How to look better: improve your appearance in a weekend

how to look better

They say you can accomplish a lot in a weekend, so what if your goal is how to look better … to dramatically improve your appearance? Although that may sound like a tall order, with a solid plan, the right products and the willingness to put in the work, you will be able to use strategies for how to look better and come out looking like a different person. Just imagine how shocked your co-workers will be when you waltz into the office on Monday morning with a dramatically different look.

How to look better in a weekend

To help you make the most use of your time for how to look better and ensure you get the best results possible, here are some of the best tips and steps that will allow you to dramatically improve your appearance in a weekend.

Book a Hair Appointment and Freshen Up Your Look

The first step is very easy and will probably have the biggest impact of all. Changing your haircut, style and color will instantly freshen up your look. But don’t go into the salon with the mindset that you just want a trim, or you just want your roots touched up – remember the goal is to make a dramatic improvement, so that means you need to be ready to embrace change.

You can spend time flipping through magazines or online looking for pictures of styles and hair colors you like, and you can speak to the stylist before they get started and get their input. Because it will be dramatic, be prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable in your skin at first, as dramatic change can take a little getting used to.

Dazzle People with a Beautiful Smile

Another tactic for how to look better in which you can dramatically improve your appearance in a weekend is to give your smile a little attention in the form of teeth whitening. Staining on teeth is a natural thing and can happen due to the foods/drinks you eat, smoking, your age and so forth. But just because it’s a normal part of life, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

At-home teeth whitening kits can offer some pretty dramatic results in just one application. You can then continue to use them to maximize and maintain the results. If you’re looking for a product to use, you can find more information on the Snow at-home teeth whitening kit at You’ll find a comprehensive list of pros and cons for the product, which can also help you to get acquainted with what to look for in teeth whitening kits.

Just be sure that no matter what kit or product you purchase, you read the instructions carefully before use.

Groom Your Eyebrows

Take care of your eyebrows. Always keep them clean and trimmed, especially between the eyes. Monobrow is not something to be proud of, right? Use the weekend to trim and shape them properly.

Take Care of Dark Circles!

There are thousands of products to solve this terrible problem, even if it’s chronic or hereditary. It is true that good nutrition and a good night’s sleep are the main points to get rid of this, but in some cases, the help of some products is still necessary. Don’t forget that until you find what best suits your needs, correctors are there, and believe me, the end result is great. After so much effort to look good, you don’t want to screw it up with two dark circles around your eyes, right?

Get Some Exercise

From a simple walk or a run or some yoga. Exercise helps maintain good posture, eliminate excess stress, help keep the body well oxygenated, and keep the body in shape. And a few bursts over the weekend will improve your skin, mood and energy levels.

Change Up Your Makeup Routine

This particular tip is for the ladies out there who wear makeup daily and have been sticking to the same products, colors and techniques for as long as you can remember. Times have changed and so have makeup trends. It’s time to familiarize yourself with what is stylish right now and treat yourself to some new products as part of how to look better.

Curious to know what the stylish makeup trends are of the moment? Here are a few you can try:

  1. The kitten eye is a fresh new take on the cat-eye. Rather than a winged eyeliner that is bold and big, think small and refined. A little flick or a small wing is what’s being called a “kitten eye”. It gives your eye lift without being over-the-top and is perfect for day and night. You don’t even have to wear eyeshadow – just the liner and mascara is all that’s needed.
  2. Embrace a bold lip for fall – think berry tones, reds, burgundy, rich purple and deep brown.
  3. Put the focus on your eyelashes with plenty of volume and length. This can be achieved with mascara, lash extensions or natural-looking false lashes.
  4. Plumped up and glowy skin is all the rage and can be achieved with liquid luminizer, radiant foundation and primer.

Updating Your Wardrobe Is an Absolute Must

Finally in how to look better, you’re going to need to update your wardrobe to complete your weekend transformation. This can seem like an overwhelming task, which is why it’s important to go about it in an organized manner. Use these steps to help:

  • Start by going through your existing wardrobe, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, isn’t stylish or flattering or that you don’t wear
  • Take a look at the trending styles and fashions so you get an idea of what you’d like to purchase
  • Purchase items that can be mixed and matched to get more use out of them, and that work with your existing wardrobe
  • Make sure you choose the right size, style, shape and cut so it flatters your body
  • Pick a color palette or a signature color that can help tie all the pieces together

Now that you’ve taken each of these steps in how to look better, it’s time for the big reveal, and it’s your time to shine.