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How to have more energy: physical and mental energy boosters

How to have more energy

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Outlines how to have more energy, with the best strategies to recharge your physical and mental energy levels every day. You charge your mobile phone’s battery regularly. Unfortunately, however, we ourselves often forget to charge our own energy levels.

With good time management, this is also possible quite easily, nevertheless you often felt exhausted and energyless. And only when you have the necessary energy, will you also find the time to complete and complete your tasks on the To do list. Without the necessary energy, you don’t really use much more time, because sitting in front of the computer without energy is of no use to you.

During our research into recharging energy, we came across many interesting and important strategies. We’ve broken those findings down to the best strategies for more energy. We also distinguish between physical and mental energy strategies.

How to have more energy: the best strategies

Get enough sleep

When you’re tired, you can’t work focused or focused. This means you have to go into the day rested to have enough energy to move your work and tasks forward flawlessly and quickly.

Therefore, you should actively manage your sleep. For my part, I found that 7 hours of sleep per night is optimal for me. I don’t need more to wake up rested and energetic, but it shouldn’t be less!

As with almost all things in life, everyone has to figure it out for themselves. There is no magic formula that is valid for everyone. Each of us has different habits, different characteristics, a different lifestyle and therefore of course different sleeping habits. There are people who get by with 4 hours of sleep and who need the 10 hours of sleep to wake up refreshed. This means that everyone has to find out for themselves their optimal sleep duration.

How does it work? Now quite simply, by means of a sleep diary. This term “diary” is not to be taken quite literally. I just had a piece of paper and a pencil lying on my night table. Every day in the morning I recorded my approximate sleep duration and how energetic I felt when I woke up. The night before falling asleep, I wrote down what my energy level looked like under tags.

Don’t worry about too many circumstances, you don’t have to raise it highly professionally. I recorded my energy level in the morning on the basis of the school grade system and I simply wrote down a few keywords for the energy level below tags.

After 2-4 weeks you can estimate your optimal sleep duration quite quickly. Of course, you have to experiment a bit during this time and sleep for different lengths.

Of course, a Powernap is not to be underestimated, i.e. a short midday sleep that also rebuilds your energy reserves. But a very important tip for more energy is: Get enough sleep! Tips for falling asleep: 29 tips for how to fall asleep faster

Drink water regularly

Human beings are mostly water, so it is important that we drink regularly. This is not only about drinking a certain amount of water (2 litres per day is recommended), but especially about drinking regularly.

Especially if you have to work in a highly concentrated way over a long period of time, it is essential to drink regularly. Slight dehydration is enough to send the ability to concentrate into the cellar.

So I always have a jug of water or unsweetened tea at my desk and drink very regularly. Drinking water strategically can increase your concentration,that’s not to be discussed away!

Of course, what you drink is also important. I recommend replacing all liquids with water! Drinking regularly also has the advantage that it curbs appetite (i.e. a very pleasant side effect).

This tip may sound unspectacular, but it is all the more important. Therefore: Drink water regularly!

Pay attention to what you eat

Noodles and fried food quickly make you tired. These carbohydrates are quickly converted into sugar and quickly burned. This means that they give energy in the short term, but this effect fades quite quickly and turns into the opposite. You feel tired and weak. But that is precisely what we want to avoid.

Rather, take light food and low-carb. I do not want to say too much about this now, because there is already enough information on the Internet. It’s also important that you don’t eat too much at once. Eat less, but more often.

Eating the right thing is one of the most important things ever. After all, you don’t necessarily fuel gasoline in your car that makes the car slower, right? If you plan to lose weight, the topic of interval fasting may be exciting for you! So, pay attention to what you eat! How to use a simple blood group diet plan: all types

Exercise regularly

Of course, this can look very different depending on your physical condition. Started with a leisurely walk, up to running, cycling, or strength training. Again and again I hear the same excuses: “Today I am tired, I don’t train anymore”, “I just don’t have time for training”, etc. All nonsense and I will also show you why this is so.

When you exercise, you take a lot of oxygen into your system. This enriches your blood with oxygen and makes you feel much more energetic.

So to skip training is pretty much the dumbest thing you can do. I regularly train for 45 minutes a day. Either I walk or I train strength in the fitness center. If you are still untrained, start with 20 minutes daily and increase the time by 5-10 minutes per month.

