How to fix tired puffy eyes

Fix tired puffy eyes

What are the best ways to fix tired puffy eyes? We give you 9 great ways to do at home without wasting money on expensive products — that don’t even work.

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The most important feature in our face is clearly the eyes. If we are tired, they are too. Do you want to make your eyes shine again and make them look fresher? With our tips and tricks, this is definitely possible.

The Mirror of Personality

Nothing in our face is more important than our eye area. It is not without reason that it is said in the vernacular that the eyes are the mirror of our souls. If we are sad, it is also to be seen in them. If we are cheerful or mischievous, they sparkle. 

This makes it all the more important to care for your eyes in particular, in addition to expensive creams for hands, feet and face. They are very stressed by working on the computer, dry heating air or contact lenses. Treat yourself and your eyes to a little break and a bit of wellness. You can read how this works in our article.

Care products against wrinkles

As long as you’re young, you probably won’t have a big problem with wrinkles. However, as slowly as you approach the 30, the first small wrinkles will inevitably see you under your eyes. Since the skin around the eyes is very thin, the first signs of aging usually appear there as well. 

This is why more and more women and men are resorting to special creams and roll-ons, which are used to significantly reduce the wrinkles around the eyes. Whether they really help is a matter of one another.

Eye care every day

If you don’t want to spend money on expensive creams and other toiletries for your eyes, then you can also make some care products yourself. Just as you brush your teeth and wash your face every morning, you should also care for your eyes every morning. 

There are some means that help to make bags of tears disappear and the eyes no longer look tired. You don’t evenhave to spend a lot of money on these funds. If you want to do something good for your eyes, then you should try our tips to fix tired puffy eyes.

How to fix tired puffy eyes – 9 Tips

If your eyes are tired and irritated, then you can refresh them with a very simple trick to fix tired puffy eyes. Wet your eyes with cold water. Then place a warm washcloth on the eyelids. Now put cold water on the eyes again and then put the warm washcloth on the eyelids again. Repeat this process a few times. Finally, you should put cold water on your eyes. Then you should pat your eyes lightly with a towel .

Tip 2: Cucumber slices

If you want a little freshness around your eyes, cut off two thick slices of a chilled cucumber and place them on the eyelids. The juice of the cucumber penetrates into the skin and relaxes it.

Tip 3: Chilled teaspoons

Put two teaspoons in the fridge. If you get up in the morning and your eyes are swollen, then you should put the spoons on your eyelids. Through the cooling, the swelling disappears and you look awake and fit again.TipAs an alterative to chamomile tea you can also use black tea or green tea.

Tip 4: Chamomile

Place a lukewarm chamomile tea bag on the closed eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. The tannic acids contained in the tea have a decongestant and skin-soothing effect that helps to fix tired puffy eyes. Their eyes therefore appear fresher after application, the swelling from the night is gone and also possible redness may have eased.

Tip 5: A herbal mixture for the eyes

A mixture of chamomile, fennel and elderflower will make your eyes shine again. Add one tablespoon each of dried chamomile, fennel seeds and elderflower in 500 millilitres of boiling water. Let the mixture cool and then remove the herbs. Now put the tea in the fridge. When the tea has cooled down properly, you can dip two cotton pads or a washclothin it, wringing out and put them on your eyes. Place the cotton pads or washcloths on your eyelids for about 10 minutes.

Tip 6: Warm milk

Immerse two cotton pads in lukewarm milk and place the cotton pads on your eyes for about 10 minutes.

Tip 7: Don’t throw away coffee grounds!

Some people have Eye bags that need soothing. You can do this with some coffee grounds. It is best to mix it with a little quark, apply it and let it act.

Tip 8: Treat yourself to a massage

Massage your eyes. To do this, easily tap the area below the eye. In this way, you can relieve swelling.

Tip 9: Vitamin C works wonders

If you want to avoid your eyes swelling, then you should take enough vitamin C. It stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the vessel walls. Kiwis, peppers, rose hips and citrus fruits are true vitamin bombs.

As you can see, you can easily care for your eyes and make them shine again. You don’t have to buy extra expensive creams or roll-ons. Just try the tips. You will be thrilled.