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How to create a playlist on iTunes easily

create a playlist on iTunes

Is there an easy way to create a playlist on iTunes? Yes… our step-by-step guide will have you doing it successfully in just a couple of minutes.

Apple with its music format “iTunes” not only revolutionized the music industry, but also the lives of its users, because any media device can be synchronized and edited with the help of iTunes. It does not matter whether an iPad, an iPod and its variations or an iPhone is used. Other Apple computers can also be synchronized and networked, which makes working, surfing, playing or simply using the Apple devices a simple game.

The most popular applications include synchronizing the individual devices, be it to match apps, contacts or bookmarks, but also to create playlists. Most users replace their old mp3 devices with Apple devices, which means that their music is transferred to devices such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Since you want to enjoy the music enjoyment without stress, it is necessary to organize your music and possibly create playlists. Creating a playlist is easier than you think, because here too there is an Apple principle called “simplicity”. 

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Instructions to create a playlist on iTunes

create a playlist on iTunes

1 Open iTunes

2 Add music: click on “clipboard” -> then “add to library” -> select file

3 Click on the “+” at the bottom left: The new playlist appears in the lower left column under “Playlists” (optionally enter an individual name).

4 Simply drag and drop the desired songs into the new list using “Drag & Drop” (click left mouse button and hold).

5 Have fun enjoying the individual playlist.

This “standard playlist” is not yet the ultimate that Apple has to offer in this area, because it is also possible to create a so-called “intelligent playlist”, which, in principle, is created in the same way as the normal one , with the difference that Apple or iTunes then automatically makes suggestions for songs that you might like, based on the songs that you have previously heard particularly often or have integrated or inserted into other playlists.

So you can say that iTunes is able to think along, because in this way you get suggested alternatives from a genre that match the rest of the songs in iTunes. This is a very helpful and wonderful thing that Apple came up with here, because in this way you can also get to know other artists and their songs that you might never have come across yourself. But even then you can adjust a few subtleties, which makes the music a real pleasure.


  • The order in the media library helps to find the individual songs, so the songs should be sorted by artist and album. It may help to “rewrite” some songs. This means that in collaborations only one artist is entered under “Artist” (right-click on the song, then click on “Information” and navigate to “Info”) and the vocal partner is noted behind the title (if necessary).
  • It also helps to equip the albums and their songs with a cover, as this not only makes a good impression on mobile devices (“cover flow”), but also supports the order within the respective artist section. Certain songs are found faster and easier in this way. There are two alternative approaches to this: either right-click on the song and click on “Information”, then navigate to “Cover” and click on “Add”, then select a picture and confirm with “OK”.
  • Alternatively, you can also mark the songs that belong together by clicking on the first song and pressing and holding the “arrow pointing up” key or “caps lock” in combination with the navigation keys “arrow up” or “arrow – Mark down “buttons. Then the selected songs should have a blue background. Then proceed as described for a single song.
  • Since numerous HiFi device manufacturers are now also designing their products for Apple devices, it is possible to enjoy these playlists, then also via the car radio or the home stereo system.