How to change a bicycle tube: expert methods and tips

change a bicycle tube

How do you change a bicycle tube easily? Our guide outlines the steps to take and some handy tips.

In order to mend the bicycle tube, the bicycle tire must first be removed . The easiest way to do this is with three tire levers. You push the curved end under the bicycle tire and pry it off the rim. The hook on the other side of the tire lever hooks it into the spokes. This process is repeated until the tire can be detached from the rim by hand. 

Now the inner tube can be removed from the rim and checked for holes and defects. With a special hole finder, the hole can be found in the bicycle tube. Alternatively, you should inflate the bicycle tube, rub some soapy water on it, and look for air bubbles. When you have found the hole, it goes to the next step to replace or repair the bicycle tube . You can easily repair the bicycle tube according to the instruction manual of the repair kit .

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Mount the bicycle tube

Before you reassemble the new bicycle tube (pay attention to the tube size) or the patched bicycle tube, please check whether there are any small stones or thorns in the tire. 

Now you can mount the new bicycle tube through the valve opening of the rim and press it slightly under the bicycle tire. 

Now you inflate the tube a little so that the bicycle tube does not get caught between the rim and the tire when the bicycle tire is later installed. 

Now press the bicycle tire into the correct position by kneading it. With the curved side down, you now press the bicycle tire with the tire lever back onto the rim. 

Depending on the rim-tire combination, some force may be required. The fact that the tire has been inflated to approximately 0.5 bar prevents the tube from being pinched by the tire lever or jacket when the tire is being installed, and a new crack is created. When the bicycle tire is now mounted, you can inflate the tire to operating pressure and continue your journey.

More tips

In principle, it is recommended to repair the bicycle tube at home. A new bicycle tube should always be carried on the tour so that the bicycle tube can be changed quickly. 

With our instructions on changing a bicycle tube , every layperson should be able to change a bicycle tube independently. Of course, not every bicycle tube can be used as a replacement. The bicycle tube size must fit the tire. The necessary data is printed on every bicycle tire.