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How to: best ways to clean shirt collars

best ways to clean shirt collars

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What are the best ways to clean shirt collars? Our guide gives you some clever tips for making the collars perfectly clean without fuss.

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Do you work in a bank or insurance office? Then you’re probably used to wearing shirts. In fact, they are part of the dress code in certain professions. This makes it all the more important that your shirts are always clean. You should pay special attention to the shirt collar. Why it gets dirty so quickly and how you can clean a dirty shirt collar, we will tell you in our post.

Shirts are back in fashion

Who doesn’t know: When we were children, shirts were worn exclusively by the older generation. For us, only T-shirts and hoodies were up for debate. Real children of the 90s and 2000s. However, this has changed a lot in recent years. Today, shirts can no longer be found only in Grandpa’s closet, but also among teenagers and young adults. The most popular is the Hawaiian shirt for the summer days or just the well-known denim shirt. The latter is even very popular with women. Either airy loose, tucked into the pants or skirt or knotted. So you see – shirts are in full swing.

Would you like to buy a shirt? Then you will be literally overwhelmed by the range of different models. There are short shirts, long shirts, plaid, striped, dotted, men’s shirts and also some for women. In addition, you can choose between a linen shirt, cotton shirt, stand-up collar shirt, tuxedo shirt and many more. The range is also diverse in terms of colours. It’s been a long time since you only wore a typical white shirt. However, this is still popular for weddings or the office. It fits perfectly with a black suit with tie. So you have a free choice and can really live out shirts or men’s shirts, especially in the area of men’s shirts. All you need to know is your shirt size and you can start shopping.TipInstead of liquid citric acid, you can also use citric acid powder. Both are available in the drugstore.

Best ways to clean shirt collars

But a shirt only looks really good, if it is also clean and ironed. While many are now also off ironing, but prefer to throw the garments into the dryer or hang on the clothesline very smoothly, you can’t get around washing your shirt. After all, getting dirty is always going to be a good time. And sweat also finds its way into the fabric. Now, especially with a white shirt, removing the sweat stain is not so easy. After all, these stains leave a yellowish discoloration. 

Citric acid (potassium citrate from lemons) can help here and is one of the best ways to clean shirt collars. To remove the stain, simply insert the area with a damp rag and a splash of citric acid and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can wash and dry the shirt normally in the washing machine. You can get citric acid in the spice section of most supermarkets.

In addition to the sweat stains under the arms, the collar on the shirt in particular gets dirty insanely quickly. This is not because it is a problem with your body hygiene. The reason for this is instead body fat. If you’re in a shirt all day and you’re sweating and working and you’re out and about, where it’s inevitably dirty, then the shirt collar gets dirty. So sooner or later, you can’t avoid having to clean the dirty shirt collar. It often doesn’t get really clean in the washing machine.

So that you don’t have much work to do when cleaning the shirt collar, you should simply apply shampoo to the collar before normal washing. This way the dirt and grease dissolves faster and your shirt is like new after washing in the machine.

If you want to clean a dirty shirt collar because you need to remove blood stains from it – for example, from a razor wound – you can easily reach into your pharmacist’s cupboard quickly. Aspirin helps a lot and is fast when it comes to removing blood stains. Simply dissolve the tablet into a glass or bowl of water and let the garment soak in it, as one of the best ways to clean shirt collars with blood On them.

As you can see, you don’t have to pay so much attention if you want to clean a shirt collar. It is best to treat it with conventional shampoo from your shower before washing. If you still find stains in the machine after the washing process, you can also use citric acid to get it clean. Your shirt is clean again and ready for the next day in the office.