How to use YouTube to engage customers

use YouTube to engage customers

What are the best ways to use YouTube to engage customers? Our guide outlines the strategies to make sure your YouTube channel works for business.

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With your own YouTube channel, you can arouse emotions in existing and potential customers and increase trust in your brand even further.

Best ways to use YouTube to engage customers

The naming – how do you name your YouTube channel correctly?

As part of this first important step, we recommend making sure that the channel name does not consist of your product name. So if your product is called “Blue Phone”, for example, your YouTube channel shouldn’t have that name.

Why not? Once you commit to the name, you are limited in what you can publish on your YouTube channel.

So it’s better to choose a generic channel name that describes the theme of your product, so that you have more freedom to use YouTube to engage customers. Under this name you can then publish information, tips, expert opinions and the like around the product that interest your target group.

The design – what should your channel look like?

Unlike the name, the design of your brand can and should be reflected in your YouTube channel. This allows your target audience to automatically associate your YouTube channel with your brand without having to commit your channel too much to your product. Recognition is everything!

The target group – how do you bind your customers to the new channel?

The ultimate goal of your YouTube channel should be that your customers can identify with the channel. The product that you ultimately sell should therefore not be in the foreground – on the contrary. Convince with good content related to the topic of your channel. In this way you can inspire new potential customers with your expertise and, ideally, with your product.

Your YouTube channel should therefore cover a need of your target group and thus become a constant, valuable and informative companion in everyday life.

The frequency – how often should you post a video?

In the best case scenario, we recommend two short videos per week so that your channel is perceived by the YouTube algorithm as valuable and relevant. To start with, one video per week is certainly a good basis, which you can then build on over time.

More important than the frequency is the regularity: If you post two videos a week for a month, but then take a two-month break, your channel will fail!

YouTube loves the regularity, the timeliness and the certainty that your channel is alive.

The content – which videos should you produce?

We differentiate between three types of content for your YouTube channel: hygiene, hub and hero content. The hygiene content describes the regular content mentioned above, which in the best case scenario you publish twice a week.

The hub content, on the other hand, is more valuable than the hygiene content and should be different from it. You can achieve this, for example, by inviting guests to the video and interviewing them, or by investing in a separate set. The hub content should therefore only be published once or twice a month.

The third content type, the hero, is the highlight of the year on your YouTube channel. This can be, for example, a Christmas video, as does the supermarket chain Edeka, or another type of special video that you only want to make the effort for once a year.The video is played embedded by Youtube. Google’s privacy policy applies

The length – how many minutes should your videos be?

The regular videos should be three to five minutes long so that your production costs and effort do not become too great.

The special hub and hero videos can and should be longer – eight minutes and more. A separate production should ultimately also offer more content and be able to stand out.

In general, however, the previous rule of thumb “The spice is in the shortness”, which has long applied to YouTube videos, is no longer up-to-date, according to our expert Katya Short. Today, the opposite is true: “The longer the better.” This also has to do with the fact that it is much more pleasant for video fans today to watch longer videos due to the technical possibilities. Large smartphone displays, tablets and smart TVs make video streaming an experience.

When should you publish your videos?

You know your target group best! When is your target group active, when can you best reach them? When you have determined this point in time, calculate back an hour or two – this is the best time to publish your video.

A tip from the experts: YouTube tells you when your target group was particularly active in the last 48 hours!

Collaboration – how do you make your YouTube channel big?

Everyone starts small. Our experts therefore know that 1,000 views per video are a good starting point. If you want to make your YouTube channel big, you should rely on influencers!

Cooperation is the key here. Look for other YouTubers who already have 50,000 to 100,000 subscribers on their channels and whose views per video are continuously increasing. These YouTubers are already successful influencers and can make your channel big through their reach. Agencies can help you find suitable influencers.

You can also make your YouTube channel known via Twitter and Instagram. But be careful: Our expert points out that it is tedious and time-consuming to transfer Twitter or Instagram followers to YouTube and win them as subscribers.

So do not lose heart if the successes here are not progressing so quickly.

The goal – what should you keep in mind?

Your YouTube channel is the best way to permanently retain your existing customers, but above all a completely new, different target group. In this way, you create direct contact that has a long-term positive effect on your product and can bring you new customers.

In order to achieve this, however, there is one thing you should never lose sight of:

The relevance of your videos for the consumer!