How to choose the best honeymoon places for a romantic getaway

Honeymoon places

A honeymoon is the ultimate dream vacation, and it demands a dreamy setting to stir up the romance. Most people choose their honeymoon places long before they tie the knot, while others start thinking about it even before they get officially engaged. The first romantic getaway after the wedding holds great significance and makes the fondest of memories. 

There’s no denying you and your partner will embark on more romantic and wilder adventures in the years to come. But since a honeymoon only happens once, you better make it count. We’ve compiled an exciting round-up of swoon-worthy honeymoon places for lovebirds wanting to revel in romance and reclaim their amour. 

Exciting and interesting honeymoon places

Smoky Mountains National Park, US

Outdoorsy couples and nature enthusiasts have much to rejoice in the stunning landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains. A region of breathtaking beauty, the Great Smokies offer the best of Eastern Tennessee and Northern Carolina. If you’re planning a backpacking adventure or want to lose yourselves in the wilderness, it doesn’t get better than this for natural honeymoon places. 

Honeymooners who want to get off the grid and take the less traveled will find this region brimming with abundant adventures. You can embark on the legendary Appalachian Trail, covering the section that runs through the park. The Smoky Mountains National Park is a treasure trove of outdoorsy experiences. You can experience cascading waterfalls, picturesque alpine lakes, verdant wildflower meadows, and hiking with synchronous fireflies. 

Couples can explore scenic spots on the Smoky Mountain campgrounds to sleep under a dazzling canopy of stars. Campgrounds are everywhere in the region, from Pigeon Forge to Cade’s Cove, and deep in the heart of the park. We advise exploring the area to find the perfect honeymoon places that satiate your cravings for snow-laced peaks and rolling hills. If you’re planning to set camp, be sure to carry supplies and visit the alpine town of Gatlinburg. 

You can enjoy farm-to-table dining experiences in Gatlinburg and shop at the local artisanal marketplaces. Be sure to check the schedule for local cultural events before you start planning your itinerary of honeymoon places to visit. The area is famous for country music shows, art walks, and cultural events worth attending. 

Puglia, Italy 

A lesser-known of the honeymoon places, the Italian gem, Puglia, is breathtakingly charming and offers a distinctive taste of European luxury. Beach lovers have much to rejoice in Puglia as it is Italy’s most spectacular treasure trove of picturesque beaches. 

Luxury travelers looking for upmarket honeymoon places can head over to the Borgo Egnazia, nestled in verdant fields of jasmine, bougainvillea, and olive groves. The Borgo Engazia is a family-owned resort that appears much like a charmingly quaint village. The resort has sustained the traditional village-like charm of the region with meticulous attention to detail and matchless hospitality. What’s more, it offers splendid views of the Adriatic and is brimming with stunning saltwater pools to laze around.  

Suppose you crave an adventure laced with historical musings, head over to the lovely little town of Alberobello. You can explore delightful stone huts and feast your eyes on the architectural splendors of Trulli buildings. Vacationing in Puglia is all about soaking sunshine at the beach, swimming in the Adriatic, and feasting on traditional pasta. 

When in Italy, food will always be among the most surprising and delightful parts of the honeymoon places. Puglia is a food heaven for pasta lovers, and there’s plenty of variety to explore. Be sure to try the Mediterranean cuisine as well for a distinctive Italian twist. You can always burn off the calories by trekking up to one of the city’s sweeping cliffs. 

Santorini, Greece 

It’s hard to picture a honeymoon spread without the pastel blue and whitewashed structures of Santorini. Millions of couples dream of honeymooning on the breathtaking beaches of Santorini and running across the white-blue landscape. Visitors can divide their time between honeymoon places on two delightful islands, Thira and Thirassia. 

Beach lovers can lose themselves to the dazzling colors of nature and roll around on the red and black sand. History buffs can spend their time hiking in Ancient Thera and feasting their eyes on well-preserved archeological wonders. Honeymooners can also explore popular cruises to drink all the sights and splendors that the island offers. 

