How to wash T-shirts without ruining them

how to wash t-shirts

This guide outlines how to wash t-shirts and retain them in excellent condition.

The persisting quality of any clothing material depends mostly on the washing techniques and detergents it’s used with. Have you ever wondered what chemical bonds are beneficial for the strength of your clothes and make that favourite tee of yours last a little longer than it does.  We will explain how to wash t-shirts without damage.

How to wash t-shirts: overview

During the manufacturing, there’s a ton of pressure applied to stretch and soothe out the fabric, so when you put a reckless amount of tension on it again with all that washer-dryer process the yarn gets shrinked and doesn’t quite retain its natural size. 

Even the heat used to dry out the clothes, like sun rays, can cause harm to your t-shirts.  This is a clear sign that you need to change some ways here and there to prevent your clothes from getting ruined. Another thing that helps to keep your clothes fresh and clean is probably the choice of detergent, make sure you choose the best smelling laundry detergent to avoid that musty smell that regular detergents often leave behind.  

Solution  for how to wash t-shirts

What can help you here is taking out that little extra chunk of time and handwashing your clothes. Now, it might sound a total nonsense to some for how to wash t-shirts. I mean why would someone want to make a task difficult for themselves.

But here’s the thing, you can be a little more selective with what clothes you can afford to be slightly worn out and the kind of clothing you (just can’t) lose. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do now is wash out the “precious” category manually.

Avoid putting  any clothes that are delicate and probably made out of natural yarn quickly in the dryer with lowest heat possible. You can either wait for them to dry out on their own a bit before throwing them into that dryer machine or you can go for the ideal scenario which is “leave your clothes to dry on their own.”  

These were some basic tips you can follow during the washing process, but how about we give a daily manual that you can follow to avoid ruining your t-shirts or pretty much any summer clothing? 

Get on, because that’s what we are going to do here in showing you how to wash t-shirts. LET’S START: 


The way you store your clothes matters as much as anything we’ve suggested so far for how to wash t-shirts. You should not be so stressed when it comes to storing. Try and make sustainable choices so that you don’t get an  over loaded wardrobe at the end of any season.  The reason being, your t-shirts turn into a wreck when you put them under pressure for a long while.

Besides, the pests and seasonal weather moisture, heat and conditions already affect the quality of your clothes enough and you cannot afford this extra chunk of constraint. So next time, make sure that you neatly pack the clothes in airtight wraps and store them in a near and dry area. 

Wash sparingly

No … did we say that? Uhm! Yes, we did, but not in an offensive manner, in a literal manner. Wash your clothes sparingly. The laundry cycle is a serious threat to delicate fabrics that need to be washed out pretty extensively. What you can avoid here is making a heat-based toss in your dryer. We also recommend getting away with your “worn clothes” clothes probably a little longer than usual. Let’s say your washing cycle comes every 7 days and you’ve worn your tee for only 2 days, in this situation, you can afford to avoid washing it. Maybe set the span of your laundry cycle according to their “quality”, “sensitivity” and “wearability”. 

You’re also saving that extra effort while saving your clothes, so we guess that’s a win-win situation there;) 

Escape from overloading

While we absolutely relate to that urge of throwing all your clothes in the laundry as getting it done as soon as possible. What we don’t recommend is cramming your laundry washes up to the brim when you are looking for how to wash t-shirts saffely.

You have no idea what cramming does to your favourite t-shirts. If only your tee could speak, they would be screaming all the time you do that. Overloading doesn’t only harm the machine but also does great damage to those delicate fabrics we’ve been trying to safeguard all the way. The friction that helps your clothes get cleaned and fresh can also agitate the material if your clothes are packed too tight.


Proper treatment of your clothes can help them go a long way, while we get that taking care of your t-shirts ain’t as easy as it sounds, it still comes with a whole bunch of benefits one of them being: You will never be in the dilemma of whether to buy new tees or just keep rolling with the old ones once you know how to wash t-shirts safely.   

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