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How to use lavender to sleep better

How to use lavender to sleep better

Does lavender help you sleep better? Yes, our guide outlines homemade remedies that let you use lavender to sleep better and wake up refreshed.

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Sleep disorders are not uncommon, often triggered by stress and psychological stress. Too little restful sleep not only leads to reduced resilience and lack of concentration, but can also make you sick in the long run. Instead of resorting to sleeping or sedatives, try lavender to sleep better!

Not to forget the sustainability benefit of making your own natural remedies and reusing containers, instead of buying medicines and products and adding to eventual landfill waste!

Lavender flowers, which can be plentifully harvested in many gardens in late summer before passing in autumn, are known for their calming effects and have been used for healing purposes for centuries thanks to its natural, healing active ingredients.

Here you will find the best recipes with lavender to relax and for a restful sleep. The healing effect of lavender Lavender has a nerve-boosting, decongestant, soothing and sleep-promoting effect. This makes the fragrant medicinal herb an ideal companion for inner restlessness, nervousness or tenseness. In case of fall-in problems, lavender helps to relax and promotes sleep.

Lavender also provides relief for headaches and migraines thanks to its pain-relieving and circulation-promoting ingredients. Its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and soothing agents are also ideal for use in any skin type. This makes lavender also suitable for the care of sensitive skin and for neurodermatitis.

The best effect for healing treatments is achieved with the “Real Lavender” (Lavandula officinalis or Lavandula angustifolia). Other types of lavender can also be used, but contain less of the effective essential oils. Note: Essential lavender oil can be brought undiluted to the skin as one of the few essential oils (for example, with headaches little oil rubbed onto the temples) provided there is no hypersensitivity. However, the mucous membranes and the eye area are better omitted, because undiluted lavender oil can lead to irritation in these places.

Lavender bath chocolates for a relaxing bath

Lavender bath chocolates for a relaxing full bath before bedtime can be easily made yourself. The essential oils and warmth help to calm down and fall asleep without any problems. Fragrant bath chocolates can be made with lavender flowers as well as with essential oil and are also a nice souvenir for friends and relatives.

If you want to be quick or if the production of the bath chocolates is too expensive for you, try this homemade bath salt with lavender or other medicinal herbs of your choice!

Lavender bath salts recipe

Relaxing baths are a boon for body and soul. With a little bath salts they become a true fragrance experience and care for your skin gently. Commercially available bath salts, however, often contain only synthetic fragrances, but hardly any skin-care herbs.

For a homemade bath salt with lavender you need only a few ingredients, and it is prepared in no time: 250 g coarse Dead Sea salt (available in the drugstore or online) 50 g fresh lavender flowers 2 tablespoons dry milk powder Screw-in glass for storage Put all the ingredients in the screwed glass and shake until everything is well mixed. Leave the glass open for a week so that the moisture of the flowers can escape and the salt absorbs the aromas. Tip: If you have a mortar, you can also mortar the flowers with a small amount of salt and then mix them with the rest of the ingredients. This makes the aroma even more intense.

How to make a scented pillow with lavender

In a lavender scented pillow, the essential oils, which are abundant in the lavender, are gradually released. Place the scented pillow next to the pillow to benefit from the soothing scent throughout the night. A fragrant herbal pillow with lavender can be easily sewn by yourself.

Instead of sewing a small pillow, you can also use an existing bag or even an orphaned sock for a fragrant lavender ball. Fill a handful of dried lavender flowers in and then close the sack or sock with a ribbon or knot. Aromatherapy for women More details about the book When the fragrance subsides, it helps to knead and shake the pillow a little, because this releases essential oils again. In the event that the cushion loses its effect completely at some point, simply swap the flowers for new ones or pour a few drops of essential lavender oil into it!

Other soothing and sleep-promoting plants suitable for a herbal pillow are pine, balm, hops, valerian and St. John’s wort. Tip: Wood is also suitable as a support material for essential oils. For example, put a few drops of lavender oil on a wooden clothespin and clamp it to your bed at head height. The oil stored in the wood gradually releases its fragrance to the room air.

Make lavender oil for massage yourself

Lavender oil, used as massage oil, relieves tension and relieves muscle pain. With a handful of lavender flowers and a natural vegetable oil, lavender oil can be started in no time. Lavender oil can be stored for at least six months if it is stored dark, but at most for as long as the vegetable oil used.

The lavender massage oil can be applied undiluted directly to the skin, even in children. To prevent allergic reactions, first check the tolerability on a small area of skin before applying it on a large scale!

How to make lavender ointment for stress and sleep problems

With lavender oil and a little beeswax, a healing ointment can be produced, which also relieves stress, restlessness and problems of falling asleep. To support healthy sleep, apply to the temples, under the nose and on the chest before going to bed. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients also make the ointment an ideal helper for itching, insect bites and skin irritation. You need:

100 ml vegetable oil that suits your skin type 2 tbsp dried lavender flowers 10 g beeswax, availablefrom the local beekeeper or online , or a vegan alternative Cotton cloth, tea or coffee filter clean screw-in glass Cream can, ointment crucible or small screw glass, disinfected .

This is how the ointment is made:

Put lavender flowers and vegetable oil in a screw edible glass, seal and leave to pull at room temperature for three weeks, protected from direct sunlight. Shake daily to prevent mold formation. Drain the resulting lavender oil and place it together with the beeswax in a heat-resistant vessel (for example, a screw glass). Place the glass in a water bath in a small saucepan and heat at a low temperature until the wax is completely melted. The water should not boil. Mix the oil-wax mixture well, pour into the ointment crucible and let it slowly cool when the lid is open.

If the screwed glass in which the ointment was touched is not too large, the ointment can also be stored in it. The finished lavender ointment can be kept for several months, provided it has been worked clean and with disinfected utensils. By adding natural preservatives, the shelf life can be extended.

Tip: If it is to be done quickly, use up to twenty drops of essential lavender oil per 100 millilitres of vegetable oil instead of a homemade lavender oil extract.

Lavender Tea recipe helps you fall asleep

Lavender also works as a tea with its calming effect on body and mind. Drinking after a busy day or before bedtime, a tea made of lavender helps to relax, promotes a quiet sleep and encourages sleep. To prepare a cup of lavender, pour over two teaspoons of lavender flowers with 250 milliliters of boiling water and leave the tea covered for eight to ten minutes. Then sit down and enjoy warm.

The taste of the lavender is just as intensely aromatic as its fragrance and needs getting used to. If lavender is too intense for you, mix a sandman tea mixture with lavender flowers, valerian, chamomile, balm and hops. Tip: A tea infusion with lavender not only promotes a pleasant sleep, but can also be used for numerous other ailments both internally and externally.