How to use a jade roller or rose quartz roller

how to use a jade roller

Complete guide outlines step-by-step how to use a jade roller, the difference use for a rose quartz roller, and how to clean the roller.

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Traditional jade rollers are just making their comeback in the beauty market. We’ll tell you what the beautiful face rollers are all about and how you can use them optimally.

Admittedly, beauty trends come and go – only the really effective products will stay with us for a long time. But there seems to be something to the pretty face rollers made of cool stone, because this beauty tool is actually not new.

In fact, jade and rose quartz rollers have been around for a few centuries. In Asia, the beautiful stones are said to have a healing effect, they are supposed to provide calm and balance, bring inner peace and free us from emotional stress. So a whole range of great properties that can also have a positive effect on our appearance.

Jade roller vs rose quartz roller?

how to use a jade roller

There are many stones used in rollers, including lapis lazuli, malachite, chalcedony, amethyst and more; but the two most famous stones for rollers are jade and rose quartz. Rose quartz rollers and jade rollers have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the seventh century. The larger roller made of the stone can be used for flat areas of the face such as the cheek or forehead, the smaller one for the eye area and nose.

In addition to the face  roller made of precious stones, Gua Sha stones are currently being  hyped, with which stronger pressure can be built up during massaging.

Most of the beauty products are  offered in  sets : Jade rollers or the rose quartz counterpart with the matching  Gua Sha scraper.

Jade face roller

The green stone of the jade face roller cools, regenerates the skin and is said to help against wrinkles – a stone with an anti-aging effect.

Rose quartz roller

The “softer” pink semi-precious stone rose quartz is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Rose quartz facial rollers build up minimal electrical tension as a result of the pressure. These electrical impulses stimulate the tissue muscles, which can increase the elasticity of the pores and skin. To use this effect, however, the skin should be oil-free , as oil does not conduct electricity.

What does a facial massage with a roller do?

But how exactly should the stones beautify our skin? We explain how jade rollers can be integrated into the daily beauty routine – and this much can be revealed: You don’t have to be spiritually inclined to do so.

We need to explain that it has not been scientifically proven that a facial massage is a real wrinkle killer. But it definitely has a positive effect on our skin. The reason: the massage stimulates blood circulation in the skin, boosts its metabolism and stimulates skin functions. 

In addition, our facial muscles are relaxed – precisely those that are responsible for expression lines. Especially for emotional and static wrinkles, such as the frown lines between our eyebrows and the small lines around our eyes and mouth, the chances are good that they can be alleviated with a regular facial massage.

If you treat your skin to a regular massage, you will be rewarded with a rosy complexion and firmer contours. Swelling under the eyes can also be visibly reduced, making the entire expression appear more alert and fresher.

The jade or rose quartz stone also supports the entire effect of the facial massage. Its cool, smooth surface not only feels very pleasant on the skin, it is also anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Step-by-step: How to use a jade roller

The ideal time for your short facial massage is in the evening so that your skin can recover from the day. You can also use the jade roller to thoroughly massage your night cream or a sleeping mask into your skin before going to bed. So your care can develop perfectly overnight and regenerate your skin.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean your face 

The jade roller works best on cleansed skin. Therefore: Put your make-up on. If you want to be particularly thorough, you can prepare your skin for the facial massage with a steam bath. The hot steam opens the pores and allows foundation residue and dirt to drain away.

Step 2: Apply skincare product

When your face is thoroughly cleansed, care comes into play. Here you can get creative. Skin-tightening serums or moisturizing sleeping masks that work overnight are great. But you can also apply your usual night care.

Step 3: Massage in with the jade roller.

The serum or moisturiser is now thoroughly worked into your skin with the jade roller. Start by rolling in the center of your face and then gently roll outward. Switch to the smaller stone for the eye area . And here, too, the rule applies to roll from the inside out.

So start next to the bridge of your nose and gently drive the roller outwards to your temple. In this way, swellings are reduced and pent-up fluid can be better removed. At the neck you can place the jade roller on the collarbone and slowly roll it up towards the chin. After application you can the Jade Roller wash it off with cold water.

The great thing: the massage works as an extensive pampering program, but also as a quick beauty hack to incorporate facial care .

Tip: If you like, you can also store the roller in the refrigerator and treat tired eyes to an extra cooling massage in the morning.

How to clean a jade roller or rose quartz roller

You should clean a roller regularly. Wipe the roller briefly with a damp cloth after each use. Then let it dry.