How to put on fake eyelashes: step-by-step guide for beginners

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Complete guide for how to put on fake eyelashes perfectly, including expert tips for beginners, how to remove fake eyelashes and how to clean them correctly.

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False eyelashes glam up any look, and as Vogue points out, false eyelashes are popular on the top designer runways too. Would you like to “boost” your make-up look with artificial eyelashes? We will show you how to put on fake eyelashes easily and correctly.

Choosing the type to use

For the perfect look, some women like to stick on artificial eyelashes, and these can be bought in different versions:

  • Single Lashes: single lashes
  • Half Lashes: The eyelashes only run along up to half of the eye, usually the outer half
  • Full Lashes: The artificial eyelashes cover the entire lash line

The eyelashes usually cost between $5 to $30 and can be bought in drugstores or professional make-up shops. The beauty helpers are mostly sold in different forms (natural to dramatic). Try yourself and take your time to find the right false eyelashes for the look of your eyes.

Once you have made your choice, we will show you below how to put on false eyelashes, properly glue them, remove and clean them. 

How to put on fake eyelashes correctly

  • Before you learn how to put fake eyelashes on, it is best to check whether the artificial eyelashes fit your eye exactly. Most of the time it can be that these are too long. To correct this, cut off a few individual eyelashes. For orientation : the fake lashes are shorter at the inner corner of the eye and longer at the outer edge. ALWAYS trim the outer edge of the eyelashes, not the inner edge.
  • First, even before you start the steps below for how to apply fake eyelashes, you should shape your natural lashes with an eyelash curler. Very important: the eyelashes must never have mascara on them when you do this! Otherwise they break off.
  • Cover the lash line of your fake lashes with a thin line of glue glue. You can buy this in the drugstore, usually it is also included in the eyelash set. Tip: don’t use too much eyelash glue! Although this becomes transparent after drying, you could ultimately see it on the lash line.
  • Let the glue on the fake lashes dry briefly so it goes ‘tacky’ and then slowly apply them to the lash line of your natural hairs. You can do this with your fingers, tweezers or an eyelash applicator.
  • It is best to place the middle point of the false eyelashes on your eyelid first and then do the inner and then the outer points. Placing the middle first allows you more control with positioning the false eyelashes so they are as close as possible to your own lashes — and therefore look better.
  • Press the artificial eyelashes lightly with your fingers or tweezers so that they lie exactly on the natural lash line. Especially at the inside angle of the eye, the eyelashes can peel off quickly. Press a little longer at this point with your fingers or tweezers.
  • Apply mascara to the natural eyelashes under the artificial eyelashes so that the hairs come together.

How to remove fake eyelashes correctly

There are many videos circulating on the internet in which the eyelashes are simply peeled off from the eye. You should absolutely avoid that! Anyone who pulls too hard could remove their natural eyelashes as well. 

  • The method for how to take off fake eyelashes correctly is to use a gentle make-up remover or oil. 
  • Drizzle some of the make-up removal product onto a cotton ball and press it lightly against your eyelids. This will gently loosen the glue from the skin. 
  • For a more precise strategy for how to remove false eyelashes, you can also use a cotton swab to gently detach the eyelashes even more gently.

How to clean fake eyelashes

You can wear them again if you clean them up beforehand. This means they last much longer and still look great even after being worn several times. 

Step-by-step instructions
  1. Wash your hands first before you handle your eyelashes (or ever touch your eyes) …  you want to avoid bacterial infection.
  2. Carefully remove your eyelashes with tweezers and then use the tweezers to gently remove the adhesive residue.
  3. Drizzle four cotton pads with an oil-free eye make-up remover. For example, you can use micellar water. 
  4. Place the artificial eyelashes between two cotton pads, press lightly and let the solution soak briefly. 30 seconds to a minute should be enough.
  5. Then remove the remaining make-up residue with the help of a Q-tip and a little more make-up remover. Be very careful not to throw the fine fibers of the eyelashes out of shape. Do not press too hard to avoid pulling out artificial eyelashes.
  6. Finally, stroke the dry side of a Q-tip over the lashes again, and leave them to dry. Finished!

Now they look like you just bought them!

Cleaning heavily soiled eyelashes

Use a container, such as a small mug or bowl. Then you fill it with warm water and, for example, a little brush cleaner or micellar water. You can also use just warm water. Now you can put the eyelashes in there and leave them in the mixture for 1-2 hours or overnight. 

The longer the exposure time, the easier it is to remove the residues of the eyelash glue and mascara. With tweezers and the eyelash brush you can now remove all glue residues etc. This method is best used on old eyelashes that are very dirty.

How to remove glue residue from your own eyelashes

At the end of the day, you have to remove the false eyelashes from your own eyelashes at the end of the day. It can happen that some glue residue sticks to your own eyelashes. In order to remove these quickly and naturally painlessly, we recommend using an oil, for example a face oil. You apply this to the lash line with a cotton swab so that small balls of glue form. When you’ve soaked all the glue residue so to speak, you can go over your eyelashes with a cotton pad and remove them.

How to get false eyelashes back in shape

To bring your false eyelashes back into their usual shape, you can dry them with a towel. You can keep them safe in their packaging until you wear them again. Important note: Do not put the lashes back in their packaging until they are completely dry! Of course, the success of cleaning always depends on factors such as the production method and the quality of your false eyelashes.

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