How to make a bicycle trouser protector

bicycle trouser protector

When riding a bike, it can happen again and again that the trousers get caught in the chain. So that this does not happen to you, with our guide you should make yourself a bicycle trouser protector. 

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1. Why use a bicycle trouser protector

Who hasn’t ever experienced that you got so close to the bike chain with your trouser legs during the bike tour that at the end all the grease sticks to the trouser leg. This is the end for many trousers, because it is very difficult to get such dirt out of your clothes. 

If you don’t necessarily want to cycle with shorts or don’t have pants that are tight, you can roll up your trouser leg. But even that is not the case for many, because a crease is formed, which can become unpleasant and also leaves ugly wrinkles in a pair of pants. That’s why here are our tips on how to do your own bicycle trouser protector.

2. Make your own bicycle trouser protector – 3 tips

Tip 1:
There’s an old trick: just attach a clothespin to the outside of the trouser leg. This way, the fabric is fixed and the trouser leg can no longer get caught in the bicycle chain.

Tip 2:
Since you don’t always have a clothespin at hand or can forget it, or ride regularly and spend a lot of time on the bike, then you should sew a push button on the inside of the trouser legs. Close while cycling – done! The trousers remain clean.

Tip 3:
You can also make your own trouser protection, as it is available in the trade. Simply get a wide band of elastic and sew either a few press-studs to the ends or use Velcro. The great thing about the whole thing is that you can design the trouser protection the way you like it. The trouser protection bands offered on the market usually do not look so beautiful. Unless you buy an expensive model. If you want to make a slightly more refined trouser protection, then you can of course take a leather strap or something else instead of the rubber band.

3. Conclusion

In principle, you can tie almost everything around the leg so that the trousers do not get caught in the chain. From a simple ribbon to a rubber. But since this doesn’t look nice, it’s better if you make yourself a nice bicycle trouser protector. You can let your imagination run wild and create a really fashionable bicycle trouser protector.