How to make your trip memorable when visiting Tennessee

visiting Tennessee

We outline great ideas to make your trip memorable when visiting Tennessee, giving you the 5 top must-see attractions.

A trend of people taking a vacation is getting popular as more and more people now realize the benefits of taking a break from the mundane routine. Leisure travel helps people rejuvenate and gives people many chances to learn about themselves. It compels them to step out of their comfort zone.

Many people travel to satisfy the adventurous streak in them; some go to discover the beauty of nature. At the same time, numerous people go on trips to enjoy a luxury lifestyle in hotels, shop in malls, and see skyrocketing buildings. While some people travel for business, they still try to visit famous spots to make their trip memorable. Irrespective of the reason behind traveling, people must do their homework with a travel plan, research, and learn about the place they intend to travel to make the most of their trip.

Tennessee has started gaining popularity recently among tourists. People have discovered the hidden gems in the state located in the upper South of the United States. Pigeon Forge is a natural paradise where the Pigeon River flows, and people enjoy multiple activities, including whitewater rafting.

Nashville is nicknamed ‘Music City,’ and music fans worldwide can devour musical shows. Whereas Gatlinburg, a mountain town in the eastern part of Tennessee, is famous for ski resorts. People having different tastes and of all ages can enjoy their time visiting Tennessee as the state has a lot to offer everybody.

5 top attractions when visiting Tennessee

The following are must-do activities when visitingTennessee that can make the trip memorable:

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains attract tourists as its views from the top are majestic and mesmerizing. If you are in Tennessee, skipping a hike of the Great Smoky Mountains is a big mistake. It has a famous Appalachian Trail, which is ideal for moderate hikers. Hardcore hikers can take a more strenuous route that can take them to the Rainbow Falls, which also leads to the summit of Mount Le Conte. Hikers say that the views from up there are worth the long yet strenuous hike.

Moreover, during your time visitingTennessee, you can also visit a beautiful city called Gatlinburg. It’s a mountain town in eastern Tennessee and famous as a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the smoky mountains, we recommend making your stay in this city. To find luxurious cabins, you can search online by typing Gatlinburg cabins to find the best options.

  1. Nashville

Nashville is rightly called Music City as it hosts multiple musical events. Right in the center of the musical city is Ryan Auditorium, one of the iconic music venues. Suppose you cannot get a ticket for the shows on your dates. In that case, you can still take a tour of the magnificent auditorium and learn about the history.

You may not be a music lover, but skipping the Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, is a grave mistake when visitingTennessee. The place showcases traditions, beauty, and the history of music. People may be surprised to spot contemporary music stars like Taylor Swift. The Country Music Hall of Fame is not an ordinary music festival. The place buzzes with exciting themes and activities related to country music.

  1. Knoxville

The Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville gives people lots of rock-climbing opportunities. In addition, it offers more than 10 miles of trail where people can walk or hike, admiring the surroundings. The exhibit hall is home to different animals, where people can learn about them. Visitors claim that the place is great for kids, but even adults can have a great time. People enjoy River Boardwalk as it overlooks the Tennessee River. The best part is Ijams Nature Center is free to visit and easily accessible from downtown.

Tennessee Theatre is another famous place, a unique building in Knoxville, and missing it would add to your regret list. The building was constructed in the 1920s, which was an old Movie Palace. Watching a show or movie at Tennessee Theatre is a unique experience that people find unforgettable. Travelers can book their tickets online to avoid a houseful. A few miles away from Tennessee Theatre is Market Square, where travelers can enjoy local cuisine, explore boutiques and buy souvenirs.

  1. Visit Memphis Zoo

Another vibrant and happening city of Tennessee is Memphis, which people should not miss on their visit to Tennessee. Memphis Zoo makes it a popular choice for travelers with families visiting Tennessee as it is one of the top-rated zoos in the country. The zoo has around 500 species, including giant pandas, river otters, bears, and wolves. Memphis Zoo is huge, but it is easily navigatable, and people do not need any guide. Memphis Zoo is a must-visit place when visiting Tennessee as you will get a chance to see animals from up close.

  1. Ruby Falls Chattanooga

In another dynamic city, Chattanooga, of Tennessee, is Ruby Falls, a wonder of nature. Lookout Mountain is a stunning location of Chattanooga, and Ruby Falls is deep within it. Leo Lambert discovered the Ruby Falls more than a century ago, and today, it has become a famous tourists spot. People visiting Tennessee from all over the country come to witness the natural wonder. Another plus point is that the temperature is moderate throughout the year, a little higher in the cave but bearable.


Tennessee has metropolitan cities and is a hotspot for tourists. The state hosts millions of travelers who come on business trips, while several visits for recreational tours. The state has a plethora of activities. Adventurous people can easily find activities that give them the adrenaline. Camping lovers can easily find a spot in the woods or nearby a lake where they can sleep in the open.

Music and shopping lovers will have multiple places to explore and would not get bored even for a day. Tennessee’s food is delicious, and people can easily find cuisines from all over the world. Whether people spend a fortnight or two months visiting Tennessee, they always go back with a promise of returning as they feel there is still more to explore. Research before going on a trip enables people to create unforgettable memories on their trip visiting Tennessee .