How to start fire with sticks, stones, plastic wrap and other methods

how to make fire with sticks

Sometimes you get into situations where you need a fire, but you don’t have a lighter or matches on hand. Be it to make a campfire, light candles in the event of a power failure and everything else that a fire can be used for. We outline how to start fire with sticks, stones, plastic wrap and other methods without using matches. This can be useful when you need to know how to start fire pit or when you are camping or hiking. How to remove a tick correctly

How to start fire: 7 methods

Yes. there are many different ways to start fire without matches or a lighter. We’ll give you 7 of them in an overview, and explain how to start fire with each one. You can make a fire with:

How to start fire: A magnifying glass

You can use a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun on a piece of paper or tinder and set it alight that way. Many camping stores have miniature credit card sized magnifying glasses that are easy and light to carry with you for emergencies when out hiking, camping or boating. How to pack for a camping trip: the smart essentials

How to start fire: with plastic wrap / bag and water

Everyone usually has a thin sheet of plastic or a plastic bag. Cling film, for example, is best for making a fire, as it is particularly thin. Making a fire with this combination is actually very easy, but time-consuming and what you absolutely need is sun! Unfortunately, this method does not work without the sun. So do the following:

  • Take a piece of cling film or, as in my case, a plastic bag. If you only have cling film, put it in a round container to make it easier.
  • Hold it so that you can fill it with water and fill the container created in this way with water
  • Make a real water balloon out of it. Now tie the ends together so that you can hold the foil with the string. Alternatively, you can simply twist the ends.
  • Because the bag is round, the water acts like a magnifying glass. And as already presented above, you can easily light a fire with a magnifying glass

Here is a complete video of how to make a fire with a plastic sheet and much more (all with water).

How to start fire with sticks and a piece of wood

This is arguably one of the most popular ways to start a fire without a lighter. However, by far the heaviest, most complex and also, if you don’t know how exactly to do it, it can be painful, as blisters and abrasion on the hands can quickly occur. However, if you invest a little more time and make a bow, it can be done very quickly and, above all, painlessly. How to open a can without a can opener

According to Stone Age experts, there is no evidence that primitive humans actually created fire using fire drilling and related techniques. The only thing scientifically proven is the striking of fire. The following structure gives the best chance of actually starting a fire:

  • Drilling board. This wooden board lies firmly on the floor and is best fixed with the foot. The board has a recess where the fire drill can start and a notch that leads from the edge of the drill board to the recess.
  • Fire drill. The “drill” consists of a straight wooden stick, sharpened at both ends. It can be turned between both hands. If the friction at the lower end of the drill is great enough, the flash point is reached there.
  • Fidel bow or spindle. The fire drill is clamped in a special arch. This arc increases the speed of rotation of the fire drill. But it is also possible to create a fire without a fiddle bow (just with the fire drill between your hands).
  • The fiddle bow includes a pressure piece with which you can fix the fire drill and press it onto the drill board while you operate the bow with the other hand.
  • If the drill rotates very quickly, not only does the contact point with the drill board get red-hot, but wood debris also collects in the side notch of the board. With practiced hands, it only takes a minute for the wood abrasion to ignite. In addition to the abrasion, you can put tinder in the notch to improve the chances of the first flame.

Another method widely used in traditional cultures is what is known as ‘fire sawing’ A piece of wood (the “saw”) is pulled very quickly over a wooden base or through a gap. In some constructions, the sawing piece of wood is replaced by a long cord made of plant fibers. There are numerous variants of fire sawing that require a lot of skill.

How to start fire: Make a fire with a flint

Not exactly the most common form of fire-making, but everyone has probably heard of it: the flint. 32,000 years ago at the latest, humans invented the very first method of creating fire on their own: by using flint stones. For this technique to be successful, it needs three components:

  • Pyrite or marcasite. These two iron sulfide minerals are also sometimes referred to as “pebbles”. The molecules from which the shiny gold crystals are formed consist of an iron atom and two sulfur atoms.
  • Flint. This common stone consists primarily of the mineral silicon. In the Stone Age, chopped flint found many uses, for example for hunting weapons, knives and jewelry. Since the demand was high, flints were extracted in regular mines.
  • Tinder. In the broadest sense, tinder is a highly flammable fuel. The eponymous “tinder sponge” is very well suited for this. This widespread tree fungus has an inner workings made up of fine tubes. The best fuel comes from its middle layer.

To start the fire you hit both stones against each other. The resulting friction causes the pyrite or marcasite to spray sparks. These sparks must fall on the tinder. If a tiny flame forms, the critical moment comes: Now you have to blow on the flame and add more fuel (such as straw).

Fire-making also works with pyrite and quartz or with steel and flint. Until well into the 19th century, people beat flint against steel to light their stoves.

Make a fire with fire steel

Making fire with a fire steel is one of the typical survival methods because it works without the sun, you can always have the steel with you and it even works when it’s wet. So it is almost always ready for use. What you need, however, is a little practice, because creating good sparks with the fire steel is not that easy for beginners. The advantage, however, is that such a steel is good for up to 12,000 ignitions. So you can make a lot of fire with it.

It may look simple, but it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it with a little practice.

How to start fire: with a battery and chewing gum paper

This possibility is very simple: You need a battery, chewing gum paper and some tinder to set alight once you have the spark.

  • Cut the chewing gum paper into a length that is slightly longer than the distance from the positive to the negative pole of the battery
  • Crumple the paper in the middle so that it is thinner at this point.
  • If you now connect the plus and minus poles of the battery with the aluminum foil (NOT with the paper, otherwise it won’t work), a short circuit occurs
  • Due to the short circuit, the aluminum foil becomes extremely hot extremely quickly, so be careful and do not burn yourself.
  • However, this also causes the paper to burn.
  • It doesn’t burn very long, so have something flammable with you; a cotton ball, thin paper, or something else

Make a fire with a tampon and ashes

If you have already made a fire and have some ash left over and a tampon on hand, you can even use it to make a fire. All you need is, as I said, some ash and a tampon or a cotton ball, a cotton pad or something similar. In addition, it is useful if you have something long, flat, like a piece of wood or the like on hand, because you have to be able to roll the whole thing well later. Proceed as follows to make a fire:

  • Unpack the tampon from the packaging
  • Completely dismantle the tampon, it must be shredded finely. This will give you particularly fine fibers that will later start to burn more easily
  • Make a small bed out of the scraps and put some ashes in it
  • Wrap the ashes in the bed of cotton wool and start rolling the roll of cotton wool and ash. Hopefully the existing wood will be used here.
  • Rolls with pressure and as quickly as possible and without a break
  • After rolling a little, the inside of the cotton will start to glow. To do this, you have to open up your role and look. Don’t do this too soon or you won’t see any results.
  • If you have managed to create a glow, you can use it to light your tinder. Blowing in air always helps, of course.