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How to change username on Instagram, change Instagram profile photo or font

how to change username on Instagram

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Outlines how to change username on Instagram using phone app, browser or Windows app, and how to change Instagram profile picture and fonts.

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The username is, so to speak, the figurehead of your profile on Instagram. This is initially selected but not final and can be easily changed in the app. But you can also change the Instagram name in the browser on your PC. You can find out how to change name on Instagram with the steps for all platforms in the following article.

How long before followers see the change?
How to change username on Instagram in the mobile app
How to change username on Instagram in the browser
How to change username on Instagram in the Windows app
Why can’t I change my name?
How to change Instagram profile picture
How to change font on Instagram

You can install Instagram on your smartphone, call it up in your browser and there is even a Windows app. With all three alternatives you can log in with your access data and then change the user name. We explain here what you have to do for how to change instagram name in easy steps.

How long before followers see the change?

Sometimes it takes a little time before your followers can see the change. So don’t be surprised if you can still be found under the old Instagram name immediately after the adjustment.

How to change username on Instagram in the mobile app

Here is how to change your username on Instagram using the app on your mobile phone. For all 3 methods below, the setting does not change anything on your account. So you keep all followers, likes and pictures posted so far. 

  • Start the app on your smartphone and log in if you haven’t already.
  • Now tap on the profile icon at the bottom right .
  • In the next window tap on the button ” Edit profile “.
  • Tap next to the username to delete or edit it.
  • Enter a new username – it will be checked by Instagram.
  • Save it by tapping the blue tick in the top right corner .
  • Your new username will now be displayed to everyone. But that doesn’t affect your followers. They are still linked to you. However, the address that you have to enter in order to pass it on or to call it up in the browser will change.

How to change username on Instagram in the browser

The Instagram user name can also be changed in the internet browser. Many Instagram users only use the app and don’t even know that Instagram and even their profile can be accessed in the browser. This ensures that you can download Instagram pictures and videos with a trick. Of course you can also log into your account in your browser and change your username there.

  • Start any internet browser.
  • Calls up the address https://www.instagram.com/ .
  • Log in with your access data.
  • Then click on the profile icon at the top right .
  • In your profile click on the ” Edit profile ” button .
  • In the next window you can see your username and can change it .
  • Click on the blue button “Submit” below to save the new name.

How to change username on Instagram in the Windows app

Like the browser view, Instagram for Windows has the advantage of being completely ad-free. You can also use it to upload pictures and videos that are on the PC. If you want to change your Instagram name here, it’s basically the same as on a mobile phone. Here you change the username if you use Instagram in Windows.

  • Start Instagram on your Windows PC and log into your account if necessary.
  • Then click on the profile icon at the bottom right to open your profile.
  • In the next view click on the ” Edit profile ” button .
  • Now the window with your profile data opens . Here you can change your Instagram username.
  • Finally click on ” Done ” in the upper right corner of the window and the change will be saved.

Why can’t I change my name?

If the username cannot be changed, wait a while. There may be a temporary disruption on Instagram, after which the change will not be applied. Restarting the app also often helps to display the new name. In addition, regular name changes by Instagram are not planned.

If you have renamed yourself too often in the past, the function may be temporarily blocked. Other violations of the terms of use also lead to functions such as changing names being blocked.

How to change Instagram profile picture

Instagram is primarily about pictures. Of course, this also includes profile pictures, which are accordingly often changed. You can easily change your Instagram profile picture if you no longer like it. The steps below will show you how to change your profile picture on Instagram without any problem.

  1. Start the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone .
  2. Tap the profile icon in the lower right corner to go to your profile.
  3. So that you can now change your profile picture, all you have to do is tap on your current profile picture.
  4. You can now choose a new profile picture “Import from Facebook “, ” Import from Twitter “, a new “Take photo” or a picture “Select from library”.

You can also remove your profile picture at this point if you don’t want to use one at all for the time being. The change takes effect immediately and is visible to your contacts.

How to change font on Instagram

If you want to set your Instagram presence apart from other profiles, you have various options. For example, you can adjust the font for the biography in Instagram in a few simple steps. The new font can be used not only in your own bio, but also in comments and other posts.

There is no direct setting for changing the font in Instagram. Therefore, you have to take a little detour to give the text in your biography a new font. Use a font generator to change your text accordingly. Such generators are available directly online or as an app. If you don’t want to install an additional app, you can find font generators onlines, for example: LingoJam and Font generator.

This is how you enable the new font on Instagram:

  • First you open one of the mentioned websites or apps that allow you to write texts in different fonts.
  • Write your content for the biography or the Instagram post here.
  • Now set the desired font.
  • Now you mark what you have written and copy the content to the clipboard. To do this, hold your finger over your text and drag the marker over the desired text passage.
  • Now switch to the Instagram app or open Instagram on the computer.
  • Click on the profile icon and select Edit profile.
  • In the Bio section you paste the formatted text from the clipboard.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not currently support all fonts. If you use one of the apps mentioned, the text may be displayed with the usual and not with the selected font. It is also possible that the change will be visible on your mobile phone, but not by other users. After adapting the biography, it’s best to ask one of your Instagram friends whether the text looks the way you want it.