How to style a living room with a wooden table focus piece

style a living room

This concise guide outlines how to style a living room with a wooden table as a focus piece, including considering tone and arrangement of ornamental items.

Do you have a wooden table that you want to make the centerpiece to style a living room? Learn key tips that can help bring attention to your table.

Do you have a massive wood table that you would like to style? It’s easier said than done. Creating the perfect balance is difficult when the table is too big. Add too many items, and your space suddenly becomes cluttered. However, add too few items to your wooden tables, and the table will look bare and out of place.

How to style a living room with a wooden table focus point

style a living room

A few ideas on how to style a living room with a handmade wood table that we recommend you follow are:

Decide On the Desired Wood Tone

First and foremost, before you start comparing wooden table prices, it’s important to consider the wood tone that you want. Every room has a different color, and some tones work better with light colors than dark colors. Ideally, if the table is going to be the room’s focal point, it will have a dominant tone.

If you have hardwood flooring, this will be your home’s (or room’s) dominant color. Homes or rooms with carpets can choose a wood tone based on a dominant, large piece of furniture in the room.

With a massive dresser and a small side table, the dresser’s wood tone would be the dominant color of choice. You’ll use the wood tone of the dominant features to choose the right tone for your table. Matching colors, especially with a wood floor, isn’t a good idea.

You should stay within the same type of tone, such as:

  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Neutral

You can opt to be daring and try contrasting colors, but be sure that you’re happy with the final decision that you make. Mixing the same tones works well. Warm and warm colors together work very well, but you should choose different warm tones and not the same color.

Contrast can be created by mixing in wood tones that are light with medium or darker woods, such as walnut.

How To Position Your Table to Save Space in the Room

Tables can help occupy large, open spaces of a room, but there are times when occupying space isn’t the goal of the table. If you want to save space in a room and still have a table, your two main options are:

1.  Place the table against the wall

2.  Place the table in the corner

You can caddie-corner the table and place it in the corner, too. Of course, if the table is a dining room table, you want to allow for enough space between the wall and tables for guests to comfortably get in and out of chairs.

If your table is small and an accent table, you can place these tables next to chairs to save space.

A small table in a reading nook can provide you with an increase in functionality while also not taking up too much space. You can confidently add the table next to a reading chair without impacting the openness of the space.

Turn Your Wood Table into a Centerpiece

Your table may be a centerpiece on its own, but most tables need a little extra something added to make them the focal point of a room. Size matters when it comes to décor, so you’ll need to use your own discretion when choosing the right décor for creating your centerpiece.

A few of the options that can work well to make your table a centerpiece are:

  • Flowers: Adding flowers and planted pots to a table can add color and depth to a space.
  • Tiered Items: Placing tiered décor on the table works very well. Metal bucket tiers, which can be found in most retail stores, create depth to the table and allow you to add cute items, such as flowers, clocks, mason jars, mugs and other items.
  • Seasonal Items: Placing seasonal items on a table is a great idea, and it helps you change up the look of your table every season. Trees, pumpkins, lights, apples, candles and other items can be placed on the table to make it the true centerpiece of the room.

You can also opt to place items above the table to make them stand out. For example, colorful plates or paintings work very well for bringing attention to a table and space.

Table decoration ideas can include charming place mats, table runners, table linen and decorative objects. For a table decoration that embellishes sociable hours and is also functional. With successful and coordinated table decorations, everyday get-togethers as well as the elegant dinner party in the evening become an aesthetic highlight!

Seasonal and holiday decorations to focus on

Welcome the warm season with delicate table decorations for spring. With festive table decoration, or event a large advent wreath, Christmas becomes the most beautiful time of the year at the table too. Decorate your table with autumn leaves and pumkins to mark the nuances of the weather getting cooler. With stylish table decorations for the living room you give it individuality and cosiness!


Have fun with making your table a centerpiece, and you’ll find that the table does most of the work for you.