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How to get verified on Instagram: complete guide to getting the blue tick

how to get verified on instagram

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Outlines how to get verified on Instagram, the hurdles you will face, the best strategies for verification, and step-by-step instructions to apply for it.

The famous blue tick: Many want it, not everyone gets it. The holy grail of Instagram and influencer marketing is certainly the “blue tick” and the associated verification of your own profile. And if your name or brand is known in yor field, you have a good chance.

If you want to give your Instagram account or that of your company more credibility, you should consider having the account verified. There are a few hurdles to getting verified by Instagram. But the blue tick on Instagram is not only reserved for celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers. As long as your account adheres to the guidelines, is authentic and your person or company has a certain level of awareness, you could have a chance. So essentially, the likelihood of a verification is significantly higher if you are a public figure.

What are the hurdles to getting verified on Instagram?

Anyone who thinks that Instagram simply verifies all 700 million active accounts is abosolutely wrong. For verification, Instagram has set up a few hurdles and qualifications the account must meet.

  • The account must represent a real person or brand.
  • There can only be one account per brand / person. Exceptions are accounts for individual international markets.
  • The account must be public.
  • He must have a completed bio.
  • You need a profile photo and at least one photo.
  • There must be no references to profiles in other social networks.
  • The person or brand must be known in their field, or often sought or represented in the media.

That last point in particular will not apply to all profiles. Unfortunately, Instagram does not clearly define the requirements that a profile must meet in terms of the level of public profile or awareness in order to qualify. You can only find out whether your account is qualified by trying it out. For help with this, use an experienced PR agency like Sitetrail to gain notability in the media and on Google news.

How to get verified on Instagram: step-by-step guide

We’ll show you step by step how to apply for verification. With our instructions, the application is very easy, and this process became easier when Instagram announced that verification was now possible directly via the app

Step 1 : Open the settings

Step 2: Click on “Account” and then on “Request verification”

Step 3: confirm your identity

Now it’s time to get down to business. So that Instagram can process your verification request, you have to provide some information about yourself or your company.

Full name : Here you enter your full name as it is on your ID card.

Known as : Now you enter the name of your company, your stage name or, if you are publicly known by this, your real name.

Category : Here you can choose the one that best suits you or your brand between different categories.

Step 4: Upload a photo of your identification document

Almost there! Now all you have to do is attach a photo of an identification document that clearly shows your name and date of birth. This can be, for example, your identity card, passport or driver’s license.

Finally, all you have to do is click on “Send”.

The benefits of being verified on Instagram

Verification on Instagram has a number of advantages. Your profile with a blue tick not only appears more trustworthy and proves your authenticity. A verified account will also be prioritized and displayed higher in Instagram searches. In addition, with a verified account you can insert swipe up links into your story – even without meeting the criterion of 10,000 followers.

It helps you further become an opinion leader: The mere ability to have our Instagram account verified gives us the opportunity to be seen as authoritative. As with all the content people turn to first, verification is a way of communicating that you have something to offer as an individual or a brand.

You defend yourself against fraudsters:As soon as you have cracked a certain number of followers with your account, the risk increases that dodgy people will try to make a profit with your name. They create copycat accounts and try to abuse your credibility for their machinations. Such scammers usually have no chance of getting a blue tick. With your verification you make it clear to your followers: I am the real one!

You push your Instagram SEO: If you want to get new Instagram followers continuously , you should make sure that your profile is displayed in the search for relevant terms. If you have a blue tick next to your username, you will be given preferential treatment and shown in the search for unverified accounts.

What if I don’t get verification?

If Instagram verification doesn’t work out, that’s no reason to bury your head in the sand. Because there are other ways to guarantee your brand an authentic appearance. Instagram itself suggests writing an informative profile, giving your followers a look behind the scenes of your company in your stories, and encouraging customers to tag your business in their posts.

Withdrawal of verification

Even if Instagram does not constantly monitor the verified accounts, a violation of the verification principles can still lead to this being revoked. So if you set links to other social profiles, delete all pictures or commit other “stupid things”, you can lose the tick again. The same applies to the sale or transfer of the user account.

Beware of verification scams and hackers

A lot of Instagram accounts have been hacked in recent times. Not least because dubious online providers promised verification of the account against the allegedly ‘only temporary’ communication of the user’s (victim’s) data. In some cases it even went so far that Instagram story ads were placed for this hack. However, many users noticed too late that the said providers did supply verification, but only wanted to take over the account.

Therefore: Do not get involved in such offers from third parties unless you can confirm that they are legitimate companies and not hackers.

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