How to make your own tassel earrings DIY

Tassel earrings

Image via: Pexels

We have survived the hat and ear warmer time and can finally get back our beloved statement earrings from the jewelry box! I especially like it when you make your own earrings. So you can give them a personal touch and customize them to your own wishes and your clothes. Incidentally, the self-made unique items are also great as a personal gift. Tassel earrings are a hot fashion statement. Our guide will show you how to make your own tassel earrings DIY with just a few materials.

Make your own tassel earrings DIY: step-by-step instructions

With the following instructions you turn simple hoop earrings step by step into summery eye-catchers. The best thing about it: If you ever want to have new colors or you want the simple alternative, you can always turn your homemade tassels earrings into simple hoop earrings or decorate them with new colors.

That’s what you need to make tassel earrings yourself:

  • Hoops
  • A piece of cardboard
  • embroidery thread
  • scissors
  • Embroidery or darning needle

Step 1: Wind up the knitting yarn

Cut your piece of cardboard about twice the length your tassels should later have. Then you wrap the cut cardboard with an embroidery thread of your choice. Depending on how bushy you want your tassel, you will create a thinner or thicker layer of yarn. Then cut off the end of the string and pull the whole thing from the box.

Wrap embroidery thread around cardboard

Step 2: Thread earrings

Thread the wrapped knit yarn layer through your earring as shown in the picture, making sure that both hanging twine ends are the same length.

Thread tassels on earrings

Step 3: Attach tassel

Cut off a long piece of knitting yarn. Pull the single thread several times directly under the hoops around the yarn layers, you’re satisfied with the width. Then make two tight knots to have some of your homemade earrings for a long time. Then you need to pull the remaining yarn with an embroidery or darning needle through the knot into the interior of the tassel. Make some tassels or optional – just a bigger tassel for your summery earrings.

Attach the tassel to the earring

Step 4: Trim and adjust tassel

In the last step, you cut the thread tuft at the bottom apart – then you just have to trim it with the pair of scissors, or adjust it – all your threads are perfectly the same length. Done! Now you just have to decorate the second hoop earrings and you can store your unique earrings in your jewelry box or spice up your outfit.

Homemade tassels earrings

Making Tassel Earrings – Tips and Tricks:

Since you can make your own jewelry from today, I would like to give you some tips and tricks on the way:

  1. If you decide for the variant with several tassels tied together, I think it’s nice to make the individual tufts thin and short. For this you take little embroidery thread and cut the threads just shorter.
  2. Remember in this variant, how often you have wrapped your embroidery thread around the box. Only then will all tassels become the same size at the end.
  3. In addition, all nodes should be placed on the same page.
  4. Especially the color combination of pink and red is currently great. When choosing the colors but you have full freedom of design – the most important is that the earrings in the end to match your outfit!

If you follow these tips, nothing can go wrong. Of course, you can always play with other colors, lengths and thicknesses of the tassels.