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico 

Have you and your partner always craved Mexican adventure honeymoon places in the heart of the wilderness? Yucatan Peninsula offers a whimsical, fairytale-like setting to ignite romance and revel in serenity. You can explore the Rivera Maya for an abundance of hidden gems and lesser-known tourist attractions. It’s a destination that offers mot luxury and budget-friendly explorations. 

Luxury travelers looking for upmarket Mexican honeymoon places flock to the Chable Maroma, a wellness citadel spread over 650-feet of private beach. It offers an idyllic setting for couples to lose themselves in nature and love. 

How to pack for your chosen honeymoon places

The mountains of clothes pile up on their bed and already at the sight you realize: You will never get that in a suitcase! Panic and helplessness are spreading. Which clothes absolutely have to go on the honeymoon, which ones can you safely leave at home? You don’t want to do without some of them – but remain realistic: Can you really use them at the destination honeymoon places? So that you don’t stuff your suitcase without a plan, but completely useless on their honeymoon, you should definitely think about it beforehand. We have the best packing tips for your honeymoon:

  1. Take your time!

Don’t push the packing to the last moment. Otherwise you may be tempted to just throw everything in your suitcase. Lie down relaxed on the sofa and play through in your thoughts what is actually coming up in the coming weeks: beach? Culture? Or activity? Accordingly, you should focus on the right wardrobe.

  1. Write a list

No packing tip in the world replaces a well thought-out checklist. Even before you start packing, you should think about what you really need. Many people come home from honeymoon places with unworn clothes? Annoying, because you could have filled the place with souvenirs. Then put the packing list in the suitcase – so you will certainly not forget anything on your departure from your honeymoon places.

  1. Think holistically

Combinable clothing is very important when traveling to honeymoon places. Set yourself to a maximum of three colors and spice up the outfits with accessories. You should definitely leave extravagant pieces at home. Because in order to be able to combine them, only more clothes would have to be packed.

  1. Consider the placement

Think about which edge your suitcase is on – because there is where the heaviest things have to go. So store shoes and books all the way down. Do not place all waistbands and collars on the same side, but always offset. This makes the suitcase evenly full. Stuffing shoes with socks also saves space and keeps the shoes in good shape. If you already know beforehand that you will shop a lot at your destination, you should definitely leave enough space in your suitcase!

  1. Cosmetics in small bottles

Of course, it is worthwhile for budget-conscious people to buy the shampoo in family size, but in the suitcase the monster bottle only disturbs. Therefore, buy travel sizes or fill the soaps and creams into small bottles. Even better: Simply buy cosmetic products such as shaving foam, body lotion or toothpaste on site. So you can save a lot of weight. Also read about tips to hide money when travelling.

  1. Rolling instead of folding

Instead of folding clothes, it is better to roll them up wrinkle-free. You will be surprised how much storage space you gain as a result. The rolls can also be used to fill gaps or cushion shoes. And remember: Heavy things belong down and near the luggage wheels – this makes it easier to pull the luggage.

  1. Spare your delicate clothes

Invest in tissue paper from the craft shop and wrap your favorite clothes in it. Sensitive fabrics such as silk or cashmere will thank them. If you want to prevent the precious parts from slipping in the suitcase, put them in small cloth bags.

  1. Avoid chaos in your suitcase

Small things such as hairpins or cotton swabs are easier to find when bundled. An old pill or chewing gum can is the perfect solution for this. To prevent cosmetic products from leaking, simply turn off the closure, place freshening film over the opening and turn it back on. Even if the cap opens in the suitcase, her clothes are spared from the shampoo disaster.

  1. The right luggage is the alpha and omega

The search for the ideal luggage presents you with some challenges. Which is the ideal hand luggage size for which airline and which baggage do you need for which trip? Online you will find a great selection of suitcases and bags in every size.

Final Thoughts 

Settling upon one destination for your honeymoon can seem like a daunting prospect. Do you and your partner have conflicting interests and can’t agree on the same honeymoon places? That can prove particularly troublesome, and we advise evading conflict by finding common ground. List down the experiences you and your partner want to have, and use them as cues to find the perfect honeymoon places.