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How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft: step-by-step

how to grow mushrooms in minecraft

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Outlines how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft, including room design, light levels, and which blocks can grow mushrooms in direct sunlight.

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How to grow mushrooms on Minecraft: brief overview

Mushrooms are needed, for example, to make soups, which in turn fill your food display in Minecraft. In addition to the laborious search for mushrooms, it is also possible to build a mushroom farm. All you need is an underground and therefore dark room of any size for how to grow mushroom in minecraft. Simply place mushrooms in this room, but make sure to leave gaps between the mushrooms, as some should still grow here. If you put them too close together, it doesn’t work well.

It is important that this room must be dark, otherwise the mushrooms will not grow. It is therefore advisable to use a redstone lamp that can be switched on when entering and off when leaving. Of course, mobs will still be able to spawn in this room.

None of Minecraft’s agricultural materials are as fickle as the mushroom. This delicate mushroom will only grow under certain conditions, some of which can pose a health risk to your character. This guide tells you everything you need to know for  how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft.

How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft: steps

Since mushrooms are not plants, they don’t need the same things in the game as water or even light. In fact, most of the time, light is harmful to mushroom growing and you cannot expose it to direct sunlight. They need certain levels of illumination if you want them to grow.

Mushrooms require an indoor / underground position and a light intensity of no more than 12 to thrive. While you may be tempted to build an underground farm with sparse lighting, any Minecraft veteran will tell you that monsters appear in the dark. The last thing you want to see on your mushroom farm is a zombie or creeper.

So that your mushrooms grow far from potentially deadly mobs. You need a Goldilocks light intensity, ideally between 8 and 11. Placing the light sources several blocks above where you are going to plant the mushrooms is the best choice.

Try to keep your mushroom farms small to minimize the risk of enemies accidentally spawning in dark corners. Better yet, build farms in the Nether. Enemies never spawn there in small, enclosed spaces.

Now that we have the lights under control, it’s time to talk about earth. Practically any opaque earth block is sufficient. Plus, mushrooms spread like wildfire. So leave lots of blank blocks for them to settle in. Of course, mushrooms don’t branch indefinitely. Apparently they only spread to other blocks if there are fewer than 5 mushrooms in a 9 x 9 x 3 area with the original mushroom in the middle.

Because mushrooms will not spread to areas with a luminous intensity greater than 12, even if your first mushroom is planted on a block with a luminous intensity of 10, it will not spread to a nearby block that has a luminous intensity of 13 is illuminated.

However, in how to grow mushroom Minecraft, you should be aware that when you get your hands on blocks of mycelium or podzole, forget about everything we just said about light. For some reason, fungi will grow in this type of dirt even in direct sunlight. So if you don’t want to build an artificial cave to grow your mushrooms, just cover a field with mycelium / podzol.

You can also “multiply” your mushrooms by making giant mushrooms out of them and then smashing them (about 1-5 pieces come out of one). Plant 4 red or brown mushrooms in a square — they grow fast. Remember to leave spaces between them.

The mushrooms will multiply until there are 5 mushrooms . The more (1-4) there are already, the faster. The fastest way is to plant 4 mushrooms and always break down the 5th one.