Knowhow: great craft ideas for adults — and kids as well

craft ideas for adults

This guide outlines some of the coolest craft ideas for adults, that they might also want to share with kids.

If you think that craft is for kids, then you are wrong. Craft is not just for kids. The pandemic was a period that proved this even more. People bloomed with creativity and DIY projects. You have a thing at hand and you make it into something else. Well, the craft is all about that. Craft has a lot of benefits for adults. It helps to get relief from stress, insomnia, and depression. You can check for some amazing DIYs.

Creating something new out of your own will give you a different kind of energy altogether. Craft is one of the best methods that can help adult people fight age-related cognitive impairment. Also, if you are interested in interior designing these DIY craft ideas for adults can brush up that skill. It can help you to reach your design goals.

6 great craft ideas for adults

Here are some of the most amazing craft ideas for adults that you will love to do. If you make these with love, the finished products will be something that you would want to flaunt. Let’s see some of the coolest ideas for the artist in you:

  1. Wine Bottle Vases

Wine is quite a common thing and often means that you can have empty wine bottles handy. You can upscale these wine bottles and make vases out of them. This is one of the simplest craft ideas for adults. It just takes some colors. And wine bottles. You can quickly color these wine bottles and transform them into beautiful vases. So, next time someone gifts you a bottle of wine, do not throw it away. Rather make a vase out of it and keep it in a place where people can see and appreciate it.

  1. CD Coasters

We generally have so many CDs here and there that are simply of no use anymore. However, you might have some memories with these CDs that’s why you are not being able to part with them. Well, you simply do not even have to. Rather, have you ever thought of recycling these CDs in craft ideas for adults and making something that you would use?

If you have not thought of anything yet, then get the CDs you have and start making coasters out of them. These are simple to make, yet can be super attractive and innovative. Paint them in floral or some geometric patterns that might look interesting to you. Let the CDs breathe some fresh air.

  1. Boho Planters

If you have boring pieces of terracotta pots at your home but you are not being able to throw them out, this is one of the great craft ideas for adults to look at. Making boho planters out of these boring plain pots is the best thing to do.

All you need to make these planters are fabric ribbons and glue. Using these you can easily turn the boring pots so cool boho planters for your indoor plants. We are sure that not just you but the people who see it will love it too. If you are bored and seeking some seeking for time-pass then this would be worth trying.

  1. Jar Photo Frames

Are you feeling bored at home? Already watched the latest series on Netflix and thinking about what to do? Well, here is a cool one of the craft ideas for adults that you might just love. You will have to do nothing but get some jam or jelly jars and some paints to give a frosted look to these jars. You can easily turn these jars into photo frames. Yes, you read it correct photo frames.

Creating jar photo frames will not just help you to kill your boredom, it will also help you to look at a photo in a new way. We are bored of seeing flat photo frames. These jar photo frames are easy to make and beautiful and innovative to see.

  1. Fabric Flowerpots

Plain indoor pots are such an eye sore. Nothing is interesting about these pots. They look dull and do not even add beauty to the interiors. Have you ever thought that there are craft ideas for adults that can make these pots look super interesting?

How? Well, all you need is some fabric and glue. Yes, that is all you need to spice up these boring flowerpots. You will get a lot of quirky printed cloth materials in the market. Select something that catches your eye and wrap the pot in it. These are super easy to do and your eye sore will be gone too.

  1. Jar Wind Chimes

Do you love the sound of the wind chimes? Have you ever thought that you could make these chimes at home and that too with simple things, such as a jar? The empty jar bottle that you have not thrown yet can be turned into a wind chime that gives off the sweetest sound to make your mood happy. All you will need along with the jar are some glass beads, some wire, some standard tools, and concentration.


DIYs can prove to be the best stress-busters. Our lives are full of things that do not let us rest. Even if we do nothing, we end up thinking of something. It is better to do something that is relaxing as well as creative. Seeing a self-made item from these craft ideas for adults will automatically make you happy.

Photo by Adonyi Gábor


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