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How to create a YouTube playlist on desktop or app, edit or make it private

How to create a YouTube playlist on desktop or app, edit or make it private

Outlines how to create a YouTube playlist on desktop or app, and how to edit a YouTube playlist.

YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms on the web. Anyone who has visited them has seen a playlist in the bar with suggested videos. You can find out how to play such a playlist and create your own here.

But sometimes the videos youTube is proposing to you aren’t what you really want? Then just create your own playlist! In it, you can summarize and play several videos that you like or match a specific theme. Whether you’re collecting cute animal clips, handy life hacks or the music videos of your favorite band is up to you.

You can create playlists of your favorite videos so you can play them automatically one after the other. For example, you can set up lists of different music genres (rock, salsa, pop, etc.). You can find out how creating works and what else you can do with your YouTube playlist. How to block YouTube ads: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Android or iPhone

To create a playlist on YouTube, you need a Google account. With this, you can log in to the video platform. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create it here. Then log in to YouTube and create your YouTube channel.

How to create a YouTube playlist on desktop or app

How to create a YouTube playlist on desktop or app, edit or make it private

After you go to YouTube and sign in. Click the initial letter of your user name (top right of the corner) and then Click Creator Studio:

How to create a YouTube playlist on android or iOS mobile devices

To create a YouTube playlist with an iOS or Android device, you have two options: via the app or via the web browser on your smartphone.

YouTube app:

  • Download and install the YouTube app on Google Play or iTunes.
  • Play a video of your choice and tap the running clip.
  • The “Add to Playlist” icon appears: three bars with a plus sign,tap it.
  • Go to the “Create new playlist” icon that appears now: a plus sign.
  • In the next step, you can give your playlist a name and choose whether to be “Private” or “Public”. Public playlists also appear in YouTube search results.
  • Tap the box with the check mark to complete the operation.
  • All your playlists can be found under the Librarytab, at the bottom right of the youTube app’s ad bar.

Web browser

  • Access YouTube from your web browser and play a video of your choice.
  • Tap the plus sign under the video.
  • Tap the Plus icon again to create a new playlist.
  • You can now name the playlist.
  • You can also use the drop-down menu to determine whether it should be a private or a public playlist.
  • All your playlists are listed under the account tab at the top right (symbol: simplified human torso).
  • Use “Later View” playlist

If you want to add a YouTube video to a playlist, you’re not only able to add it to an existing or new list. Another option is the View Later list. This is especially handy if you don’t have time right now, but stumble across an interesting video. In a quieter moment, you can view the “Watch Later” list from your profile picture and My Channel under Library and watch the clips. If you like them, add them to one of your playlists. If not, you’ll just delete it from the “View Later” list. How to use YouTube to engage customers

Create a playlist on a PC with desktop version

  • Go to YouTube and play any video you want to add to the playlist.
  • Under the clip, click the symbol with the three bars and the plus sign.
  • Select Create new playlist.
  • Enter a name for the list and choose whether the playlist should be public or private under Privacy.
  • Click Create .
  • You can find your playlists by clicking on your profile photo at the top right of the screen and selecting My Channel.
  • On the links in the menu under Library, you’ll see your playlists.

Play playlists with one click

Playlists created automatically by other YouTube users or by YouTube can be viewed online without any problems: just click on the playlist. In the right sidebar in the video area you will find buttons with which you can switch a video forward or back. You can also set the playlist to start over once it has run through. Alternatively, you can choose to play the list in a random order. You can view individual videos by clicking on the respective video in the right sidebar.

To play your own playlists, log in with your YouTube account. On the left, select Playlists. A list appears. Click on the image, then the first video will start. Alternatively, you can click on the respective title to start the video.

How to edit a YouTube playlist

There are several ways to edit your playlists: you can add descriptions, change them, change the title, rearrange or remove videos. The mobile app, the mobile web browser and the desktop version on the computer differ somewhat in operation. Some features are not possible with every version.

Add and edit description and change titles

In the iOS and Android app:

  • Open the YouTube app and select the Library tab at the bottom right of the bar.
  • Go to the playlist to edit.
  • Tap the three dots next to the title.
  • Tap the pen icon.
  • Now you can add a new description, change it, or revise the playlist’s title.
  • With a tap on the check mark on the top right, you confirm the changes.
  • Editing the title and description of a playlist is not possible with the web browser on your smartphone.

In the desktop version:

  • Click on your profile photo, My Channel and then select the desired playlist under Library on the left side of the menu.
  • Go to Edit .
  • To add a description, select Add Description.
  • Enter your description text in the opening field, and then simply click on the surface outside the field.
  • To change the description again, click the pen icon next to the description.
  • You can also change the title of the playlist by selecting the pen icon next to the name of the list.
  • Rearrange videos in a playlist

This feature is only available from the desktop version on the PC.

  • Go back to your playlists under Library via your profile picture and My Channel .
  • Click on a list.
  • You can find all videos listed here.
  • Hover over the thumbnail of a clip, hold down the left mouse button, and drag and drop the video to the desired location in the playlist.

How can further contributions be prevented?

Some things are simply perfect. This also applies to Youtube playlists. So if you feel like your list doesn’t need any more posts, you can use these steps to prevent further additions:

  • Go to playlists via Account Icon > Creator Studio > Video Manager .
  • Click Edit to the right of the relevant playlist.
  • If necessary, click Edit again.
  • Click Playlist Settings .
  • Choose collaboration .
  • Move the slider next to Contributors can add videos to the left on this playlist so that no check mark appears.
  • Now other users can’t add new videos.
  • How can I prevent new employees from accessing?

How to make a YouTube playlist private

The circle of friends for your playlist is enough for you and you don’t want any more people seeing it? These steps are necessary:

  • Select Account Icon > Creator Studio > Video Manager > Playlists .
  • Select Edit to the right of the relevant playlist.
  • If necessary, select Edit again.
  • Choose playlist settings .
  • Click collaboration.
  • Click Disable Link. No more new users will be able to access it now.

How to remove videos from a playlist

In the iOS and Android app:

  • Go to the bottom right of the Library tab.
  • Select the playlist you want.
  • Next to the video you want to remove, tap the three points between them.
  • Select Remove.

In the smartphone web browser:

  • Select the account tab in the upper right corner.
  • Go to the playlist you want.
  • Next to the video you want to remove from the playlist, tap the icon with the three points standing among each other.
  • Tap Remove .

Desktop version:

  • Go to your playlists via your profile picture and My Channel.
  • Select a playlist.
  • Click on the three points next to the video you want to remove.
  • Select Remove from Playlist.

How to delete a YouTube playlist and other settings

If you slowly lose track of all your playlists, you can of course delete them at any time.

  • Open the YouTube app.
  • In the tab at the bottom, go to the menu item Mediathek and select the appropriate playlist.
  • Tap the three-point menu at the top right and select Delete Playlist
  • Confirm the entry by clicking on Delete again.

If you don’t want to delete the complete playlist, you also have the option to remove individual tracks. Simply tap the three-point menu next to the corresponding video and remove from playlist. Use the pen icon to change the name of the playlist and add a description if necessary. If your playlist isn’t limited to private use, you can share it with your friends. To do this, click the arrow icon under the title of the playlist. Under Sort, you reorder the order of the videos. How to block YouTube channels on computer or mobile devices

Create to your own taste

Once you know how it works, your own YouTube playlist is quickly created. This means that you are no longer dependent on the taste and video selection of others. Instead, you create your own compilations: music videos, funny pranks, household tips – or everything colorfully rolled together in a playlist. What you do with it, whether you publish them or keep them private ly you, is up to you.