertone; if the skin is beige, the color should like to have a warm undertone. It’s also important to focus on just one part of the face – if you emphasize your eyes intensively with color, you should only use a colorless or delicately toned lipstick.

Brown eyes

The easiest way is the color choice for brown eyes : You are almost all colors, as the brown iris is almost nothing in competition with the eyeshadow color. You can wear greens and lilacs, including petrol, brown and gray. For light brown eyes and brown eyeshadow, you just have to be careful to choose a different shade of brown than your iris, otherwise it will fade into the background.

Gray eyes

Even gray eyes have a wide range of colors to choose from. Brown, purple, rose or nude tones are a good choice. Gray eyeshadow can make the gray color of the iris wonderfully radiant if chosen correctly – a shade darker than the eye color is perfect. However, you should refrain from very reddish colors like coral, as the eyes can look so slightly sickly.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes have a bit more difficult, as much depends on the blue tone – ice-blue eyes can be emphasized in other ways than dark blue. Brown and beige shades as well as warm gold or cool champagne are universally usable. Brown-purple mixed colors like a dark eggplant also have a nice effect. For pure blue eyes, a dull gray is also a good choice.

What does not work is the combination of blue eyes with blue eyeshadow – the colors compete too much with each other, so that the beautiful iris completely disappears. However, with ice-blue or gray-blue eyes you can certainly resort to a dark blue eyeline.

Green eyes

Last, but not least: green eyes . They harmonize well with all dark colors: dark purple, gray-brown, dark brown – even dark green is a good combination, as long as the color is different from that of the iris. But you should avoid intense bright colors like bright pink: These do not lift your green eyes, but steal the show.