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Plait a French braid in simple steps

plait a French braid in simple steps

Image via: Pexels

The French braid is the classic among braided hairstyles. But it is almost impossible to make this fantastic hairstyle yourself unless you get a lot of practice. Try doing this on a friend first, and then have them do your braid. Our guide shows how to plait a French braid in simple steps

Plait a French braid in simple steps: you need…

  • Brush
  • Stem comb
  • Hair rubber
  • possibly decorative flowers, or other accessories

Plait a French braid in simple steps: instructions

Before you start with the braid hairstyle, you should comb the hair thoroughly until it is as smooth as possible. This is especially true for girls with curls or wavy hair.

Französischer Zopf - Haare nach hinten bürsten
Brush hair backwards

Brush the hair for the French braid first strictly from the face to the back.

Französischer Zopf - Stränen abtrennen
Separating strands

Then you separate a section above the forehead, right in the middle. These strands again divide into three equal parts and begin to weave them.

Französischer Zopf - Stränen flechten
Strands weave together

After you have braided from each side, you pick up and add a tiny lateral strand to each strand and continue to thread it along with the strand.

Französischer Zopf - Haare gleichmässig flechten
Side strands

Always make sure that the lateral strands are even. If they twist, they must be combed smoothly!

Französischen Zopf abbinden

Tie the finished French braid at the bottom with a hair rubber. This French braid looks particularly festive for young girls when you insert some beautiful gemstones on the side! Particularly durable are “curlies” (jewelry spirals). Around the hair rubber you could tie a nice bow.

Plait a French braid in simple steps: side braid

Here are some tricks and tips on how to weave your own hair to the side, and show you some examples of how fantastic a French braid can look !

In fact, it is not difficult to have a creative and fashionable look with side French braids. All you need is just your braiding skills plus your wardrobe or… a great rehearsal to follow! For example, you can focus your attention on these French braid pictures, which give you some priceless tips on how to do your own hair. Take your time and try different ways for some fantastic new looks! 

Französische Zopf-Frisuren
Französische Zopf-Frisuren

French braid with ponytail

If you have a date and don’t know what to do with your hair, try one of these impressive French braids with a ponytail ! This romantic style with a touch of boho will change your appearance considerably and you will definitely impress your friend. He will be proud to see such a stylish and beautiful woman with him.

Beautiful side French braid in buns

The following French braid hairstyles are very trendy today. Women in different countries of the world love one-sided” braided hairstyles> because they look very cute and playful. If you’re familiar with French braids but want to change something, you can try to turn these side braids into a bun, which would become something new and new for you! 

Französische Zopf-Frisuren
Französische Zopf-Frisuren

Simple French braid to the side

All awesome things are simple! We offer you to put these three simple French braids aside and get the idea that you don’t have to be a stylist to make you a fashion star! 

Plait a French braid in simple steps: more intricate styles

French braiding can be different. Below are some examples of how you can style your hair with just a simple braid – a French braid. If you have followed our tutorials, you now know the main technique and can go on to make your French braid more sophisticated and interesting. 

Impressive French Braid Hairstyles
Impressive French Braid Hairstyles
Impressive French Braid Hairstyles

Careless hairstyles are now really on trend. We don’t know if it’s a fox move that makes women’s lives easier, or simply the beautiful idea of bringing more light and speed into our everyday lives. If you want more of them in your own activity, take a look at these wonderful pictures and get inspired! 

Ideas for lateral braids

If you are fed up with the normal hair colors – we mean natural – you can dye your hair with an unnatural color (or even in several colors that would look even more attractive)! The first image shows this impressive effect. Don’t forget the natural hair colors, they still look stunning with French braids!

plait a French braid in simple steps
plait a French braid in simple steps
Lateral braid

Fancy French Braid on the side of the head

French braid on the side of the head is still one of the best hairstyles for everyday life! Just remember how beautiful you’ll wear it since the morning!

plait a French braid in simple steps
plait a French braid in simple steps

French Braid Updo for long hair

Long hair is a treasure as mentioned above. However, this can cause inconvenience as there is a need to style your long hair properly with the beauty it gives our appearance. If you have long hair, try to style it into a French braid hairstyle, and do everything you’ve planned and make sure you’ll look stunning all day. 

Side braid

Cute French braid for short hair

Well, really short hairstyles like pixies aren’t suitable for braids at all – if you have too short hair, you just can’t try a French braid.However, this is easy to do with the slightly longer hair, just like the models that have the models listed below.

plait a French braid in simple steps

Loose Side French Braid Styles

If you don’t want your hair to be tightly braided, you can try a loose style for your braids. Don’t think it will look careless or sloppy – loose hairstyles are among the most popular these days because they are a delicacy that they bring to every prospect, not because of their clutter. So if you want an elegant carelessness, try it! 

plait a French braid in simple steps

Double-sided French braid

Yes, braided pigtails are back. The two-sided French braid is the best option for everyday life, especially if you are an active person. By the way, many athletes use braids because they know how comfortable they are during training! However, they look great outside the gym, so you can use this hairstyle for a party! 

plait a French braid in simple steps

Plait a French braid in simple steps: Reverse French braid

A reverse French fabric could be a challenge. It is the next stage in braiding, as the technique is somewhat different from the classic French braid. When you’re ready to take on this challenge, you’ll get a stunning hairstyle that suits every event and wardrobe! 

Plait a French braid