How to fix drooping eyelids: expert methods and tips

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Image via: Pexels

Drooping eyelids make your eyes look tired. To counter this, you can try different methods. Whether makeup or the radical step of the operation: We’ll tell you what helps to fix drooping eyelids.

Fix drooping eyelids: What causes it

On the one hand, drooping eyelids are often genetically predisposed and on the other hand become stronger with increasing age. The skin loses its elasticity and hangs partially or completely over the moving lid. Strong sun exposure, insufficient sleep, malnutrition or alcohol and cigarette consumption in the long term can be beneficial for people who suffer from slough. One cause for concern, however, is only when your view is severely limited by the eyelids or the pressure on the eyes causes headache.

Tips for bigger eyes

Drooping eyelids make your eyes look small and tired. Unfortunately care creams help only conditionally. Firming eye creams may help your skin, but creams will not get rid of your drooping. Instead, you can trick with make-up. Before every eye make-up, you should use a primer that degreases and dulls your eyelid. So the eye shadow keeps much longer. On the eyelid you wear a natural shade. To visually open your eye, you give the color to about a centimeter above the eyelid crease to fix drooping eyelids. 

The next step to fix drooping eyelids is to select the right makeup colors and use a dark tone that adds more dimension to your eye. Place the dark eye shadowin the outer corner of your eye, to distract you from your slip-lid. Highlighte with a light tone your inner eye angle and below your eyebrow , in order to raise this optically. You should emphasize your brows more as they form the frame of your face. 

Bold brows open your eyes again. Finally, it’s about the eyelashes . Strongly ink her for a waking look. An eyelash curler in advance gives your eyelashes the special momentum . Now compress your eyelashes with a thin line.

Adhesive tapes for the immediate effect without surgery

Meanwhile, there are some manufacturers who promise an effective immediate effect without surgery. The principle of these slip-film tapes is quite simple. First, clean and degrease your eyelid to keep the tape. Then you place the tape with the eye closed in the middle of the eyelid crease. For this you have to tighten your eyelid a bit. Eyes open and full view! The transparent tape opens your eyes and makes you look instantly more alert.


If the sagging is extreme, there is the possibility of surgical intervention. The excess skin is removed. The scar of the operation runs along the eyelid crease and is thus hardly visible.