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Knowhow: install skylights in houses for these 6 benefits

install skylights in houses

This concise guide outlines the six key benefits that result when you install skylights in houses, from more light to adding more value to your home.

We all know how important natural light is to our health and happiness. With so many of us stuck indoors due to lockdown, getting enough sunshine on a daily basis has become more difficult than it should be.

If you are spending lots of time at home and are looking to brighten up your space, you may have considered a skylight installation. If you have been on the fence about deciding to install skylights and need a few more reasons to justify your decision, you’re in the right place.

6 reasons to install skylights in houses

Today, we look at the top 6 benefits when you install skylights, so read on to find out more.

  1. Introduce More Natural Light Into Your Home

The first and most obvious benefit when you install skylights is the sheer amount of additional natural light that you will be introducing into your home. Did you know that a skylight alone can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size?

Additionally, when you install a skylight that allows for more natural light in your space, you instantly rely less on artificial light to illuminate your home. It is an excellent way to transform the look and feel of your home and save money on power bills at the same time. What’s not to love?

  1. Ventilation Benefits

Another huge reason that skylights are so popular is their ability to improve the ventilation in your home. Most skylights come in either a manual or remote-controlled variety which allows fresh air to circulate in your home.

This can be particularly useful when you install skylights in the bathroom and laundry areas to help moisture escape, thus effectively eliminating the chances of nasty mould and mildew buildup. Another effective use of skylights for ventilation is in the kitchen for the removal of cooking odours without having to rely on obnoxiously loud exhaust fans.

  1. Improve Your Mood

Studies have proven time and time again the benefits of natural light for our moods and overall happiness levels. Sunlight causes our brains to produce serotonin, a happy hormone that helps to improve mood by alleviating pain, providing energy and making us feel well-rested.

Sunlight also contains the best source of Vitamin D that combats seasonal depression and helps to improve sleep. If you’re stuck indoors most of the time, chances are you aren’t getting enough sunlight which — you guessed it — can be easily rectified with the simple addition of a skylight!

  1. Increase Your Resale Value

Eco-friendly and sustainable design features are an absolute must in today’s market and you’d be pleased to know that cosmetic changes, such as skylights, can add equity into your home, thus increasing its resale value. A bright and airy house will almost always increase appeal to potential buyers and, in effect, your sale price.

  1. Solar Heating In Winter

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars on heating in the winter months, one of the greatest things you can do for your wallet and the environment is to install skylights. Skylights can provide a source of solar heat in the winter, thus greatly reducing your reliance on electrical heating or running the furnace.

  1. Maintain Your Privacy

Do you love natural light but hate the thought of nosey neighbours peering into your windows? Well, thankfully, you can now have the best of both worlds when you install skylights. Most houses are often built close together, and as such, a window in your bathroom or bedroom gives your neighbours a clear view of rooms you’d rather keep private.

If you want to maintain privacy but still let in natural light, a skylight installation in your bathroom or bedroom allows for beautiful sunlight to stream in without the worry of curious neighbours who won’t be able to peek through them.

Install skylights of which type?

What type of skylight can you install? The first step before making any decisions should be to ensure that the building design allows for a skylight to be installed. After confirming, thinking so much about the practical and aesthetic needs of a given space will help us make the best decision. Skylights can be classified not only according to their practical characteristics, but also according to their style or type of installation. In general, we can divide the skylights into three types; solid ceiling, window style and tubular.

Fixed skylights

They are the most common and are usually installed on high ceilings out of our reach. Put light in the room and allow us to enjoy a nice view of the sky. However, they do not allow us to ventilate the room or control the humidity. Therefore, they are not recommended in closed rooms without other ventilation routes.

Ventilated skylights

They work like a window , so they’re a good option in rooms where condensation or excessive humidity is an issue. They can be opened manually or electronically via a command. This allows us to place them on high and inaccessible ceilings. Needless to say, they are more expensive than the previous ones?

Tubular skylights

Tubular skylights, also known as solar skylights, are tubes that capture and reflect light around the home. They do not offer a view of the outside like traditional skylights, but unlike these, they allow us to bring the light into rooms that are not just under the ceiling in which they are placed.

They are ideal for small spaces like bathrooms, hallways, and closets. And they can be attached to ceilings with cables or other elements that make it difficult to install the previous one. They usually have dimmers, filters to stop UV rays, and possibly air extractors to control humidity.


Skylights are an affordable and eco-conscious solution that provide more natural light into your home than traditional windows. We hope that this article has equipped you with the knowledge you need to confidently make the decision to install skylights in your home!