By the way, training doesn’t have to mean that you have to run half a marathon every time. Going 10,000 steps every day is also a great workout! So you see: Daily training makes you more productive and energetic! How to keep pets active and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic

Feed your brain

I remember well the time when I graduated. It was usually enough to read the text 2-3 times and I had already saved it in my brain. Today, years later, I can no longer do that. After training, it was mostly over with the learning and so I stopped exercising my brain. When I go to do exams or tests today, I find it much harder than I used to be. And that certainly has something to do with age.

One of the things you can do to keep your brain at least on your toes is to feed it with information. This includes, for example, reading.

I usually read in the evening, before falling asleep, at least half an hour in my Kindle Paperwhite (which, by the way, I can only highly recommend). As a rule, these are textbooks, if the energy is no longer quite enough, then sometimes a crime novel or novel.

I keep hearing the excuse from friends and acquaintances: “I don’t have time to read.” But as with sport, these are just lazy excuses. Things i say I don’t have time for just don’t stand high enough in my mind. In most cases, other priorities are then put forward. But that can be changed.

A survey showed that people in leadership positions in particular read a lot. But you can also feed your brain with information via other ways: for example, via AudioBooks, podcasts or video courses. Every day in the morning, for example, I listen to a podcast for about 20 minutes. I also spend the so-called dead times (car journeys, travel, waiting times) listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Other ways to train the brain include mind games, puzzles, learning new languages, and learning new hobbies.

A positive attitude to life

There are several good quotes on this subject. Buddha, for example, said, “As you think, so are you.” If you think positively, this will be reflected in your attitude to life. And the good thing is that you can choose what you think. So you can also choose your setting.

For example, I have a friend who is enjoying many good things in her life. She doesn’t even notice it. But as soon as she experiences something negative, the confirmation immediately comes: “I knew it, ..”, “Something like this always happens to me, ….” etc.

So always try to direct your inner filter to the positive things. Filter out, for example, when you’re laughing. Ask yourself why I am laughing right now and how many times have I laughed today. You will see that this is usually the case relatively often.

When I get up in the morning and go to the window, I take a deep breath and think, “My life is just wonderful”. Immediately, I find a lot of reasons why this is the case. For example, the nice weather, or the fact that I have a job that pleases me, or because I have free time today and can plan a nice day, or just that I’m not sick and when I’m sick I think to myself, “oh there are many people who are much worse off than me!” Focus on a positive attitude to life – be happy!

Pay attention to your body language

Try to observe your body language in the respective moods (mourning, fear, joy, success, etc.). You will quickly notice that each of your moods is expressed in your posture.

So if you’re sad, you’ll usually have pulled-together eyebrows, hanging eyelids, hanging corners of your mouth and shoulder. If, on the other hand, you are full of joy, then your corners of your mouth will be pulled up, as will your cheeks. You will sit upright, or stand, and stretch out your chest.

So your mood affects your posture. But this also has an advantage, because the whole thing can also be reversed. Which means that you can also influence your mood with your posture. Just try it once.

If you’re in a bad mood, try taking the posture for a minute or two, as if you’re delighted. Even if you find it difficult at first, try it anyway. Pull your corners of your mouth and cheeks up, smile, pull up your shoulders and stretch out your chest.

You will quickly notice how your mood brightens significantly. The more often you take this positive posture, the better for you. Be sure to have a positive and joyful body language as often as possible. How to use the right body language in business

Pay attention to what you say

In principle, the same applies here as with body language. Try to heed your answers when you are asked the question “how are you?” As a rule, our answers are then “goes like this”, “could be better”, “not special”, etc.

Just imagine giving extremely positive answers to this question for a week. Answer with “Super!”, “Excellent!”, “Best!” and you’ll see how your words change your attitude.

Don’t say “I have to go to work” but “hey, I can go to work and find it awesome!”. Don’t say “I still have to torment myself for training today” (even if you might be after it at that moment), but say “hey I think it’s great that I can go training again”. So choose your words carefully, because they determine your attitude!

Avoid negative people

Negative people absorb your energy, they suck your joie de vivre out of your veins. So try to avoid such people, or if that is not possible, to minimize contact with them.

Above all, you can choose your friends. And I think you have the right to tell a friend that his negative attitude to life bothers you. I know from my own experience that this is not easy. But remember: True friends give you energy and do not rob you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your boyfriend or girlfriend if he or she is doing badly. I mean, of course, friends who constantly complain only of rauncing and their suffering!

In addition, you may even help your friend by opening his eyes in a conversation. Many people don’t even realize how negative they actually are. So, avoid negative people as best you can!

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