How to do boxer braids easily: step by step guide

Boxer braids

This guide outlines how to do boxer braids, with illustrated step by step instructions for this popular chic style.

It’s hard for you to look at boxer braids on someone and think how cool it would look on you, isn’t it? The style invaded the trends of the famous and chic around the world. The boxer braids model looks complicated to make, but it’s just the appearance. After a while of practice, you will be able to do the hairstyle quickly without any difficulty.

If you know how to do the classic inlaid or French braid, when it comes to reproducing boxer braids you will get it quite quickly and not have very much difficulty. If the first few attempts don’t go as expected, don’t give up. Just keep practising. The boxing style braid is here to stay, guys! As elaborate as it may seem, believe me, it’s not that complicated!

Boxer braids step by step guide

The hairstyle of the moment seems difficult to do on its own… But with training, anything is possible. See the step by step guide for how to do boxer braids below.

  1. Prepare the hair with mousse or an ointment, to give texture to the strands. Divide the hair in the middle of the forehead to the back of the neck.
boxer braids

2. Choose one side to start braiding and reserve the other, attaching to a bun, as in the photo above.

boxer braids

3. Start by separating three strands, right at the front and braid normally, pulling back.

boxer braids

4. The difference of this braid is that it is embedded – but in high relief – so instead of passing the strands over, pass each one under the central strand. “Remember: the movement is contrary to that of a normal braid,” warns Katia.

boxer braids

5. Positioning is important and defines the final effect: on top of the head it becomes more aggressive and close to the ear following a half moon line, it becomes more romantic. You decide what impact you want to make! In the photo below, the model positions the braid near the ear.

boxer braids

6. When the braid leaves the circumference of the head, at the nape height, the strands should be well pulled and tightened, to be very close to the head. From there, make the simple braid to the ends.

boxer braids

According to the beauty artist, the ideal is that it has a messy finish, without being perfect. So once ready, gently release the strands from the braid.

7. Repeat the whole process on the other side, feeding the strands underneath.

boxer braids

8. To give a stripped-down casual finish, pull some strands of hair in front of your face. Now that you have learned how to do it, you can put your personality into it. You can make it more polished, loose, chic or romantic!

boxer braids

Boxer braids are a flexible style

The boxer braids style doesn’t just match with casual looks. Who said the hairstyle can’t be worn on a special occasion? The model is suitable for a work day or even for a weekend wedding. So, you already know, right? If in doubt when doing your hair, invest in boxer braids, that’s okay!

Boxer braids can be done on any type of hair

The boxer braids, in addition to being adaptable to different types of events, can also be used for any type of hair. And it’s released for all lengths! Depending on the length of your locks, this braid will be part of the list of favorite hairstyles.

Style it in different ways

The boxer braids hairstyle is already stylish on its own, but it can be even more so depending on how you style it. The braid can be done along the entire length and ends or just up to the nape of the neck, leaving the ends loose.

Variations on boxer braids

Reversed / inverted boxer braids

The inverted braid or braid out is one of the possibilities to make the boxer braid. The inspiration here is a charm, and the threads were used in reverse style and when arriving at the height of the nape, the bet was to fasten the locks and use a wick to hide the elastic. The hairstyle continued along the length with a traditional braid.

Short hair boxer braids

For girls who are in search of hairstyles for short hair,the boxer moth also works well at that length. An inspiration for the hairstyle is this hair that gained the braid to the inverted style and fastened all the locks, even having short hair.

Short-haired and thin-haired women are also free to adopt this style. In the proposal, the hairstyle was done through the built-in braid and along the length.

Curly and black hair boxer braids

Among the proposals of curly hair with braids, this inspiration is one of the proposals. Here the hairstyle was based not only on the boxer braid, but also on the nagô-style tresses that direct the strands towards the main braid and give a unique style to the hairstyle.

Boxer braids with bangs

For girls who have shorter bangs, one of the ideas is to bet on the boxer braid and leave the fringe slightly loose. The slightly loose bangs, leaves the hairstyle younger and stripped style, ideal for the day to day and to adhere to the look with loose bangs.

Colored hair boxer braids

For girls with colored hair,the hairstyle with boxer braid is one of the proposals to enhance the locks. In this case, the blue was highlighted, which gives even more prominence to the style.

Another hairstyle proposal for colored hair is this inspiration. In the proposal, the idea was to start the hairstyle with a built-in braid, which highlights the slightly pinkish root. The braid extends along the length and shows the colors that blend along the hair.

Boxer braids with ribbon

For those who are already taking risks between the boxer braid hairstyles, one of the inspirations is to add a ribbon in the middle of the hair and use the accessory as if it were part of the locks. In this proposal, the idea was by the black ribbon, which stands out in the middle of the blonde hair and gives a super different and authentic style to the hairstyle.

Loose / semi-trapped boxer braids

For those who do not want a fully trapped hairstyle, you can bet on the look with half-plaited strands. The idea here is to make the boxer braids only in part of the hair and leave the under hair loose, giving a semi-trapped hairstyle style.

Origin of the boxer braids hairstyle

Studies show that braids appeared around the 3500s BC. This hairstyle was used in Africa, and the data indicate that braids were differentiated according to the tribes and civil status of women – single women wore one type of braid, and married women wore another type. Over the years, the braid was spreading and was also adopted in Europe, even a classic hairstyle of the medieval period.

Over the years braids have gained adaptations and new styles, and one of these variations has been the boxing braid. This hairstyle initially won over women who participated in fights such as boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), for leaving all their hair stuck and running away from traditional hairstyles such as ponytails.

Some time later the fighter/boxing braid left the universe of fighting rings and took over the heads of women, including famous people like Kim Kardashian, who also bet on her hairstyle. And after the famous began to wear the hairstyle, behold, the braid boxer gained fame.

Differences between ‘box braids’ and ‘boxer braids’

The box braids and the boxer braids have very similar names, and despite this similarity with the name these hairstyles are different, and in order not to have more confusion, let’s go to an explanation of what each style is:

  • Box braid: this type of hairstyle is characterized by Afro braids made from synthetic strands; that is; it is like a hair extension with braids.
  • Boxer braid: this term is the English name of the traditional boxing braid, that is, it is the braid that emerged among women fighters and that today has become a trend.

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