How to open a can without a can opener

open a can without a can opener

What are the best ways to open a can without a can opener? Our guide will show you several ways — and safety tips for what to be careful of.

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Can I open a can without a can opener? Yes, but the risk of injury increases. In addition, you usually need much more time.

Is it possible to open a can completely without tools? You can open a can by rubbing off the aluminum coating. A solid rough surface, such as a paved road, is sufficient for this.

Can I open a can by heating?In principle, this is possible, but extremely dangerous. A particular problem is that it is impossible to predict where the can will break up when the pressure is too high.

Cans are practical and make it possible to store food for a very long time. Unfortunately, however, the opening does not always succeed completely smoothly, because not every can has a tab.
However, if the practical can opener is not at hand, you will quickly face a problem.

Below, we will show you various tips and tricks on how to open a can without a can opener.

1. The most effective way to open a can without a can opener

There’s more than just a guide circulating on the Internet that shows you how best to open a can.
Unfortunately, however, there is also a lot of nonsense here that is not suitable for imitation.

Please therefore secure yourself and keep your distance from daring experiments, which are supposed to be totally simple.

But now we start with our guide:
All you need is a large and above all stable, pointed kitchen knife. A knife with a large handle, which is flattened at the end, is best.

Now place the can on a solid surface so that it does not wobble. Next, take the knife in your hand and stab it at the top of the edge in the can. Some strength is needed here. Ideally, hold the knife on the handle with both hands and always work away from the body.
With one hand you can easily hit the end of the knifeto create a hole.

Please do not hold the tin with the other hand. The can is firm enough, whether it’s a rather high ravioli can or a small tuna can.

Now pull the knife out again, move it by a few centimeters and continue at the edge.Even if this process takes some time, you can achieve good results and can lift the lid relatively easily at the end with the knife.

Tip: For a can where only the tab is broken, you often do not need more than one or two punctures.
At this point, you can insert the sticking point of a spoon and bend the spoon upwards. The lever is usually sufficient to open the can without a can opener.

2. Open a can without a can opener – it can also be done with a spoon

Instead of the kitchen knife, you can also use a spoon to open a can. However, you have to plan a lot more time here.

Slowly scrub a spot with the spoon. To do this, place the spoon on the outside of the edge so that the inside of the spoon points to the center of the can and move the spoon in quick motion on the spot.

The more accurately you work, the faster you can make a first hole. Now we go to the next place until the entire lid can be lifted.

3. Open a can on the road – emergency method

open a can without a can opener

With a little patience you will reach your goal.

You don’t always have a can opener, knife or other item ready to open a can on the go.

However, it is also possible without accessories, because the rather soft aluminium can be smeared with a little patience.
However, the following tip is not suitable for liquids.
Take the can in your hand, look for a rough spot (a curb, the bare asphalt or even a large stone in the mountains) and rub the top of the can over it.

As soon as the edges of the can give way, you can turn the can over and try to squeeze the lid into the tin.

If you want to open a can with liquid contents without a can opener and other tools, start as described above. However, then change the tactics, turn the tin to the right side and rub with a stone. This way, no liquids can leak out.

Attention: Wipe the tin well after turning so that no metal shavings end up in your food.

4. Typical errors – not every method is suitable to open a can without a can opener

Good to know: By the way, the can made of metal has been around since 1810. The can opener, on the other hand, was not invented until more than 50 years later.

Please remember to work as carefully as possible and stay focusedso as not to get hurt.

Never use a folding knife to open the tin, as it folds too easily and you can get hurt so seriously.

For the other methods, the motto is to remain patient.

Therefore, please do not place a can on the camping cooker and wait for the lid to loosen by itself due to the resulting pressure.
As a rule, this scatters your food only for miles and the can flies around completely uncontrollably.

When eating a can open without a can opener, always make sure to remove microparticles on the surface.