How to give yourself a makeover that works

Give yourself a makeover

This guide outlines how to give yourself a makeover that won’t be embarrassing or cost money you can’t afford.

Sometimes it’s time to shake off the old and usher in the new. It’s time for new feelings and a new look. Launching into a makeover can be daunting, though.  Where do you start? How can you be sure to get a good result? 

Jumping in on an impulse to give yourself a makeover can be embarrassing and costly. The last thing you want is to aim for a beautiful new you and wind up stuck with an impulsive hair-do that doesn’t suit you.

You also don’t want to go wild shopping for your new look only to find that what you splurged on doesn’t flatter you. If you are going to do an overhaul of your style, make a plan.

How to give yourself a makeover

Follow these steps below to give yourself a makeover you are guaranteed to love.

Find Your Inspiration

This part to give yourself a makeover should be fun! Scroll through your favorite visual social media sites. Read magazines with great style. Walk around fashionable districts in the city where you live. Take note of what your eye keeps returning to.

Pay attention when you see someone whose look you admire. Think of it like a visual gratitude journal. Every day, look for the styles and aesthetics that make you happy. 

If you are stuck, trying to figure out what it is about a look that you like, or you need to adapt the look to give yourself a makeover to suit your particular needs, talk to some pros.

When it comes to pros, there are more than you might think. Stylists, artists, and designers are obvious choices, but so too should be the people in your life who cheer you on. They will encourage you to emphasize your best assets.

Give Yourself a Refresh

Never underestimate the power of a good symbolic action to start off when you give yourself a makeover. Something as simple as a really indulgent hot bath, one where you light some candles and listen to the Bach Cello Suites, can be just the mental refresher you need to get clarity about what should come next.

Some other simple ways to signify to your mind that it’s time for a change include getting up to watch a sunrise, doing a mindful stretching or yoga routine, or doing a deep clean on your home.

Take the First Step

Chances are, there is one pretty obvious thing you want to change. Maybe it’s a drab hairstyle. Maybe it’s your outdated, heavy makeup. Whatever is bugging you the most, address it to give yourself a makeover. Hit it head-on.

Even if you don’t have the perfect answer, you can probably take one positive step. For example, if you aren’t sure yet about the right cut and color for your hair, you can make an effort at a new style for now.

Sort Through What You Have

It’s pretty rare that you will actually want to clean out everything in your closet and vanity and start from scratch to give yourself a makeover. Not only would that create an enormous and expensive project you would need to tackle immediately, but also you are probably ditching some decent things. 

Most people have some favorites in their closets. There is no reason to ditch your basic black pants just because how you typically wear them is blah. Keep the stuff that works. Ditch the stuff that doesn’t. The number one rule for cosmetics is age. If it’s old, toss it. No makeover should include a massive break out from old makeup. 

There are 3 “F” rules for cleaning out your closet. Look at each piece and ask yourself these questions. Does it fit you? Does it flatter you? Do you feel good when you wear it? If the answer is no to any one of them, that thing needs to go. Whatever is left at the end is what you have to build off of.

Build Up Your New You

Now comes the best part when you give yourself a makeover – shopping! You know what inspires you. You know what look you are dying to try. You have all the best stuff in your wardrobe ready to shine. Start buying pieces that make you feel great. 

If the shopping part is a challenge for you, start by putting together a capsule wardrobe in the new style of your dreams. A capsule wardrobe will cover you in terms of having something to wear for every occasion and it will get you thinking in the right way. Everything you buy should work with how you live your life and should have a purpose.

Final words

With these strategies, you can give yourself a makeover that works well for you, without any rash decisions. You’ve got this!