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How to get rid of woodworm with home remedies

get rid of woodworm with home remedies

Are there ways to get rid of woodworm with home remedies? Yes, our guide outlines 5 ways that you can get rid of these pests yourself.

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Woodworm is the wood-eating larvae of a wide range of species of beetle. They are annoying peststhat eat the furniture and, in the worst case, the roof structure. If you do not intervene in time, you can expect considerable damage.

There is hardly anyone who has not yet been confronted with a wood worm. Infestation can be seen in 1-3 mm holes in the wood. These can be pieces of furniture, the roof structure, old beams or other wooden objects. You can also tell from traces of sawdust that woodworms are present.

Woodworms, also called woodbuck or common rodent beetle, feel most comfortable in damp areas or in places with high humidity. Wood that is dry and warm is of little interest to the pests.

Nowadays, wood worms can often be recognized by prefabricated houses made of wood, but they don’t stop in front of solid houses either – here they can at least tamper with the roof structure. Wherever the woodworms occur, it is important that you take care of the disposal as soon as possible after you get rid of woodworm with home remedies.

5 ways to get rid of woodworm with home remedies

There are different ways to combat woodworms. Not every one is suitable for the different purposes. If you are unsure or the infestation has progressed so strongly that, for example, the roof truss is in danger of collapsing, you should get professional help from a pest control company or an expert in wood protection. Otherwise, you can tackle the woodworms with the following measures.

❖ Heating method

Woodworms do not survive temperatures above 55 degrees, since they consist largely of protein. So you can easily fight it with heat. Smaller objects can be placed in the oven and heated to around 60 degrees. To avoid stress cracks, you should let the objects in question cool in the oven overnight with the door open. Alternatively, the blazing sun is also available in summer. Cover the piece of furniture or the objects with a black film. Below it, it gets very hot pretty quickly, causing the woodworms to die. But also make sure that the relevant pieces cool slowly. It’s best to leave them outside overnight.

The same also works with cold. At minus 18 degrees, the larvae also die. The freezer can be useful for small items.

❖ Acorns against woodworms

The temperature method is less suitable for very large and bulky furniture. Alternatively, you can use acorns here. Simply distribute them on a plate and then set them up near the drill holes. Woodworms like the scent of acorns and settle in them. If you see acorn flour on the plate, you should dispose of it together with the wood worm. It is recommended that you repeat the process again after about 3 weeks.

❖ Vinegar as a control agent

Vinegar is the number 1 home remedy, so it is not surprising that you can also use it to combat woodworms.

Simply pour some vinegar into a syringe and then inject it into the drill holes. You can get injections in any pharmacy.

❖ Boron salt for prevention and control

Boron salt is a remedy that can not only be used for fighting purposes, but can also be used as a preventive measure.

Simply spread the boron salt on the furniture near the drill holes. However, since this salt does not penetrate the holes far enough, it takes a while for the larvae to die. Only when the insect comes into contact with the salt can the drilling salt develop its full effect and die.

❖ Ammonia vapors

The vapors of the ammonia spirit also cause the larvae to die. Simply place a bowl of ammonia spirit on the piece of furniture and wrap it airtight with film and adhesive tape. Below this, the vapors develop that are harmful to the larvae and from which they ultimately die.

But be careful with oak and beech – these types of wood can change color.